166 Mission Board

  8:30 P.M., Heaven's Door.

Kadyn chewed a bite from a chicken leg and turned towards the others. "Tomorrow the shop will be closed," he said.

 "Wow!" everyone exclaimed in happiness.

 Kadyn looked at them and then said, "Except the restaurant."

 "What, no!"

 They voiced their disappointment. They thought everyone would be able to have some fun together. Who would have thought Rayna won't be able to join them.

 Kadyn rolled his eyes at their behaviour. "I said the shop will be closed." He eyed them one by one. "I didn't say there is no work to do." Looking at their confused faces, Kadyn explained, "I will issue a few missions. You all have to choose at least one of them."

 "What kind of missions?" Elora asked.

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