155 Night of Terror(2)

Now, that's more like it!" Sandor grinned at Magnus. "After you defeated me, I had only one goal in my life, to crush you under my feet, as you did the last time to me. Now the time has come."

 "How shameless can you be?!" Eddena shouted. "If you want to fight with my brother to win your honor back, fight him when he is in peak condition."

 "Oh, Eddena, my darling. How are you?" Sandor licked his lips as he sent a flying kiss towards her, and the vampires behind him burst into a peal of laughter.

Eddena trembled with rage, but said nothing and turned towards her brother. "Brother," worry was written all over her face, as she tried to convince him. "You have sealed your bloodline for such a long time. You aren't as strong as you used to be…" but when she saw the determined look on his face, she suppressed her next sentence in her heart. She knew he had already made his decision, and if anyone could change it, there was only one person.

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