17 Since you are here why run?

Looking at Léonard Reinard's cold, pale body, Tohsaka Rin felt no compassion or remorse for what he did. Now that she saw the outside world, she knew it was a very cruel world, where mortals live, no matter to those in power. If they were not strong enough or were not with Yuan Tianzhu, they would certainly be an extra number on the account of the victims of Xu Yin Ren and Léon Reinard. Therefore, feeling pity or spare your enemies is the same as harming yourself. In this world, you have to be strong for sure, but not just strong and have no brain to decide what to do with the strength you have.


It was all that was left so that even you could hear the beating of hearts. The silence lasted for several minutes, until a person suddenly broke the silence.

"Head Léonard is dead!"


As if by magic, everyone came out of the stupor and inspired a good amount of fresh air. This scene was breathtaking for them, because they almost died of shock, they never expected Head Léonard to fall here in this fight that was to get revenge on his dead son. But these young people are so horrible, they never expected them to be so strong, is that playing pig to eat tiger? If so, they played magnificently. If they knew that their opponents would be so strong, they would never dare to offend them in the hope of winning a favor from Xu or the Reinard Family's Head.

"T-that's impossible! The head of Reinard Faamily is a Peak Magic Disciple expert! How was he killed by a junior ?!"

"T-this is completely impossible! Head Léonard was killed! Am I not dreaming?!"

People with weak reasoning asked themselves, unable to accept death Head Léonard. They have the right to be like that, no one there thought it would ever happen less in the hands of a delicate junior.

Without thinking for another second, the other cultivators turned their bodies backwards in a fraction of nanoseconds they ran in different directions with all their might. They are running away, of course they would run away! It is no longer a situation formed by interest, but life or death! Of course, they would worry about themselves, no one would dare to see if the Head Léonard really died or is alive. No one would like to worry about the life or death of a stranger they met today because of certain interests.

But Yuan Tianzhu, who was smart enough not to let them escape, immediately condensed ten black beams on his fingers. Not intending to leave any of them alive, he abruptly threw the black beams at different cultivators who were walking at tremendous speed as if it were the speed of light.

Swoopsh Swoopsh...

The ten black beams were rapidly pursuing their targets as if they were missiles programmed to never shoot down their targets if they were not dead. The cultivators who have fled will feel only a cold sensation in their backs, with no time to ascertain the possible danger of death, black rays passing through their bodies like a hot knife passing through frozen butter bars, bright red blood splashing in the surroundings.


Terrifying screams echoed in the street, cold corpses fell to the ground in tune in several directions forming a quick and sinister melody. The people who were there to watch had not reacted, it was not until they heard the melody of bodies falling in tune that they finally reacted to the situation, and started to scream, terrified and dispersed, not daring to stay on the street anymore.

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Middle Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 300 XP and 3 300 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Middle Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 300 XP and 3 300 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Middle Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 300 XP and 3 300 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Middle Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 300 XP and 3 300 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Late Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 600 XP and 3 600 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Late Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 600 XP and 3 600 SP."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing a Late Magic Disciple Stage cultivator and gaining: 3 600 XP and 3 600 SP."]

Hearing the sound of system notifications and seeing the number of SP and XP he earned by killing these people, a smile blossomed on Yuan Tianzhu's face and he thought it was worth killing that young master whose name he had already forgotten.

If Xu Yin Ren in hell or in heaven heard what he was thinking, he would certainly spew a lot of blood. Brother you already slapped me in the death, so at least you can remember my name, right?

"These weaklings never learn, our dinner has already been ruined by them and now they want to ruin our afternoon too, they really deserve to die." Said Long Mengyue discontented.

"You are right Sister Yue, mainly that Léonard Renato or Léonard Renan... Whatever his name is, he arrogantly arrived throwing his weight around." Said Tohsaka Rin a little furiously.

This time, Yuan Tianzhu did not roll his eyes at them, but agreed with them. They all arrived arrogantly and fled without shame without looking back for a second worrying about their lives, it is a pity that they ended up dying quickly without feeling much pain.

"Let's go, we don't have any more business with these people." Yuan Tianzhu said.

"Humm..., aren't you going to go after the person who orchestrated all this?" Long Mengyue said a little surprised.

"Yes, we have to pay them in double for this debt." Said Tohsaka Rin feeling a little indigent, as they came all the way where to kill them and we are letting the person who orchestrated it all away just like that? Doing nothing to him?

Yuan Tianzhu did not answer and kept walking. Of course he wouldn't let Xu Yin Zhong go so easily, it's just that he was too lazy to walk around and ask where is the Xu Family mansion and also he had a feeling that they would meet again.

They continued to talk about irrelevant subjects, while people continued to look at them as if they were superstars in the mundane world. As it was the first time in the CloudCity, they asked for information about the closest inns to people who recognized them for what they did a few minutes ago or who were mesmerized by their otherworldly appearance.

Following the instructions, they arrived at the inn safe and sound from a possible cliché of cult novels. Not long after that, Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin arrived at the inn. It was an inn like any other in the Isekai sleeves, without anything that catches the attention of the masses.

"Hey, Sir. Do you want to stay at our inn?" A young man approached him and pointed his finger at the building behind him.

Yuan Tainzhu looked at the poster and found it was an inn, without thinking much, he nodded at the boy.

"Come in!" The boy led him inside before yelling at a middle-aged lady at the counter. "Mom, we have a customer."

"Oh boy!" The mother looked as happy as if Yuan Tianzhu was her only customer.

"I want two rooms to stay for one night, are you all right, lady?" Yuan Tianzhu asked.

"It is clear." She was a surprised by Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's looks and also because they wanted to stay in her cheap inn, but she attended to him quickly like other customers. "You need three copper coins for a night."

Yuan Tianzhu opened his snow-white hands with 3 copper coins. The lady was surprised to see him taking money out of nowhere, but it was only for a moment, as she heard in one of the conversations at her inn that the rich or growers don't like to walk around with a lot of things, so they buy a storage rin with a definite space to store your things.

In this world, money is divided into four currencies: copper, silver, gold and purple coins. 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold and 100 gold = 1 purple.

"What is your name? I will record it for you."

"Yuan Tianzhu."

"Long Mengyue."

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"Tohsaka Rin."

The lady nodded and gave him a key. "Your room is on the second door, the second and fourth room on your right."

"I will take you to your room!" The boy was very happy that Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue e Tohsaka Rin decided to stay, so he guided them voluntarily.

"Thanks." Yuan Tianzhu nodded to the boy as he followed him up the stairs, it was also there where he separated from the girls and entered his room. There was only basic furniture, like a bed with a table and its chair inside. The wardrobe was also quite small, but Yuan Tianzhu didn't care much for that.


At the City Lord mansion, a middle-aged man could be seen sitting on a chair. He wore a green robe, and his face was sharp. His eyebrows were shaped like a sword, and his eyes were sparkled like stars. He projected an image of natural dignity and power, making anyone who saw him pay their respects. This man was the Head of the Lorran family and the City Lord of Cloud City, Lucien Lorran.

"Is that what you reported true?" Lucien Lorran asked without changing his expression.

"Yes father, everything I reported is true, the head of the family Reinard was killed by a young woman and the administrator of the family Xu was also killed by a young man, because the young man killed his young master, they seemed extremely strong for their age."

A woman's angelic voice could be heard but with disgust hidden in it. She was mainly happy that lustful Reinard Family's young master was killed, if it were possible she would like to meet with whoever killed him. But of course she couldn't speak her thoughts out loud.

The young girl was wearing a long white skirt with a purple silk belt tied around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, falling down to her shoulder. She had a pair of bright eyes and pure white teeth. Her lips were perfect, and even without any makeup, her appearance didn't have a single flaw. But, what made her undeniably beautiful was not only her appearance. Her eyes were as crystal clear as the purest water; she was just like a clean white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless.​

This young lady was the young lady of the Lorran family, Astrid Lorran.​

The genius of the Lorran Family who has a spiritual physique, the Innate Azure Dragon Body, for being extremely beautiful and a cultivation genius, many lustful young masters wanted to obtain a marriage contract with her in hopes of forming connections with the Lorran Family. Of course she rejected them, these people wanted only the Primordial Yin essence of her Innate Azure Dragon Body, the man she wanted to marry had to be perfect, brave, attentive and attentive and, besides everything powerful, that's the her ideal destined perfect man.

"Um, you don't need to pay attention to these little problems, you have to be concerned about the ruin of the ancient expert on the Red Demon Mountain Range, and with the pills Elder Zhou gave you, you will surely break through the Magic Disciple Stage." Said Lucien Lorran.

Although Astrid Lorran was a little surprised that her father mentioned Elder Zhou, she still replied, "Yes, father, this daughter of yours will meet your expectations."

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