201 Alerathla

 Kadyn gawked at the bird as she changed her shap. In just a matter of a few seconds the bird turned into a beautiful girl. She had long white hair, and her green eyes were captivating. Her fair skin and that innocent face was enough to entrance any man. Her burst full and her figure slim. 

She adjusted the hem of her white dress and smiled towards everyone politely.


"Language, Kadyn," Sylvia glared at him. Though he swallowed the remaining word, he was still shocked. He had never thought that small bird was capable of transforming into such a charming lady. Those beguiling rosy lips were dangerous. Very dangerous. His heart thumped in his chest furiously.

"Control," said Eddena with a teasing grin. "Even I can hear your heartbeat. That red face is quite cute, nephew and that drool at the corner of your mouth. You are just a step away from becoming a full-pledged pervert. Jump at her and you have achieved your target."

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