20 Soothing Drop

Kadyn brought the test tube and transferred the ten gram Valofron solution into it. Then he used a dropper to add other solutions in the test tube. Sometimes he would need to add one drop, some time two and sometime even more. Continuously, the solution changed the colour—and the change in colour couldn't be random. It was already fixed according to the potion formula.

"Two drops Ground Ivy. Colour should be sky blue this time." He murmured and added two drops of solution. After adding the solution, a burning smell filled the room, and the entire solution turned black.

"Damn!" he cursed, looking at the failed product. "What mistake did I make?" he frowned and pondered.

"Everything looks correct, though. There is no problem with the solutions." He stroked his chin with his fingers as he whispered. "I need to add every solution in ten gram Valofron at a particular interval of time. The mass of every solution is fixed, it can't be changed… wait a moment!" he suddenly exclaimed.

He looked at the failed product in the test tube and murmured. "I need to add the solution at a particular interval of time, but I completely forgot about it."

After realising his mistake he once more repeated everything, and added every solution in the test tube at a particular interval of time and with a fixed mass—when all the solutions added, the result was sky blue. Furthermore, this time there was no smell. It was an odourless solution.

"Last step." He muttered and brought the test tube over the burner. It took a little longer before bubbles started to form—a pleasant smell wafted the surrounding and the colour of the solution changed once more, turning into a jade colour from sky blue. This was the [Soothing Drop] potion.

[Mission Completed: Concoction of healing potion. Reward: 20 energy points + Ability Scroll]

[Do you want to claim your reward? Y/N]

Kadyn stored the potion inside a veil and claimed the reward.

[Energy Points: 13+20→33]

[Ability Scroll→Emotion Detection: this ability will let you detect the emotion of other people]

"Ability? Emotion Detection?" Kadyn looked surprised. He hoped that System would explain to him something about the abilities as he had no idea what they were, but no one cleared his doubts. "Wait a minute!" he exclaimed, as something came into his mind. "Isn't Pengolla Portal is an Ability as well?"

After that, he opened his profile and checked the Pengolla Portal's status.

[Abilities: Pengolla Portal]

At this moment he had a single ability. Though he did not know what they were, but he realised the abilities might be something even better than spells. He eyed the ability scroll and pondered. "[Emotion Detection], really?" he couldn't figure out what use this scroll could have.

Anyways, he dropped the blood over the scroll and a new ability added into his profile window. He tried to activate the ability, but nothing happened. "I will try it on someone in the morning."

He checked the time. It was 1 A.M.

"Damn, a single potion took me so many hours." He cursed but smile never left his face. He had successfully concocted the first potion in his life. He thought about something and brought two more scrolls—[Elementary Formation Knowledge], [Elementary Artisan Knowledge]. Without much delay, he dropped the blood on both scrolls.

When the vast amount of knowledge coursed through his head, and the pain burst into his braincase. He clutched it with both of his hands and fell unconscious.


When Kadyn walked out of the [Potion Hall], the yellow ball of fire had already started to climb at the far distance of North-east. The birds twittered and soothing wind blew over his face, wafting his nose with a pleasant smell—as he walked he saw bees and dragonflies, fluttering their wings around the flowers in the garden.

"You are here." Elora called out when she saw Kadyn walking towards the counter while rubbing his swollen eyes.

He peered in front of him and saw Elora sitting on the chair behind the counter. He stretched his hand and waist and said, "I'm going to take a bath. Don't let anyone enter till then."

"Ok!" she nodded and Kadyn once more walked into the shop. Every building had a washroom. So it didn't matter where he bathed.

Elora continued to sit, looking around in boredom. At this moment, someone walked into the shop through the main door.

Elora eyed the newcomer, and a deep frown appeared on her beautiful face. The boy had long black hair dangling on his shoulders. His brown eyes looked charming and a calm and confident smile hung on his lips. Behind him, three potbellies stumbled with an arrogant look on their faces. If Kadyn was here, he would have been able to recognise them. Because last time these three had beaten him like a pig.

"What are you doing here?" Elora said in an unpleasant tone.

"Of course I came to meet you." The boy smiled. "I heard your parents went missing and your house is in a mess?"

Hearing his words, Elora's gaze turned icy. "What do you want to say, Fennon?"

Fennon placed his hands over the counter and leaned toward her and whispered. "One yes, and I will help you search about the whereabouts of your parents."

"Dream on! You bastard!" she cursed and stood up furiously.

"Calm down," Fennon didn't get upset at her reaction and continued. "I have talked about this matter with one of the people inside the Magic Association. Let me tell you. This matter isn't as simple as it looks. The life of your parents could be in danger."

Elora looked at the man, though, feeling disgusted at his petty tricks. She knew that he really had a few connections with the Magic Association. However, she couldn't agree to his condition.

"Ohh, it is brother Fennon." At this moment, when she was struggling in her heart, Jenna strolled towards them.

Fennon saw Jenna and smirked. "Oh, Jenna, why don't you convince your friend…"

"What's going on here?" before he could finish his sentence, an annoyed voice came from inside and Kadyn scurried beside his sister and peered at the group in front of him.

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