31 Seed of hate and very non-emotional farewell!

Just four young people? Where is the expert?

The onlookers were confused by the turnaround, but it didn't last long when a voice full of relief rang out in the forest.

"Young Miss! So this is where you were!"

Everyone looked at the source of the voice, a middle-aged man wearing violet and gold robes, with traces of dirt, disheveled hair, with a sword symbol on his left side. Seeing his current image, if anyone were not stupid like a door, he would notice that the middle-aged man was helpless and probably went through a lot.

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Looking at Elder August's current appearance, Yuan Tianzhu and the girls barely maintained their composure. It was inevitable, the current Elder August was all finished as if he were a beggar.

Astrid Lorran looked at Elder August with a smile on her face, "Oh ... It's Elder August! You arrived at the right time, let me introduce you to some people."

"Hm... Someone who interested the disciple of Ancestor Zhou ..." Elder August showed some interest, after all it is the disciple of Ancestor Zhou that we were talking about. So the person who managed to pick up her interest shouldn't be average.

But when he saw the person to whom Ancestor Zhou's disciple wanted to introduce him, his eyes widened.

"Y-you ?!"

Seeing Elder August's reaction, Yuan Tianzhu felt a little amused. More with his current countenance he looked like a clown.

"You what? Can't I be here?"

Yuan Tianzhu retorted coldly with a smile.

Astrid Lorran was also a little amused and fuzzy-headed in this situation. I just wanted to introduce you to someone, but it was not necessary to react in such a way, was it?

"Oh, do you know each other from somewhere?"

Astrid Lorran asked curiously.

"Of course not!"

Yuan Tianzhu and Elder August exclaimed


Making Astrid Lorran and the onlookers even more puzzled, if you don't know each other, why react so strongly when asking? There certainly has to be a story behind it.

Suddenly one of the disciples who was with Elder August, came to him and whispered something in his ear. Elder August, who was listening to what the disciple was whispering, his face began to go through several changes, such as surprise, confusion, realization and finally a frown.

Everyone was perplexed to see Elder August's expression changing several times, which would be so serious for such a reaction. Elder Agust's eyes went cold, that disciple just said that Fan Tong and other two disciples were been missing for three days straight and they still haven't heard from him.

Promptly Elder August used his divine sense to enter in his storage ring, inside it had some pills, martial arts books and some spirit weapons. His divine sense came across a box containing several green jade cards, he immediately noticed that three of them were broken.

The names on the broken green jade cards immediately appeared in his vision: Fan Tong, Lei Ting, Jin Ah!

Without delay he withdrew his divine sense from the storage ring, a great kiliing intent spread through the forest stupefying the onlookers.

Elder August asked in a frosty, and chilling tone looking at Yuan Tianzhu, "Three of our disciples have been missing for a long time, do you have anything to do with that?"


The onlookers took a deep breath, they never expected this handsome young man to dare to kill one of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect's disciples. Shocking their heads everyone had the same thought. Hmph, being young not knowing the immensity of the earth and the heavens and now paying for your ignorance.

Among everyone in that forest, no one would have the courage to kill disciples of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect, so suspicion would obviously fall on Yuan Tianzhu. Why? He was arrogant without limits and had the courage to knock out a disciple and disrespect and not give face to a elder of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect.

Certainly with all of this he had already completely offended the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect, so killing one of its disciples would be normal and with it all Yuan Tianzhu would be the most suspect of all.

Yuan Tianzhu stood like a mountain without showing any emotion, completely ignoring Elder Agust's question.

Elder August's face grimaced when he saw Yuan Tianzhu saying nothing, which made him certain that Yuan Tianzhu was the murderer of the three disciples.

"Three of our disciples have been missing for a long time, do you have anything to do with that?" Elder August Asked again but with a more icy tone.

Suddenly Yuan Tianzhu started laughing as if he had heard the centary's joke, his laughter in the end went cold making anyone who heard have chills go down his back.

Elder August's face was even more awful when a bad present appeared in his heart.

"What's so funny?" Asked Elder August with a shaky voice.

"What's so funny you asked...? Of course how could I not laugh when it was me who sent them to see the King Yama..."

The tone of Yuan Tianzhu's voice at first carried mockery in it, but in the in the end, his voice was frosty and chilling as if it were below 5 degrees Celsius.

"What? How dare you kill a disciple of my Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect?"

Elder August's body vanished into thin air, leaving only an afterimage and dust. The onlookers were stunned, is that the power of an outer Elder of a rank 5 sect ?!

Even though Elder August ceased to be seen, Yuan Tianzhu remained calm as an ocean, as if nothing was able to shake his calm. He closed his eyes slowly, leaving the onlookers even more amazed. This? Did he surrender without even fighting knowing his weakness against an outer Elder of the Royal Puple Extremity Sword Sect?

All onlookers thought the same thing when they saw Yuan Tianzhu closing his eyes, thinking that he had surrendered to his destiny. Some shocked their head helplessly, some closed their eyes and turned their heads not bearing to see a genius on the Magic Disciple Stage falling for his ignorance and arrogance.

But what these people did not know, Yuan Tianzhu did not close his eyes because he surrendered to his destiny but to use his divine sense!

Divine sense was like a sixth sense that you can use to feel whether people, objects, beast spirit, etc., working like a radar. Also an indispensable weapon for an alchemist used to see what is going on inside the cauldron.

But the divine sense has its limitations with the stage of cultivation of the person using it, the higher the stage of cultivation of the person the greater the range of the divine sense will be.

The range of a normal grower on the Magic Disciple Stage is 5 meters, but that does not apply to Yuan Tianzhu of 20 meters! Then one would know how strong his divine sense is compared to that of all the cultivators on the Magic Disciple Stage.

"Behind and on top of me!"

Just as he said out of the blue like a ghost, Elder August arised in the air behind him. Being in the range of his divine sense, of course, he would discover Elder August behind him, but Elder August appear to be not aware, as he raised his callused hand and launched a powerfull fist.

Purple Mist Emperor Fist!

Instantaneously a gigantic violet fist shooted out the void, threatening to crush Yuan Tianzhu completely.

Yuan Tianzhu moved his legs quickly, his body was as transparent as water. Escaping Elder August's powerful blow perfectly, but the ground has not escaped its destiny.


Elder August's gigantic violet pin crushed to the ground creating an explosion, dust rose up blinding the onlookers' view and making them furious because they wouldn't see how the fight would end.

Yuan Tianzhu's eyes became sinister, taking advantage of the dust, he moved quickly like a cheetah hunting its prey. Him being a predator and Elder August, the prey about to be skinned alive like a chicken.

World's Fist!

Using the World Fist, his cultivation stage spontaneously increased, Middle Magic Disciple Stage, Late Magic Disciple Stage, Peak Magic Disciple Stage... He emerged behind Elder August like a ghost, his fist was clenched tightly, with great strength explosive that he launched towards Elder August.

Elder August as a veteran on the Stage of the Disciple of Great Magic Perfection, having come into contact with the divine sense several times. It was clear that he would feel the presence of someone behind him, his body reacted alone and speedily dodged close by.

Yuan Tianzhu narrowed his eyes when he saw Elder August dodging his blow, but that did not stop him from trying again. Using his Divine Smoke Light Steps, his body was like smoke when he briskly appeared in front of Elder August as if the wind had taken him.

Elder August's eyes squinted when he saw Yuan Tianzhu catching up with him in an instant, the crisis grew in his heart. H-how did he get so close to me so fast? And without me noticing?

He didn't have time to answer his questions, because a clenched fist came towards him furiously like a rocket.

Elder August's reaction was not snail-paced, with his experience he quickly left his daze, answering Yuan Tianzhu's fist with his own.


The two fists collided creating a great explosion, trees forcing the earth, beast spirits fled. As the sight of the onlookers was blinded by the dust created by the explosion, being unable to see what was happening and who won in that fight.

A body was sent flying without aim, landing a few meters after it stopped flying, blood could be seen flowing if its horribly distorted arm that almost few people would recognize as an arm.

Elder August's face was pale to the extreme, beads of sweat dripping from his face over and over, his body quivering with pain. He never expected that the arrogant junior he despised would be so strong that even he himself is not match for, it seems that his arrogance was not a vacuum but with enough strength to back it up.

The onlooker's eyes widdened by what they saw when the dust settled, they saw Elder August sitting on the floor with his bloody arm crippled with an expression of agony.

But what amazed them the most was Yuan Tianzhu who was standing as still as a mountain, his white robes were clean as if he had not just fought with Elder August, his cold red blooded eyes were looking at Elder August with contempt not putting Elder August in his eyes.

The outer Elder of the Royal Purple End Sword Sect, a veteran Stage of the Disciple of Great Magic Perfection. Lost against an arrogant young man on the Early Magic Disciple Stage?

They didn't know how he did it, but they did know that piece of news would shake the Tong Xuan region and other regions, with the only result being Yuan Tianzhu getting famous and Elder August being his scapegoat.

Yuan Tianzhu's eyes shone with a cold light, since this old fart wanted to kill him, why he should spare him. Killing him would simply be a favor for himself and the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect for cleaning up the rubbish around them.

Just as Yuan Tianzhu was about making his move to end Elder August's worthless life, a desperate scream stopped him immediately like a spell.

"Wait, Yuan Tianzhu! Please don't kill him, I beg you!"

Astrid Lorran shouted.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at her with cold eyes, why should he spare an enemy? This would only bring unwanted problems, an enemy must always be killed at any cost and never spared. That was what his experience of reading cultivation novels with naive mc taught him.

But seeing her face and how she was lowering herself to beg for the life of that old bag of garbage, Yuan Tianzhu could not help but give a sigh of helplessness.

Looking at Elder August with cold eyes he said mockingly, "Hmph, you better be happy if it weren't for Astrid begging for your dog life I would never spare you, you should stop cultivating with those miserable skills you have, you are just wasting precious resources!"


Elder August vomited a mouthful blood. This junior has not only an abundance of infinite arrogance, but also a poisonous mouth!

Elder felt as if a knife cut into his heart, he couldn't help but vomit some blood. D-did this junior wet behind his ears dared to criticize his skills honed by several years of hardship in front of all these people?

Elder August felt very much like dying at that very moment, while anger continued to simmer within his heart. But he could only let it boil and look at the culprit with fierce eyes. He couldn't do anything but look like as he couldn't defeat him, he remained silent while a hate seed was planted in his heart.

If looks could kill, Yuan Tianzhu would surely die more than a thousand times consecutives under the Elder August's ferocious gaze.

Astrid Lorran seeing Yuan Tianzhu stop moving, she gave an helpless sigh.

But what was wrong, I just wanted to introduce Yuan Tianzhu and the girls to Elder August with the hope that they would be recruited even though they knew they were going to Precious Golden Sun Kingdom to participate in the Supreme Black Sect disciple selection.

But who would know that he and Elder August already knew, having a conflict between them. The most shocking thing was the revelation of Yuan Tianzhu, I never expected him to have the courage to kill one of the disciples of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect and still admit it as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

She was speechless, she just hoped that Elder August didn't hold a grudge for what just happened. But only this time it would end up wrong as the hate seed had already been planted, growing little by little.

Astrid Lorran walked up to Yuan Tianzhu casually, lifting her head and facing Yuan Tianzhu face to face, she said, "S-so this is goodbye..."

Since they have just finished exploring the ruin, certainly Yuan Tianzhu and the girls no longer they had no business to do there.

"Yes it is..." Said Yuan Tianzhu.

Astrid Lorran's eyebrows dropped a little, her eyes went a little red. She was a little disappointed by Yuan Tianzhu's lack of reaction.

Immediately Yuan Tianzhu felt a pain in his head, his gaze shifted to Tohsaka Rin and Long Mengyue who were looking at him fiercely.

"Heartless idiot! Is that how you treat a girl ?!" Tohsaka Rin shouted furiously.


"But, but it's a hell! How can you treat such a beautiful kitten like that ?!"

This time it was Long Mengyue who added.

Hearing that her sisters said Astrid Lorran blushed a little. But Yuan Tianzhu was speechless, what did I do wrong? He just saw no reason to make it so emotional after all they only met a few days ago.

"If you're going to say goodbye, you should do it willingly."

Tohsaka Rin said sternly.

"If not, how would you say goodbye to other people in the future ?!"

Long Mengyue said helplessly.

Yuan Tianzhu was completely rendered speechless sighing helplessly, he raised his hand and patted Astrid Lorran in her head, and said with a smile, "Goodbye ..."

Astrid Lorran's cheeks turned a little red with this sudden gesture of affection, she felt indescribably sweet in her heart. Lowering her head to hide her embarrassment and nodded her head, "A-goodbye ..."

Even though she felt a void in her heart when she remembered that they were going to leave, but she managed to gather her strength to stay calm.

"Don't worry we'll meet again!"

After a little hesitation on his part, Yuan Tianzhu said. Turning his back and started walking. Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin certainly followed him but not before saying something to Astrid Lorran.

"Sister Astrid take care of yourself the next time we meet, you must be more beautiful than before!"

Said Tohsaka Rin.

"Also, don't forget to get stronger!"

Long Mengyue shouted, waving.

Seeing them break Astrid Lorran's eyes became a little moist and red, suppressing her chaotic emotions she also turned her back. Don't worry sisters the next time we meet, I will be more beautiful and stronger, so I am worthy to be at your side!


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