159 Awakening Kove and Rayna's elements

When Kadyn walked out with Elora, everyone was shocked when they saw the colour of his hair, but what shocked them the most was the change in his hand. Nonetheless, after Kadyn explained that there was nothing wrong with him, he was even feeling stronger; they sighed in relief. It seems they were worried about him, not scared. Kadyn couldn't help but feel warmth in his heart.

Afterwards, Kadyn checked the time, it was seven in the morning. The Clover Square opened usually at around 8 o'clock. There was still some time before shops would open. Therefore, Kadyn turned towards Rayna and asked. "I will give you nine options, you decide what kind of element you want."

 Everyone peered at him incomprehensibly. He smiled and said. "Wind; Fire; Lightning…" he voiced all the elements he possessed except Blessing. "Now tell me what kind of element you want?"

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