2 02: Demon!!!

It's been hours since the priest left the house... Byron's plan is very simple in reality. He has 6 runes that he can use, first he will use [Strengthen Rune] to temporarily upgrade his body after he will use [Fire Rune] to burn everyone at his range! After he will run upstairs and use the [Blade Rune] to open the door if it is locked... That's what Byron wants to do. He used the [Water Rune] and [Earth Rune] to see their effect and they are pretty much like the [Fire Rune] and [Wind Rune]! They only summon the element, you can change the direction the element goes, but you can't change essentially the strength. Byron is now waiting and resting. His body can only draw 5 runes before he faints, he discovered it now. Byron is also looking at the runes that he can unlock on the system screen!

Pretty much, he saw several runes in the [Utilities] category, they can do almost everything! [Slow Rune] as an example can be used with [Time Rune] to slow time down in a certain area! [Time Rune] are one of the [Special Runes], Byron saw the following runes in the [Special Category]: [Time Rune], [Space Rune], [Soul Rune], [Reality Rune], [Mind Rune], [Power Rune], [Gravity Rune], and the [Electromagnetic Rune]. There were others but he couldn't see them for some reason... Byron woke up with the noise of the door opening up, he saw the woman who slapped his face before... She seemed very scared of him. Thinking about it... What year is it now? Byron doesn't know for sure, but looking at their clothes, he would say he is now in 1940 or 1950...

The woman was looking at him from the door of the basement, Byron moved his body and saw she flinch. He looked at her without blinking, the priest was behind her... Byron was ready to put his plan in action! The man and woman that were the original owner "parents" were now beside the priest, who was near them was looking at Byron and sighing. He had a bible and a glass of water with him... Holy water probably. His face betrayed his thinking: 'Let's get over with this.' He started to speak in Latin some words and Byron made a confused expression, looking at his parents who were looking at him with confused expressions and fear. The priest threw holy water in his face and Byron was more confused than ever... but then he felt a huge pain like it was hot water in his face! Byron didn't scream, he opened his mouth and a breath of fire burned the priest to ashes!

Byron used [Strengthen Rune] and made his body stronger, easily breaking down the chains attached to his body also breaking the wall that the chains were attached to. The parents looked at him and shouted: "Demon!" in German, Byron felt a huge pain in his face and for some reason, he felt extremely angry! He drew two runes, the first one was a [Water Rune] and the other one was a [Blade Rune], the two runes fused mid-air and a water curved blade appeared, the water blade was faster than a blink and cut the parents' body killing them instantly. Byron's anger started to get worse, the pain in his face was getr8ng worse too... Until he cleaned his face with water. Byron felt refreshed! The pain stopped, the anger stopped and he could think again!

Byron walked up to the stairs, his face still hurting a little bit but lighter than before, Byrom tried to open it. It was open, Byron walked forward and left the house, he saw the villagers living their normal lives. But there was this heavy atmosphere around... Byron felt hunger and anger looking at the villagers. He felt like Hulk but without the green skin and super strength... Byron walked forward, his nails growing, his eyes turning red, horns and a tail leaving behind his body, he saw everyone's stunned expression and fearful expression. Some were even praying out loud! What happened to Byron? Simple, the system will give you the answer:



[Host Unlocked Divine Devil Bloodline (4th wish)]

[Note to self left by host: If you are reading this, it means that you unlocked the bloodline. Basically, I died and got to meet a God who gave wishes and a place to reincarnate... Well, there want enough wishes to what I wanted so I sold my memories about the universe you are in to receive more wishes. I trust you, future me, so I say: You need to discover what the 5 wishes were! Each wish will have a message, and one more thing: You are in the Marvel Universe.]


This not only left Byron more confused but also gave him a direction to go, he felt the eyes on his body... Suddenly a rush of power left his body, and like an explosion, everything turned to ashes! Nothing was left behind... Byron walked away while hearing the system message:



[Name: Byron (SN): Soul Name]

[Race: Divine Demon (King Level)]

[Special Traits: {Unbreakable}, {Breath}, {Void}]

[Magic Runer: Apprentice]

[Body Stats... Analyzing... 100%]

[Muscles Strength: 100]

[Body Flexibility: 100]

[Body Stamina: 100]

[Body Health: 100]

[Soul Stats... Analyzing... 100%]

[Soul Strength: 100]

[Soul Defense: 100]

[Soul Energy: 100]

[Soul Purity: 100]


[Unbreakable Description: No matter what, your spirit, mind, soul can't be broken. You are immune to status effects like {Fear}, {Slow}, and others.]

[Breath: For you, just breathe is enough! You don't need to eat or drink. Even when there's no air you can breathe, breathing naturally recover your injuries, regenerating your body.]

[Void: You have the power of emptiness, everything around you can be turned into nothing. You receive passive resistance to high cold/heat and can live normally in the void of space. Receives the {Void Rune} free.]


Byron looked at the system screen... He sighed when he saw that the village that was there before... Was nowhere to be seen. Not even the black ashes he saw was there anymore, his horns and tail were still there though. Byron felt strange when he moved his tail and wings, he was so focused on his wing that he didn't notice his eyes focusing in a mosquito 5km away. When he noticed, he saw the mosquito turning into ash after a black matter left his eyes, like Superman's laser eyes. Byron gasped and felt amazing! He clicked in the [Receive Rune] button that was on the system screen, he memorized the rune and noticed that it was a [Special Rune] that needed [10,000 MSP] to unlock...

The basic thing the [Void Rune] can do is consume and destroy, there is also the question of black matter, but this is something I will not explain now. Byron drew the [Void Rune] and a black sphere appeared in his hand... It was sucking everything towards it, like a black hole but also different... It felt much stronger than a black hole but not so destructive. The black sphere disappeared after Byron closed his eyes, his wings entered his body together with his tail and horns, right now he just seems like a normal human kid. His body, however, hurt like hell!!! Every muscle of his body hurts, Byron went to the ground after the adrenaline his body produced because the pain he felt earlier ended.

Byron sighed when he lied down on the ground, he felt like he really needed to sleep now... His breathing calmed down and he falls asleep after. While Byron was sleeping, how muscles healed continuously, even the scars that the body had, were nowhere to be seen after the healing process ended.

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