133 An Old Man

It's been about two days since Kadyn had left the Sandrock village. In this time he worked on meditating, eating and travelling. He also tried to talk to the 'strange bird'. However it didn't work out as the bird didn't seem to be in the mood to talk to him.

Nonetheless he would see it from time to time, flying from here to there — some time inside the shop and some time outside the shop. About which Kadyn had no idea how it exited, the bird was insanely strong and more than capable enough to kill him in a single attack.

Anyways, his hard work paid off and now he is just a step away from becoming Rank 1 mage(Rune Building). All the nine elements had been absorbed by the Blessing Element. And now he just needed to build the Magic Rune and he would enter Rune Building Rank or Rune Establishment Rank.

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