45 The First Employee

[Auction House has been added]

So the second building was an auction house. Furthermore the auction house had no level or grade. It was gradeless—the level of the shop would be its level. However the auction house had a really peculiar ability. No one could rob inside—except people above Spell Casters—If the thief wasn't above Spell Caster, after some time the robbed treasure would come back to the same place it was before.

Kadyn smiled that he did not need to be extra careful when auctioning anything inside the house. The thief would risk everything for nothing. He would make a complete fool of himself by trying thievery in the auction house.

[The owner can customize the shop at his will]

Kadyn could build new buildings and make them part of the shop. Of course he had to pay to the System in Energy Points to do that. He could change the positions of the buildings, he could move them from one place to another. He could also change the look of the buildings according to his taste—by spending some extra points, of course.

[Congratulations! The owner has gotten another ability—Shop]

Kadyn seemed to be a little surprised by the name of his ability, but when the information about it appeared inside his head, everything became clear. It seemed this Shop ability didn't work as he predicted.

If he wanted to purchase something by using this ability, at first, he had to add that item in the shop, only then he could purchase that particular item. Like if he wanted to purchase Bronze, then he had to add a piece of bronze, then he could purchase it as much as he wanted.

[The function to hire the staff is available now]

The recruits need to take the oath before becoming a part of the shop. After joining the shop they could not leave, ever, and betraying means the fate worse than death—Kadyn had no idea what the fate worse than death means, but it could be nothing good, he presumed—though they could do whatever they wanted, go anywhere they wanted without any issue. There were no restrictions on them except being loyal to Kadyn. Kadyn had the full power to decide the hierarchy of the staff.

[The shop can be hidden inside the owner's body]

Kadyn could hide the shop inside his body as it could shrink to a infinitesimal value. With the shop he could use Pengolla Portal and travel throughout the Pengolla World.

[All the Elementary Buildings or Functions inside the shop have been evolved into Rank 1!]

[Congratulations! The Shop has been upgraded to Rank 1]

Kadyn opened his eyes and looked around him—the shop that was small just a few seconds before had transformed into something pretty cool, spreading in the area of around 1 kilometer. The buildings that looked highly compressed previously with each other had enough space to show their majesty.

Kadyn saw that on either side of the Main Building were standing the Library and Auction House. The other buildings had been pushed away, lining vertically to the Library and the Auction House and formed a vast square together in between, where the garden was present—only one side left open that led towards the gate of the shop.

The buildings had been organised on their own. However there was still a vast space left to fill. After all these few buildings could not cover the entire 1 km. Kadyn smirked at seeing this. Now he could build his house here. After sleeping on the sofa for a long time, he could sleep in a bed again.

"Wow, this is so cool!" Elora rushed out behind Kadyn and exclaimed, seeing the scenery in front of her. "How did it become like this?" She looked at the vast land, spreading all about them with her twinkling eyes.

She had never seen anything turning like this in just a single day. Furthermore, where did all this space come from? They hadn't destroyed any buildings, but the shop had spread in such a huge area.

"This… this…" Hicka looked in front of him and stammered. No word came from his mouth. He was utterly speechless. Other than the Main Building where Kadyn worked, all the buildings had changed their positions. Of course he would be shocked. He had never seen or heard such a thing in his entire life.

"Hehe, you just need to know that no one can touch us inside the shop now," Kadyn chuckled, seeing their reactions. He was extremely excited.

"Heh? Where are the workers?" Elora finally noticed. "Why did they suddenly disappear?"

"Why do you care so much about those construction workers?" Kadyn rolled his eyes at her.

Elora knew this smelly brother wouldn't spill the beans, so she gave up on probing about the changes inside the shop. Then her gaze fell on the Library and she exclaimed. "Wow, Library!"

Any Commoner knew that the Library was the place where nobels stored their books: different profession related books, etiquette related books, magic books, so on and so forth. No commoner had the permission to enter those kinds of places. Even inside the magic academies, only nobles could use such a facility.

Not even people with surnames could enter the library, similar to commoners they would never get such a chance. With this one could imagine how much importance people of this world gave to books and knowledge. That's why Elora was so excited when she saw "Library" words written on one building. Without deliberating, she dashed towards it and wanted to see inside as soon as possible.


"Heh… what?!"

Just as she touched the gate of the Library, a kind of force pushed her away, not letting her pass through the door. Though not hurting. She turned confused and looked at Kadyn who was staring at her with mouth wide open when a notification sounded in his head.

[No outsider could enter the Library, one need to be the staff of the Shop]

Kadyn finally understood what was going on. Of course, the shop won't allow any outsider to enjoy the books inside the Library. That would be the most stupid thing to do. There were spells and books of all kinds and vast knowledge of every topic and every profession that existed in this world. One would kill to just enter one time—Kadyn would be the king of morons if he let any customer enjoy this place just for some energy points.

At this moment, he closed his eyes, and a scroll appeared in his hands. He eyed his sister and said. "This is a contract. You need to read this scroll carefully and if you agree with the terms inside the scroll, drop the blood on it. Then you can enter the Library."

"Aren't you the owner?" Elora said. "Then why do I need to sign the contract to enter the Library?"

Kadyn shook his head. "Not to enter the Library, this contract means you are the part of the shop. Even I have to follow the rules of the shop. I can't bend them for anyone."

He remembered how he needed to pay with Energy Points every time he meditated, used Pengolla Portal, played the lottery...

Elora looked at her brother and took the scroll from his hands and cut her finger to drop the blood. "But you…" Kadyn looked at her action bewilderment. She hadn't even read the scroll.

"I trust you, brother." She gave him a beautiful smile and dropped the blood on the scroll. The scroll started to vibrate and then shattered and entered inside her forehead and a golden mark appeared at the center of her brows. She was the first employee of the Shop!

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