18 The Strongest Creature on the Surface of Earth?

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"Brother, I'll take this silver tracking device then."

Catherine said.

"Keep it."

"In any case, there are still other mid-level vicious beasts to hunt if I really want to enter the Thunder Magister Guild."

Austin said casually. He placed his palm on the wall and took out a beautiful magic fire canister.

His five fingers moved as if he was spinning a pen, and the canister moved from his pinky to his index finger. Then, his thumb opened the magic seal of the magic fire canister.

"Puff ~"

A cluster of flames emerged from the magic fire canister.

Austin waved his hand, and the flames turned into a line of fire that lit the firewood instantly.

"Austin, what kind of trick is this?"

Catherine's clear eyes lit up.

Austin's actions just now were slick and charming.

Austin smiled and used his dagger to cut off the fat meat from the bear. He rubbed salt on it and barbecued it on the fire.

"This is your brother's best skill move. It's my secret for now."

Austin had two trump cards.

One was a hundredfold increase in strength.

The other was the fire controlling skill that he had worked hard on.

Using the ability to control fire, he could use the magic fire canister to create a fire over a thousand degrees.

Then, he used air control to instantly ignite the temperature of the flames to two to three thousand degrees.

He could even use his wind control ability to increase the fire intensity.

Austin had yet to come up with a name for this move, but its power was definitely not inferior to the 100 times increase in strength.

It was powerful and cool!

When he hunted the Armored Raging Bear, Austin did not even need to use the magic fire canister.

To him, there was no need to use his expensive trump card to kill a mid-level vicious beast.


Under the scorching heat of the flames, the bear meat was oozing with shiny fat.

It dripped onto the fire pit and made a sizzling sound.

With the addition of salt and other seasonings, the meat became brownish-gold in color with more flavor.


It made Catherine swallow her saliva.

Austin rotated the barbecued meat and said with a smile, "See? I'm not lying. Right?

"We have never eaten the meat of a mid-level vicious beast yet. We're in for a treat."

Catherine blushed.

She thought about when she was still angry with Austin being ridiculous by bringing pots and pans, firewood, oil, and salt.


Mm smells great!

The flames cooked the bear meat quickly.

Austin plucked the meat off his dagger, placed it on a plate, and pushed it toward his sister.

"Go on. Eating more vicious beast meat should be good for your body."

Catherine was so hungry that she wolfed down the food despite the hotness.

Austin cooked himself another large chunk of meat.

His cells had evolved again when he was beating up the Armored Raging Bear.

Now, Austin eats meat purely to replenish his stamina.

He did not rely on magic spells or magic power in battle. He consumed his own energy.

Without food, he would not have any energy to fight.

While Austin and Catherine were enjoying the barbecue, the examiners were getting anxious.

The battle between Austin and the Armored Raging Bear destroyed all the surveillance cameras in the vicinity.

It caused the control center's magick monitors to lose the footage inside the house.

"I wonder how the battle ended."

Ankti scratched his head anxiously.

Someone who could take on the Armored Raging Bear head-on had piqued the interest of the Martian Hunter.

Hika said, "I'll bet a hundred gold coins that the lecher… Austin won."

Cass said to the operator in the control center, "Quick, pull up the magick cameras near that house. We have to see what's going on inside that house right now."

"We're on it, sir."

A few operators quickly knocked on the control panel.

In the end, they activated a camera at the six-story residential building beside the house.

The camera rotated by ninety degrees and focused on that house.

The few examiners leaned over.

"Quick, enlarge the image!"

The magick camera zoomed in.

They could see smoke rising from the ruined house.

A man and a woman were sitting in front of a fire, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Beside them was the corpse of a black bear that seemed like a small mountain.

"What are they doing?" Hika asked curiously.

Elder Chuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. "They are most likely… having a barbecue."


The few tier-three magisters looked at each other.

The bloody and cruel exam for becoming an official magister had turned into a barbecue party?

Elder Chuan turned his head and asked, "When the few of you participated in the official magister exam, were you ever this relaxed and content?"

They shook their heads.

It was already good enough that they did not become food for the beasts. Who would still dare to swagger around and eat barbecued meat?

That would only attract more vicious beasts!

The smell of blood coming from the corpse of the Armored Raging Bear had indeed attracted some corrosive hounds nearby.

They slowly approached and encircled Austin and Catherine.


Catherine grabbed her dagger with one hand and reached behind her back with the other to hold onto the Vulcan Magick Shotgun.

Austin took another big bite of meat and did not care.

"Keep eating. It's just a couple of mutts. Don't worry about it."

Catherine trusted her brother completely.

She put down the dagger and the heavy magick gun and continued eating the meat.


Five or six corrosive hounds crept closer, drooling and showing their fangs.

Just as the hungry corrosive hounds were about to pounce on him, Austin suddenly raised his head.

"Get lost!"

Austin flew into a rage, and his eyes shone brightly.

A thunderous roar exploded from Austin's mouth as the sound waves spread out.

Intimidation skill!

In a trance, it was as if death had lurked into the corrosive hounds' minds.

At this moment, they seemed to have seen the strongest creature on the surface of the planet!

As predators, it was as if the corrosive hounds had suddenly returned to the ancient times and became weak prey, driven by a desire to survive.

Hunger and greed were all overcome by fear!

Five or six corrosive hounds whimpered, clamped their tails, and fled in panic.

Austin saw his sister staring at him blankly and swallowed a piece of bear meat.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Why aren't you eating?"

Catherine gazed in amazement. "Brother… How are you so powerful?

"Scaring the beasts away with a shout.

"Why didn't I know about this?"

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