11 Refining a Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill

Now that he has the heritage and experiential memories of World Emperor Alchemist Ge Hong, he can refine his own pills as he has a lot of knowledge about pill formulas, medicinal herbs, spirit fruits and more. Only practical experience in refinement is lacking and then he will be unbeatable in alchemy.

The pill he wants to refine is called the Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill, a pill designed to strengthen and temper the body. But nothing in the world is free, one has to endure an extreme temperature rise and a horrible pain all over the body. Especially used by body cultivators in the Ancient Era, because the formula has been forgotten the number of people who can refine this pill can be counted by ten fingers. And also because of its ingredients, although they are not high-grade ingredients, but the rarity of them makes few alchemists refine this pill.

But the same cannot be said for Yuan Tianzhu because he has the biggest cheat of the cheats, the System! With the system he doesn't have to worry about ingredients as long as he has enough system points. The ingredients needed to refine a Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill are: a Yuan Fire Grass, a Red Hellish Strenghtening Flower, a Neutral Spiritual Flower and an Infernal Red Salamander Saliva.

Yuan Fire Herb can be found in areas with a lot of Fire Qi, but these areas are always occupied by a high-grade spirit beast, a Red Hellish Strengthening Flower is found naturally in areas like demonic Qi. A neutral spiritual flower is usually found in the Soul Devouring Forest, due to the dangers there are few people that dare to enter the forest, and an Infernal Red Salamander Saliva is the saliva of a Rank 10 Spirit Beast that is equivalent to a Human Magic Ancestor, as well evidently few would stupidly dare to provoke such an existence in all their lives, even if they had more than seven!

This also represents the terrific strenght behind a Magic Ancestor Stage expert.

"System purchase a set of the necessary ingredients to refine a Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill with all my system points!" Said Yuan Tianzhu with frisson.

Ding!!*["400 SP had been used. Remaining: 100 SP."]

Yuan Tianzhu was astonished with happiness to hear what the system said, meaning that the ingredient costs 1SP in the system store. He had been thinking as how rare the ingredients were they would be a little more valuable in the system store, but it seems that he was too worried.

Now as the set of ingredients he needs to refine the Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill was purchased, he only needs to refine the pill.

Alchemist in the Tianwu Continent could be separated into 10 ranks, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. All of the ranking examinations were conducted by the Alchemy Association. To become an alchemist, there were three prerequisites: One need a fire attributed spiritual vein or a fire attributed technique, knowledge of medicinal herbs and Divine Sense.

Divine Sense it is like a sixth sense used to observe the inside of the cauldron when refining, also used to communicate with another being sending waves of Divine Sense, words can exchanged with another being waves of Divine Sense.

The basic steps of alchemy include: pouring the Spiritual Qi into the alchemical furnace, roasting the spiritual herbs, waiting for the spiritual herbs to start melting into a unique medicinal liquid, controlling these various medicinal liquids and mixing them together in one just place, and then condense them into a pill.

Looking at the Nine Divine Dragons Furnace he conducted his Primordial Energy in the cauldron and condensed a Black Flame in his right hand and began his first attempt at refinement. Placing Yuan Fire Grass in the cauldron and carefully beginning to refine it, he carefully controlled the strength of the Black Flame. Yuan Tianzhu did not dare to be careless at all.

The four pieces of Yuan Fire Grass began to melt immediately, leaving four drops of a green liquid that left a faint odor of medicine. Floating the four drops of green liquid out of the cauldron with his primordial energy, he cautiously took a Red Hellish Strengthening Flowet and threw it into the cauldron with the intention of melting it completely.

The five leaves of the Red Hellish Strengthening Flower immediately started to melt, but it melted slowly. Seeing this Yuan Tianzhu slowly and carefully increased the strength of his Black Flame, controlling a flame to melt something seemed easy, but it was tiring for low-grade alchemists, but not for Yuan Tianzhu. Controlling his flame was very easy as if the flame was part of him and obeyed any order, he could control the temperature of his flame easily with just one thought, so alchemy for him is like drinking a glass of water with his extreme flame control.

If the flame were so small, it would not be able to melt the herb in medical liquid. If it were so large, the medicinal liquid would be burned. Only with a perfectly sized flame could he successfully extract the medicinal liquid. As long as he's focused, it's not that difficult to achieve.

Next, he extracted five drops of medicinal liquid from the Red Hellish Strengthening Flower. Yuan Tianzhu quickly threw the Neutral Spiritual Flower and the Infernal Red Salamander Saliva into his cauldron after placing the five drops of medicinal liquid floating in the air. The ingredients Neutral Spiritual Flower and Infernal Red Salamander Saliva are a special case, as the two ingredients must be extracted together because Neutral Spiritual Flower has the ability to neutralize the intense Qi of Fire inside the Infernal Red Salamander Saliva. Only by neutralizing it the chances of the pill being successful increase.

Putting the two ingredients together, Yuan Tianzhu immediately and precisely started by fusing them together, the two of them joined together and threatened to light a small flame as the first time when you use a lighter, but he ignored this small detail as the two ingredients were successfully combined. The Neutral Spiritual Flower and the Infernal Red Salamander Saliva once together, he quickly began to melt them, obtaining a colorless medicinal liquid at the same time slightly gray.

Looking at the medicinal liquids floating in the air and inside his cauldron, Yuan Tianzhu took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Almost all steps have been completed, now only the pill formation is missing.

Immediately making some mysterious and deep seals with their hands, all the drops of the medicinal liquid in the air slowly floated into the cauldron. And under the purification of his Black Flame, the medicinal liquids continued to churn, giving a 'Zi Zi' sound. Yuan Tianzhu placed the lidon cauldron and continued to supply Primordial Energy to the Black Flame in the alchemical cauldron.

An invisible thread connected to the Black Flame in the alchemical cauldron made the Primordial Energy in his body flow out in a steady stream, which kept the Balck Flames alive​.

Inside the Furnace of the Nine Divine Dragons, the medicinal liquids of different colors stirred continuously before slowly melting, transforming into a viscous liquid that rotated continuously. At that moment, the smell of medicine started to get thicker in the room.

Yuan Tianzhu, who had Divine Sense, could see the situation inside the medicinal cauldron. He had already awakened this ability when he broke through the Magic Disciple Stage.

At that moment, he could no longer use a strong flame to purify it. He had to follow the direction of the spinning ball of the medicinal liquids, controlling the Black Flame to wrap it from a distance. The Black Flame also had to rotate slowly in sync with it, and the temperature had to be adjusted.

Sweat dripped continuously from Yuan Tianzhu's forehead, as this was a delicate step that used up more Primordial Energy than simply brute-forcing a fierce flame to purify the medicinal liquids. Each time the flames made a complete revolution, Yuan Tianzhu felt the reserve of Primordial Energy in his body wither significantly. If he faced a situation in which his Primordial Energy ran out, then everything he had done so far would be in vain.

The medicinal fragrance within the dimensional house has had another change. Yuan Tianzhu finally managed to breathe easily. About a tenth of his primordial energy remained in his body. The situation that worried him the most, depleting the Primordial Energy, fortunately did not occur. This little bit of primordial energy was enough to complete the final step in refining this pill.

Under the purification of the warm flames, the medicinal liquids in the cauldron had already condensed into embryos of pill-shaped pills. A faint fragrance came out of the cauldron. As long as the final solidification stage was completed, this Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill would be complete.

If he could complete the final stage perfectly, it would be ideal. Yuan Tianzhu's eyes seemed to burn with excitement, but his heart remained extremely calm. This final stage was the most important stage. There was no room for error.

Yuan Tainzhu guided the Black Flame to rise slowly into the air, and the embryos of the rough pills also followed the black fire and rose into the air. He held out his right hand and the embryos of the pills surrounded by a black fire descended slowly on his palm.

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It was time to solidify and shape it!

With his attention fully focused on this, Yuan Tianzhu's eyebrows were tightly joined in a frown. This would only happen in a situation where someone was extremely focused.

"Hu Chi!"

The embryos of the pills spun quickly into the flames, and Yuan Tianzhu didn't even dare to let out his breath. Sweat glistened on his forehead as he ran down his face, running. The irregular embryos of the pills began to soften and turn into perfect spheres, and even a faint glow began to envelop the pills.

Only after this step has been completed can the Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill be considered a true pill. Yuan Tianzhu pushed down fiercely with his hand, sending the pills back into the cauldron. After closing the lid, he started the final heating. At that time, Yuan Tianzhu still did not dare to give in to his focus.

Yuan Tianzhu was now in at Early Magic Disciple Stage. He had a good amount of Spiritual Qi, yet he was already nearing his limit. This was mainly because he divided the embryos of the pills into nine while trying to fuse those with nine equal portions of "Medicinal Liquid" at the same time. He was trying to refine nine pills at once!​

While forming the nine whirlpools, Yuan Tianzhu's brows started to wrinkle, and he was sweating profusely from his forehead. Not only did he need to use Spiritual Qi to form his flame, but he also had to control the formed flame while, at the same time, also trying to condense the nine pills, which forced him to consume vast amounts of Spiritual Qi .​

"It better be a success!" Yuan Tianzhu shouted in his heart. The nine embryos in the pills spun quickly and even started the fusion process. Now he just needed to put the right amount of water and let the two successfully condense into ten pills.

Yuan Tianzhu was continuously sweating from his forehead and looking very tired. But he still continued to release his Black Flame and Spiritual Qi. He had used up almost all of his Spiritual Qi.

"I finally succeeded, plus I ended up spending all day to refining these nine pills, alchemy really needs a lot of time!" Yuan Tianzhu said with a sigh.​

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' refining nine Top Mortal Grade 'Pill Scarlet Fire Dragon Pills' with Pill Veins successfully! And gaining: 10 000 SP!"]

Yuan Tianzhu was surprised, he never expected to refine nine pills with pill veins in his first refining attempt. He opened the alchemical cauldron, looking at the nine red with meridian like markings on the surface of these Scarlet Fire Dragon Pills within the dissipating mist, and he could not help but grin.

If those old alchemists came to know about him successful refining the 'Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill' with Pill Veins in a day, they would certainly die with shame. Many alchemists took three to five years to successfully refine a pill for the first time, even the most talented alchemists would still need a year and a half and moreover, they were only able to refine one pill at a time.​

But Yuan Tianzhu in his first attempt successfully refined nine Top Mortal Grade Pills with Pill Veins, so if those old alchemists found out then they would probably die from the shock of it.​

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