18 Ruins in the Red Demon Mountain Range

The radiant lights of the sun could be seen illuminating the Cloud City, indicating that it is a new day. In a slightly torn brown bed, a handsome young man with silky, shiny white hair could be seen sleeping, his sleeping face was simply to be adored and to want to see it forever. The young man's eyes suddenly twitched, opening his red eyes that seemed to have the essence of the world.

Yuan Tianzhu woke up feeling perfectly well, he was a little surprised that Xu Yin Zhong did not send anyone to kill him. Not even the City Lord did anything when he killed one of the experts in the Cloud City, as this would affect the balance and strength of the city, they may be vulnerable to other forces within the city.

He just shrugged his shoulders not caring about it, if someone doesn't offend him he won't answer but if anyone wants to abuse their luck, then he can only have a destiny which is to be killed by me. Getting up from his bed, Yuan Tianzhu made his bed and put on his robes, which are surprisingly impeccable without any tinge of blood or other dirt.

Putting on his robes, he left the room to meet Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin leaving their rooms, a smile was plastered on his face. "Good morning, how was your night's sleep?"

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka looked at him with a smile that would certainly make several young people in love.

"Even though the room was a little... how can I say, ugly and poorly maintained, it was a good nap." Said Tohsaka Rin in her usual arrogant princess mode.

Yuan Tianzhu rolled his eyes at her, Couldn't she at least once admit that it was good? What a tsundere! But this is what he liked about her character.

"Good morning to you too! How was your night's sleep?" Long Mengyue asked softly.

"Hmm, it was good as I didn't have to worry about someone trying to murder me." Yuan Tianzhu said in a playful tone.

"Now that you say that, how are we going to deal with the father of that rotten pig?" Just remembering him and his lush smile Tohsaka Rin had chills of disgust on her body.

Yuan Tianzhu knew well who they were referring to, he also didn't even want to remember if his face or his name, he was not worth to remember, "We can deal with him before we leave this small town, first we have to collect information about the Supreme Black Sect."

The two girls said nothing more, nodding their heads.The three went down the brown stairs of the inn, when the lady who attended them yesterday with her son enthusiastically saw them coming down the stairs, she quickly stopped doing what she was doing and went to serve to them with all her attention.

"Young master, young ladies, how can I help you?" Said the lady.

"I would like a breakfast for three if it's not too much to ask." Yuan Tianzhu said.

"No! Of course you're not a young master, you can ask for anything you want this servant to do as quickly as possible." The lady did not dare to be so friendly with him, as the clothes they wore were clearly of high quality and their otherworldly looks are not even mentioned. Anyone in her position would not dare to speak to them as amicably as they might be mistaken for someone from a rich family.

"It's okay you don't have to speak so respectfully or be so nervous in my presence." Said Yuan Tianzhu trying to calm the lady who owns the inn.

"Yes, young master" Said the lady, she was relieved that Yuan Tianzhu was not like the typical young masters.

Yuan Tianzhu just nodded in response.

The lady did not postpone anymore and immediately went to the kitchen to do her job diligently without any error.

Seeing the lady leaving, Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin sat down at one of the tables to wait for their breakfast. Inside the first floor of the inn, there were already several people who came to have their breakfast there for several other reasons that he doesn't have to mind.

"I heard that Supreme Black Sect is organizing a discipline selection tournament at Precious Golden Sun Kingdom and that they set up a teleportation formation in Qingyang City."

Qingyang City is a city like the Cloud City that is more advanced in martial dao, there you can find experts on the Magic Disciple and Magic Master Stage frequently. And it is also one of the cities with more attractions such as the Pavilion of Thousand Floors, where you can put your items in the auction where it would be auctioned depending on the rarity of your item you can make a fortune overnight.

Yuan Tianzhu was stunned by this, but he kept his surprise in his heart and remained silent to hear the news better.

"Yes, I heard it too, geniuses like Qin Nan, Xiang Cheng, Xia Murong, Chu Feng, Lin Feng and Su Yan will participate in this tournament!"

"What ?! Even the Qin Family's genius will participate in this tournament ?!"

"Of course he would, as this tournament is an opportunity for young cultivators and their families if they manage to enter the Supreme Black Scet, and if they have demostrated enough talent in their sect, their family will have resources that we cannot even imagine and those who were already strong will be even stronger this is like ascending to the heavens."

"Too bad we can't participate like the Supreme Black Sect has put in place a strict rule that people over 20 cannot participate."

"Of course they will do that, no one wants old people like us to spend resources that could make a young man a genius."

People started to sighing in regret. If they were more younger they wouldn't miss an opportunity like this, but Heaven is unfair they were born years earlier than others.

"Yes, I also heard that at the Red Demon Mountain Range, a ruin of ancient expert was discovered and the city lord and some sects are going to explore the ruin today in search of treasures!"

"What ?! How is possible that in the Red Mountain Range there is a ruin of an ancient expert ?!"

"I don't know, but I can confirm that the source of the information is not wrong."

Yuan Tianzhu who was listening was interested in this ruin and wanted to see what he can gain in it and the sects who are going to participate.

The owner of the inn had already arrived when that group of people stopped talking, stopping to think Yuan Tianzhu concentrated his attention on his breakfast that was on the table, without any warning he started eating together with Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin.

After having their breakfast, Yuan Tianzhu and the girls went to the Red Demon Mountain Range. On the mountain that seemed to have a red fog around it, there were already people from sects, families or rogues cultiavators.

The ones that stood out the most were a group of cultivators with purple and golden tunics, with a symbol of a golden space, that would certainly be subjects of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect. Even when Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin arrived with usual they got the limelight because of their looks, people started whispering their opinions about who they are and what their background is. Not knowing their background, people did not dare to act hastily or talk to them, just looking from afar like eagles looking at their prey before hunting them.

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Suddenly a young man from the Royal Purple Extremity Sect discipline group walked towards them confidently. People did not speak, they just watched wanting to see the show that is about to happen. It is inevitable how these girls are simply very beautiful, people could not help looking at them twice, but when they saw Yuan Tianzhu with them they sighed in regret, regret that these two beautiful women are already occupied. Just by looking at Yuan Tianzhu they quickly gave up, they just can't compete in looks or cultivation, not even 17 years old and he is already at the Magic Disciple Stage, what were they doing at 17? So seeing the Royal Purple Extremity Sword's disciple headed for you, they couldn't help but be curious about what made this disciple so brave.

The disciple had an acceptable face that can be considered handsome, but with his purple and gold robes he could be a lady-killer. When the disciple approached them, he wasted no time on useless conversation and said with a smile, "Beautiful ladies, I am Fan Zhongtang, a disciple of the Royal Purple Extremity Sect, I would like to invite you to join us in exploring this anciet ruin."

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin did not even look at him for a second, completely ignoring him as if he didn't exist. Yuan Tianzhu started to emit an killing intento as his eyes flashed with cold red light. How dare him covet his women! Are you tired of living or what?

Fan Zhongtang was so surprised by the rejection that he stood like a statue, he had already said that he is a outer disciple of the Royal Purple Extremity Sect, so why the other party is acting as if he doesn't exist in their eyes, he didn't believe it was happening, so he repeated his sentence.

"Beautiful ladies, I am Fan Zhongtang, a disciple of the Royal Purple Extremity Sect, I would like to invite you to join us in exploring this anciet ruin."

"Get lost." Yuan Tianzhu said arrogantly without looking at Fan Zhongtang, clear not putting Fan Zhongtang in his eyes.

"Boy what did you say?" Fan Zhongtang asked angrily, he hadn't taken a good look at Yuan Tianzhue's face, and when he looked at his face he was ugly with envy. Why didn't the Heaven made him look so handsome?

Tohsaka Rin didn't wanted but to hear his nosense, they are already with their man how can they leave him to be with a person with a personality of an arrogant young master?

"He asked you to get lost, are you deaf or what?!, go as far as possible. Don't disturb us!"

Fan Zhongtang was astonished, he never thought that one of these heavenly beauties was so arrogant that she didn't even put him in her eyes, even though she knew that he was a outer disciple of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect.

"Y-you! How dare you talk to me like that?! Don't you know who I am?!" Fan Zhongtang roared furiously.

"I don't know who you are, but you dare to bother us again, I'm going to kill you!" This Yuan Tianzhu spoke with his red and cold eyes launching with murderous intent.

Fan Zhongtang's face darkened as he trembled with fury. This was the first time he was rejected that way and the other party didn't even put it in his eyes, even with his identity as an external disciple of the Royal Purple End Sword. This is the first time that he has suffered such humiliation in his entire life, so how could he contain his fury? And the answer is that he did not contain his fury. Clenching his fists, Fan Zhongtang launched his fist at Yuan Tianzhu in the face at a speed that could not be seen with the naked eye by the audience who watched the show in silence.

But not for Yuan Tianzhu, as he was seeing the punch in slow motion, seeing the punch coming towards him slowly, he was irritated to wait. Moving to the side avoiding the punch, he raised his hand and swung towards Fan Zhongtang's face.

August was an external elder in the Royal Purple End Sword Sect. When he saw one of the subjects split from the group to invite the two beauties who arrived, he said nothing. But seeing that the invitation did not work, he had a bad feeling, seeing the disciple acting, he immediately ran to stop him, if this mission failed for stupid reasons he would be the one who would pay the consequences, but it was too late.


A slapping sound echoed in the Red Demon Mountian Range, a man could be seen flying, a red colores liquid coulde be seen coming out of his mouth, his eyes were completely white with no pupils.

This... Did he just passes away? How terrifying one's strength would be to achieve this?!


Every person that was just watching the show looking at the man lying on the floor couldn't inhale a good amount of fresh air, they couldn't help but feel astonished.

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