153 The real use of the meditation room

"You are here, Mr Kadyn."

 Kadyn lifted his head only to find Hayla standing at the entrance, smiling. He struggled through the crowd that was eager to enter the auction house even in such cold weather and reached the girl. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

 "Oh, I was just waiting for you," she said. "After all, if you didn't show up, we would have become the laughingstock of the town. It's good you are here, I was just about to go and find you."

 Kadyn nodded and examined the crowd as he inquired. "How did you spread the news in such a short time? From the crowd, it looks as if everyone knows about today's auction."

 "Of course," Hayla said. "After all, no matter how much our chamber of commerce's reputation has been reduced, behind it is still standing a gigantic Woulsto House. No Rank 2 and below water mage would say no to the Rank 2 elemental essence. So it didn't take a lot of effort."

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