12 Misterious Egg

Yuan Tianzhu took one of the pills and put it in his mouth. Suddenly, his body felt refreshing and warm at the same time, his body started to hurt a lot, from the tendons to the muscles, from the muscles to the nerves... The pain he was feeling was not a joke if a normal human took this pill he would certainly die of agonizing pain and high temperature simultaneously.

He began to feel that his bones were melting, his memorized skin was white while the snow turned red like a roast chicken because of the high temperature and the pain. Yuan Tianzhu really wanted to curse the person who created this pill, was he a masochist? This pill is pure torture! But he knew that to get stronger there are people who would give anything to even kill their family members, this pain he is going through does not compare with what some people are going through. He gritted his teeth aggressively and endured the pain in silence.

After a few minutes the pain passed, Yuan Tianzhu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He promised himself not to give these pills to the girls, he wouldn't be able to see them going through the same pain, that will break his fragile and emotional heart. He wanted to get up but his exhausted and painful body wouldn't let him.

Ding!!*["Host 'Yuan Tianzhu' took a Scarlet Fire Dragon Pill, earning 10,000 XP."]

Seeing the number of XP he won, Yuan Tianzhu smiled awkwardly at the same time happy, he felt that the pain he went through was worth it.

After more than a few hours, he was able to move without feeling discomfort and pain throughout his body. Rising from the floor, he sat on the sofa, feeling comfortable. Yuan Tianzhu sighed again in relief, but this time because he was tired and wanted to get some rest.

Suddenly he started to hear the sound of footsteps, he already knew who was coming, because by breaking the Stage of Magic Apprentice all his senses had been improved beyond a human or a superhuman. The door opened revealing two beauties, of course those beauties are Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, looking at the two beauties Yuan Tianzhu felt as if all his tiredness had disappeared, exchanging with an energy with enough vigor.

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"How are you doing? And how was your cultivation?" Long Mengyue asked with a soft smile that brightened Yuan Tianzhu's day.

Looking at the two beauties Yuan Tianzhu said while smiling. "Of course, I would feel as good as any man if I had two beauties with me!"

"Y-you can't stop praising us every time you see us!" Exclaimed Tohsaka Rin, blushing a little.


This is what Yuan Tianzhu was thinking at this very moment looking at her expression, she is very cute when she is embarrassed that he always wants to tease her. "Changing the subject, how was your cultivation?"

"It was certainly good and productive with the pills you gave us, we went from the Magic Aprentice Stage to the Magic Disciple Stage!" Tohsaka Rin said with pride, as always.

"And how was it for you?" Long Mengyue asked curiously because she felt he was strong again, she pondered that he was in the same stage as them.

"Piece of cake, I arrived at the Magic Disciple Stage and also learned a little alchemy while you were growing in cultivation chambers." Yuan Tianzhu said casually, if some alchemists saw what he did and heard what he said now, surely they would vomit a lot of mouthful of blood. You are a Middle Tier 1 Apprentice Alchemist who can challenge the heavens by refining pills above your level, on top of the pill veins. But now you are saying that you have learned a little alchemy? You should probably ascend to the heavens!

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were surprised to learn that he learned alchemy while cultivating in their respective cultivation chambers.

"You learned alchemy! So that's why the room smells like medicine." Tohsaka Rin said with enthusiasm as he looked at Yuan Tianzhu like a child who was given a sweet.

"Of course, who do you think I am!" Yuan Tianzhu said proudly, as a Primordial Origin Being, he has an incomprehensible talent and talent for everything that even the strongest in the world could not see the end of.

Suddenly, he remembered the Talent Increase Tickets and the mysterious Egg. Saying 'Inventory' in his mind, he clicked on the ticket icon and a notification appeared in his field of view.

Ding!!*["Using two Talent Increasing Tickets!"]

Ding!!*["Please host 'Yuan Tianzhu' choose the targets for using the tickets!"]

'Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin!'

Ding!!*["A Talent Increasing Ticket was used at Long Mengyue and her corresponding talent was increased to Perfect Dao Rank Talent!"]

Ding!!*["A Talent Increasing Ticket was used at Tohsaka Rin and her corresponding talent was increased to 9th Celestail Rank Talent!"]

"What are you thinking for?"

Two heavenly voices pulled him out of his stupor, as he looked ahead, he came across two beauties that are looking at him strangely. Looking at them he coughed awkawardly and asked: "Um... Aren't you feeling something different or uncomfortable?"

Long Mengyue and Tohaska Rin were confused by that sudden question, while looking at him strangely.

"No, I don't feel anything different." Said Long Mengyue confused.

Tohsaka Rin also expressed her thoughts, "Yes, I don't feel anything different about me either."

Hearing their responses, Yuan Tianzhu was also confused, he expected a sudden change when he used two Talent Increase Tickets on them. He can only ask the system as it was the system that gave him the tickets. 'System, how are they not feeling anything different in their bodies?'

["This is normal host, they will only feel the difference when cultivating, as the increase in talent has nothing to do with the body or spiritual veins. A person's talent is defined when they are born, there are not many methods to increase it, because it has a lot to do with Heavenly Dao of Fate and Heavenly Dao of Origin, but the host doesn't have enough power to know about it."]

Yuan Tianzhu ignored the last comment from the system and nodded his head in understanding, he knows from the memories of World Emperor Alchemist Ge Hong that by mastering the Heavenly Dao of Fate and the Heavenly Dao of Origin, you can control the fate and the origins of certain people, such as controlling where you are going to be born being, if you were born poor or born in an ancient family, talent and spiritaul veins, if you are going to be a human, demi-human, spirit beast, demons or devils. Also controlling the type of people you will meet, can be enemies, friends for life, and your opportunities in your road to immortality, it can be said that they can control the course of your entire life. That is why strong experts avoid offending people with strong knowledge in these heavenly dao laws, but that does not mean that they are invincible, they cannot trace the fate and origins of people stronger than themselves. After all the heavens are fair.


Yuan Tianzhu coughed and said awkwardly with the intention of changing the subject, "Leave it alone, can you help me decide what to do with this egg?". As he said, a gigantic egg appeared out of nowhere in his hands that almost reached his shoulders.

"Are you stupid? We will definitely raise it!" As he finished speaking, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin exclaimed immediately at same time.

"Do you want to raise?" Yuan Tianzhu asked, feeling incredulous, he did not know what was in the egg, but he has already used his appraisal on it and showed only several question marks. Without knowing what it was, he didn't want to raise something unknown and possibly dangerous next to him.

"Of course!" Said Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin simultaneously as they wrapped themself around the mysterious egg with care and affection.

Seeing this Yuan Tian Zhu was speechless and sighed helplessly, deciding to raise the mysterious egg with them.

'System how can we make it hatch?' Asked Yuan Tianzhu in his mind.

["The host can use several rare herbs to speed up the incubation process or choose one or two people to grow along side with the mysterious egg to speed up the incubation process, like dual cultivation, they will be sharing their Spiritual Qi and Yin Essence with the egg while the egg also share his Essence with them. Dual cultivating with the egg can increase their cultivation speed so it's a win-win situation."]

The first option is certainly out of the question as he doesn't have enough points, but the second option Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin can do it as he doesn't need to cultivate with an egg to increase his cultivation speed.

"There are two ways to shock you but the first option is out of the question as I will probably be poor, while the second option is impeccable for both of you, which is dual cultivate with egg, it had no side-effects as it will increase your cultivation speed and at the same time you help him to shock, its a win-win sitaution." Said Yuan Tianzhu casually with a smile while looking at the two girls.

"... Hm!" After a few moments passed, Long Megyue and Tohsaka Rin nodded simultaneously, then went to the mysterious egg that wrapped themself in it and started cultivating.

'System which city is closest to us?' Seeing them cultivating, Yuan Tianzhu took the opportunity to ask for the system.

["The closest city to the host is Cloud City located 20km from the host."]


When he wanted to ask the system another question he heard a strange sound, looking at the source of the sound he saw Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin cultivating sitting in a lotus position, while the vortex above their heads was sucking Spiritual Qi from the environment of the dimensional house.

The Spiritual Qi and Yin Essence of Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin began to be absorbed out of their bodies, going into the mysterious egg. After the egg absorbed their Spiritual Qi and Yin Essence, he started sending Black Qi to Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin.

This process was repeated several times, while the absorption of the vortex increased, accelerating the absorption and returning process. As the speed of the process had increased, a boom could be heard from Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's body.

Middle Magic Disciple Stage!

Before long, their well-defined lashes trembled slightly, showing their beautiful eyes that contained excitement.

"So how did it go?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu curiously.

"It was like cultivating normally but a little different from normal, as our Spiritual Qi and Yin Essence would be absorbed by the egg and the same would send it back to us purer and easier to absorb." Said Long Mengyue excitedly.

Yuan Tianzhu nodded his head in understanding and said, "Since you have finished cultivating, we can leave this forest."

Yuan Tianzhu was excited that this will be his first time that he has come into contact with people other than Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin in this world.

"What? Are we leaving yet?" Said Rin excited like a kid who received a candy.

Yuan Tianzhu just nodded in response.


After walking for a few hours with the system instructions, Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin left the forest without any problems. Looking at some man-made structures for the first time in this world, they felt extremely excited.

The gigantic walls of the Cloud City could be seen from afar, the Cloud City is one of the three largest cities in the kingdom of Bordeaux. The Kingdom of Bordeaux is a Rank 2 kingdom because they have a Grand Master in Magic in their Royal Family. The Cloud City is inhabited by millions and millions of people, from commoners, merchants and aristocrats, the Cloud City has 3 families whose power is only below the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bordeaux. The Lorran that is the city lord, the Xu and the Reinard.

(Author's notes: the factions like churches, clans or families, associations, guilds, sects and cults are divided into 10 Rank with Rank 1 Being the lowest and Rank 10 the highest. Rank 1 must have a Magic Disciple Stage expert, a Rank 2 should have a Magic Great-Master Stage expert, Rank 3 should have a Magic King Stage expert, Rank 4 should have a Magic Dominator Stage expert and a Rank 5 should have a Magic Ancestor Stage expert.)

Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin walked towards the city gates. There were only two guards playing some kind of craps game inside their small hut, when they noticed they were surprised. They have never seen such perfect people in their entire five years of guarding in Cloud City, even the young masters and young ladies of the 3 Great Families are not so handsome or beautiful.

The man had a lot of handsomeness, silk white hair tied in a pony tail with few strings in his cheeks, a majestic white robe with dragon scale designs in the end of the sleeves, you could see that it was a high quality material, his snow-white and flawless skin had a unique glow that enhanced his charm with his white robe. He had an indescribably magnificent pair of red blooded eyes, as if the essence of the world was inside, his sword-shaped eyebrows that complement his extremely handsome round face. The man gave a vibe of calmness yet overbearingness akin to a god in the mortal world looking down at them.

The woman had long, slightly wavy black hair, tied in a ponytail with two black ribbons, giving her a touch of elegance and pride, her crystal aqua blue eyes looked as serene as the ocean, her jade skin and creamy face they were white as snow under the dim lights of the room. Her lips were like the most delicate petals in the world and her nose was the most beautiful of carved white jade, tall and proud with an innate nobility. Her figure was wonderfully moving and delicate in the extreme.

Looking from a distance, her physique was so graceful that it was just too difficult to describe. Under a black and red robe, a pair of fine, refined legs could be vaguely distinguished. Her black and red robe floated in the wake of her slow walk and the flower designs on it occasionally sparkled on her delicate feminine figure. The perfect arches of her waist, her small yet perfect breasts and buttocks were indescribably beautiful. She radiated an incomparable charm to shake the soul and had a proud appearance and attitude that transcended this world.

The other woman had a scarlet red hair that went to the end of her back, she had golden eyes with pupils half closed vertically, her red robes were not so light or so dark, her red robe were perfect it matched her scarlet red hair giving an unforgettable and attractive glow, her skin was exceptionally white, but it was not so pale white that it would make people uncomfortable. She was as white as pure snow, with an impeccable and brilliant whiteness. Although the sunlight was not strong, the glow of her snowy skin was so perfect that it left people amazed. Her skin looked like snow on a sunny winter day.

Her hand was half revealed due to the cut sleeve, it was as perfect as transparent jade. Her sweet cheeks were whiter than snow. Her dimples were beautiful like those described in poems and paintings. Her tender lips, which were a lovely pink rouge that looked as if God himself had drawn them with the utmost care, were incredibly beautiful. All the in a girls that displayed a beauty that made the heavens and the earth, the stars and the moon, all paled in comparison. The perfect arcs of her waist, breasts, and buttocks were indescribably lovely. She radiated an incomparable, soul-shaking charm and had a kind of proud appearance and attitude that transcended this world.

This... How can such heavenly beings be in this world? And do they say the heavens are fair? So much fair justice! Why wasn't I born with that appearance? The heavens are unfair! What an injustice!!

The two guards asked themselves discouraged, unfortunately and to the heavens in their minds, how could such an injustice exist!

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