96 Good or Evil?

Kadyn looked out of the carriage window at the gurgling Tonton River — that was obscured in fog in the distance, only shadows of river and mountains and forest could be seen — as the caravan passed the bridge. Kadyn's face was filled with unexplainable emotions at this moment.

This was the place where he first opened his eyes in this wonderful yet scary world. He stared below the bridge and saw anglers fishing and laughing and enjoying themselves. He sighed and his attention returned towards the bridge that was made of iron, and concrete, and woods, and ropes. The bridge made noises as the wagons passed one by one.

"Such a beautiful scene," Zelie exclaimed as she peered into the distance. "I didn't know that one could admire such compelling scenery from this bridge."

"Oh, I've seen it so many times that I don't see any beauty in it anymore," Elora replied with a flat tone.


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