9 Opening The System’s Heaven Defying Packs!

"Open the all the packs I have gained!"

Instantly, the page in his vision transformed into a golden box. The box opened as a several beams of light streamd out before fading abat.

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Talent Increasing Ticket(5x)."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the skill Rule Breaker."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the technique Spatial Distortion."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Time Hourglass."]

"System gives me the details of everything I won."


[Rule Breaker]: grants the host the power to break any law that exists in the Mortal Realm, usable only five times a year.

[Talent Increasing Ticket]: increases the talent level of a particular person to whom the ticket was used at random, which can be a low grade talent or a high grade talent.

[Spatial Distortion]: a High Dao Rank teleportation technique, can teleport the user in places where the user has already visited or passed by just imagining the place, creating a spatial crack connecting the two places.

[Time Hourglass]: a High Dao Rank time treasure, can stop the time indefinitely as long the user has sufficient energy. (Note: with the current host strenght the host can stop the time for 20 seconds.)


Seeing what he won, Yuan Tianzhu can't help but be excited, although Talent Raising Ticket is of no use to him, but the same cannot be said for Long Mengyue and Rin. The Rule Breaker skill is definitely a broken cheat in the mortal realm, he doesn't know much about it, but he would know in the future. With Spatial Distortion, he can teleport to anywhere he has been, it will be very useful to escape from strong enemies. The Hourglass of Time is also extremely useful against strong opponents, as even five seconds in a fight is enough to change the flow of the fight or save a life.

He laughed little and said in a excited tone, "System I want learn everything that I obtained from the two packs!"

Ding!!*["Does the host want to learn the techniques obtained?"]

"Yes!!" Said Yuan Tianzhu without hesitation.

As he replied the system question, he could heard a bunch of sounds in his mind, a transparent blue holographic screen with notifications appeared in front of him.

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for learning the skill 'Rule Breaker'."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for learning the technique 'Spatial Distortion'."]

Yuan Tianzhu felt a sudden headache, the pain was so extreme that he had to hold his head tightly with his hands and clench his teeth to avoid screaming. Thankfully, the pain didn't last that long once it finally stopped, he started to breathe heavily.

"Huff, huff that was intense, I have to get used to it!" Said Yuan Tianzhu exhausted, trying to catch his breath.

After catching his breath, Yuan Tianzhu calmly stood still and closed his eyes as he stood in the middle of the forest.

Without opening them, he raised his left hand as he trew a downward chop in the air as he as trying cut it, the space in the area was suddenely torn creating a a tear in the space. The tear in the space was so large that a human could easily fir inside.

Its inside was black like abyss with few white lines of cracks around it, it looked like the cracks made by White beard from One Piece when using his Devil Fruit.

Yuan Tianzhu walked towards the spatial tear, putting his hand inside it to test the veracity of the technique. Or was it just that he was afraid of it? well, we don't know. Returning to the subject, when his hand entered the spatial tear, he felt as if his hand had gone through something gelatinous and cold. Seeing that the technique works, he went through it!


As he walked through the spatial tear in the middle of the forest, it immediately closed itself.


In a random part of the Soul Devouring Forest, an extremely handsome young man with a tied silk white hair and white robes could be seen. Looking around, Yuan Tianzhu was ecstatic, with this technique he would have no problem moving over long distances.

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"Status" He said excitedly, as he knew that he gained many SP when he absorbed the lightning of the Heavenly Tribulation. When he said that, a usual transparent holographic screen appeared in front of him.


[Host]:Yuan Tianzhu

[XP]: 2 531 500

[Race]: Primordial Origin Being

[Cultivation]: 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage (XP: 0/ 3 000)(+)

[Body Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/600)(+)

[Soul Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/500)(+)

[Mana Cultivation] None (XP: 0/ 400)(+)

[Talent]: ♾

[Spiritual Veins]: Great Primordial Origin Veins

[Physique]: Primordial Saint Origin Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: Primordial Universal Scripture

[Martial Arts]: World's Fist, Divine Smoke Light Steps, Spatial Distortion

[Special Skills]: Rule Breaker

[Occupations]: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Formation Master

[SP]: 858 500



Yuan Tianzhu gasped when he saw the amount of XP he gained from absorbing the lightning of the Heavenly Tribulation, with that amount of XP that he could eventually break through the Magic King Stage or reach the stage above it. He calmed his urges to press the button with the + sign on the system interface in 'Cultivation', as he did not want to rush into increasing his cultivation base.

He wanted to see how Long Mengyue and Rin are doing, he didn't even realize that he only spent a few hours outside the dimensional house, but he was already missing them. A charming smile that could make a goddesses in love bloomed on his hansome face and said happily, "Dimensional House!"

Yuan Tuanzhu immediately disappeared from where he was, appearing in a usual white living room with modern furniture.

"Welcome back!"

Hearing two heavenly voices, he was relieved that they were not exaggerating cultivation as if it were an abductive drug. However, understanding what they said, he was shocked for a while, unable to speak or think as a warm feeling ran through his heart. As an orphan in his former world, he never felt the love of a family or between men and women, so you could tell how happy he was.

Looking at them with a big and charming smile, he said: "How long did I keep you waiting? And how was your cultivation?" Even though he can see their cultivation with his appraisal, he didn't want it would ruin the mood.

"I'm glad you asked, Sister Mengyue and I have already reached the Magic Aprentice Stage and formed our Magic Foundation!" Said Rin smugly.

Yuan Tianzhu looking at her smug smile, he just sighed helplessly at her proud nature, if he spoke about his cultivation level now, that will just break her pride or even ruin their friendly relationship. Well it is not like he didn't have it, since some times he is more proud and arrogant than she is. So he didn't say anything and just smiled helplessly.

"Looking at you carefully, it looks like you got stronger." Long Mengyue said softly, the stronger he was, the more she wanted him as her mating partner.

Rin was surprised, she was bragging about her cultivation level a little while ago in his face, now her sister said that he become stronger again, then this is not the same as slapping herself?

"How did you become stronger again?" Rin asked hurriedly, she was feeling extremely ashamed by what she said earlier.

Yuan Tianzhu sighed, and started telling everything that happened a few hours ago. Beginning with the break through at the Magic Aprentice Stage, then forming the Origin-Dao level Magic Foundation and having passed the Heavenly Tribulation, the two girls were very worried and started looking for injuries at every part of his body.

Well its inevitable that they would be worried as its a Heavenly Tribulation what we are talking about, even the most powerful cultivator can fall any time if there's even one second of negligence.

"Enough about that, I'm going to enter a closed door cultivation so I won't be available for a few days or weeks, and also just to let you know the time that I leave my closed door cultivation it will be the day that we leave this forest." Suddenely said Yuan Tianzhu.'System can you give me the of pills with pill veins for Magic Aprentice Stage cultivators?'

Although Long Mengyue and Rin were sad that he entered a closed-door cultivation after he returned, they said nothing, as they cannot stop him from going, because the stronger he is, the more protected they will be, but they cannot fall behind.

["Affirmative!"] The system said in Its usual cold and mechanical voice.

Ding!!*["Searching suitables pills with pill veins for a Magic Aprentice Stage cultivator...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.]

Ding!!*["Found suitables pills ...showing suitables pills with pill veins for a Magic Aprentice Stage cultivator:

* Seven Colored Pill - 100 000 SP

* Qi Boosting Pill - 5000 SP

* Qi Strengthening Pill - 5000 SP

* Dragon Dan - 50 000 Sp

* Foundation Consolidating Pill - 10 000 SP

* Establishing Foundation Pill - 40 000 SP

* Qi Purifying Pill - 100 000 SP

* Extreme Qi Booster Pill - 150 000 SP

* Mana Gathering Dan - 200 000 SP

* Small Revitalizing Dan - 100 000 SP

* Qi Gathering Dan - 30 000 SP

* Great Revitalizing - 250 000 SP

* Red Qi Dan - 350 000 SP

* Yin-Yang Balancing Dan - 400 000 SP

* Meridian Strengthening Dan- 450 000 SP


'System buy two Seven Colored Pill and twenty Qi Gathering Dan!'

Ding!!*["806 000 SP has been used. Remaining: 52 500 SP."]

"Here these pills will be of great help when I'm not there." Said Yuan Tianzhu, two white bottles appeared out of nowhere that gived a fragant smell as he handed them the bottles, that by just breathing next to, you could feel yourself stronger. These are the bottles that he bought in the system that are suitable for placing pills for 3 SP each.

[Seven Colored Pill]: The Seven Colored Pill allowed one to successfully break through to the next grade. For example, a Early Magic Aprentice Stage would become a Middle Magic Aprentice Stage and a Early Magic King Stage will become a Middle Magic King Stage. This pill was only effective for grades below Magic Dominator Stage. Only one pellet could be consumed per year. This pill can be consumed by both spirit beasts and humans.

[Qi Gathering Dan]: increases Cultivation by 2x, 3x and 6x based on ingredients.

looking at him with a soft smile they said at the same time, "Thank you!". As is that was all they could say at this moment. They were already subconsciously accustomed to how he took care of them, they didn't have to say much or it would seem that they were not being sincere with their feelings.

Yuan Tianzhu just nodded his head and walked towards his cultivation chamber, but not depois de dar seus adeus at the two girls. Entering in the cultivation chamber, he sitted in a lotus position and said excitedly in his mind, 'System use 28 500 XP in my Qi cultivation!'

Ding!!*["28 500 XP has been used. Remaining: 2 503 000 XP."]

In an instant, Yuan Tianzhu could feel the vigorous Primordial Energy gushing forth. The Primordial Energy circulated quickly in the eight major meridians. He started feeling a little itch when the Primordial Energy passed through his meridians. He quickly circulated his Primordial Universal Scripture, guiding the Primordial Energy correctly in his meridian channels.

Entering his body via the 720 major and minor acupoints through his pores, nushuring his organs, bones, skin, meridians, blood vessels, flesh. When the Primordial Energy started refining his body, bones, meridians, blood vessels, skin, flesh and organs. It caused a slightly pain in his body but nothing that he couldn't andle, the pain started dimishing the more he cultivated.

The Primordial Energy began to convert into a white essence that was mixed and created little white marbles within his dantian like stars in a darkened sky. The little white marbles in his black like abyss dantian started becoming more visible as the Primordial Energy started to convert itself in white essence, illuminating his black like abyss dantian.

The white marbles began to expand, filling almost all of his dantian, the colored marbles around his dantian which are like small planets around his dantian began to give its essence to his dantian. As it became larger, the amount of energy capacity increased dramatically, becoming more resistant and firmer. But this transformation caused a terrible pain in his abdomen. He bit his lip to avoid screaming as if he were being tortured and to endure the pain.

The colored marbles started to fill his dantian quickly with their essences, as his dantian became full he heard a explosion sound inside his body.


Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Middle Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Late Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Peak Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Great-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage!"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the Early Magic Disciple Stage!."]

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