206 Revenge, but not at the cost of...

Khrom walked as the cold, and stiff breeze rustled around him. He looked in front of him, a castle, was standing, glittering with lights. The castle had become grander than before he had seen the last time. The guards were still standing at the gates, looking all about for an infiltrator. Beor must be living quite an amazing life after becoming the ruler of the kingdom. He had also seen many changes in Orddono Capital.Β 

Previously, many noble families controlled the kingdom and its economy. However, after Beor became the king, he took the direct control of everything. Not giving even a little power to others. He crushed those who opposed him, and captured their women, for the enjoyment of his officials. Raping them day and night. No one dared to oppose him after that. No one.

"Damn, those girls of noble families are amazing. I wonder when I will be able to taste them," one of the guards said.

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