14 May God have mercy, Because I don't! Part 2

Quick, that was incredibly fast! Many people were sitting near Yuan Tianzhu's table, but never noticed when Yuan Tianzhu attacked. Some of them saw only a slight movement in Yuan Tianzhu's shoulder before the two lost their arms. That was scary.


The feeling of losing an arm and two arms was completely different, so the pain you felt was different. Even a Magic Disciple Stage cultivator could not endure this pain. Both men were looking at their arms contracting not far from them. Their minds were filled with fear, nothing more.

Blood was spread all over the place. Some of the people who ended up having blood spattered on their faces ran across the restaurant in a panic. The restaurant instantly became a devastating place. Many of their faces were filled with fear, especially the waitress who was closest to them. She looked at Yuan Tianzhu as if he were looking at a ghost.

The only person who remained calm in this restaurant, besides everyone at Yuan Tianzhu's table, was a young man dressed in blue. His eyes shone brighter than before. He never expected Yuan Tianzhu to act so fiercely or make a firm decision so quickly.

In addition, Yuan Tianzhu's attack was incredibly fast. Others may not have been able to see clearly, but for him, everything was clear. And because he saw everything so clearly, he started paying attention to Yuan Tianzhu. He already had a feeling that Yuan Tianzhu was not an ordinary man when he entered, and the recent event had confirmed that he was not an ordinary person.

"He's done; how dare he cut off the arms of Xu Yin Ren's followers! This time, he is doomed!"

"That's right, Yin Ren is famous as a bully and an extremely arrogant young master! And he has a Magical Disciple father behind him, which is why he can run wildly in Cloud City and make people choke on silent fury! Although this young man seems like someone who is not easy to deal with, he has offended Xu Yin Ren! I think it will be difficult for him to survive from now on!"

"I don't think this young man is an ordinary man, I think something exciting is going to happen today!"

Many people were discussing the events. There weren't many people who dared to cause trouble at the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant, and even less who dared to hit a man from the Xu Family house inside the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant. This was like committing suicide.

"Damn, what a horrible scream! You are affecting your my dinner!"

Tohsaka Rin began to scold loudly. At the same time, she released a powerful golden flame. The golden flames passed between the eyebrows of the men as if it were a ghost trying to possess you, and the two immediately stopped screaming. They fell on the floor with their faces up and their eyes open, and smoke streaming from their mouths, they interiors were roasted! Even in death, men still had expressions of terror.

As followers of the young master and strength in the Magic Apprentice realm, they were above the law in the Cloud City. Never in the wildest dreams of these two men did they imagine that they would die here, die in the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant where they always act arrogantly, and die at the hands of a delicate woman.

After the two men's screams disappeared, the restaurant went deathly quiet. At that point, Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon finally reacted. They both looked at their two followers who were not lying in a pool of blood with shocked expressions, their faces full of disbelief.


'Is there really anyone who dared to kill my men at my Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant?'

'Isn't that the biggest joke in the world?'

This was unbelievable. He himself had been wildly and above the law in Cloud City for so many years, no one has ever dared to touch one of his servants, not to mention killing one. Knowing that something big just happened, the manager hurriedly left a room and walked in front of Xu Yin Ren.

"You have no business here! How dare he provoke me?! I won't let you out of the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant today!"

Xu Yin Ren waved a hand, signaling the manager to walk away. His expression was insidious as he walked towards Yuan Tianzhu. The fat on his body trembled as he walked. The young master Reinard, following behind him, had the same expression.

In Cloud City, there was no one they could not offend. Even if this young man in front of them had some skill, he would never take that into account. This was a serious mental problem for people like him. They were used to being arrogant because they knew they had someone who could protect them; that was why they would simply do what they wanted and totally forget that their own skills were incredibly weak.

They didn't even know that in this world, there was no one who had considered them a good person. They never knew what it meant to hit a roadblock. They had never known the fear of death. Today, Yuan Tianzhu would let them know that.

Everyone around acted like they were going to watch a good show. They were wondering how this young man would deal with the young master of Xu's mansion. The young man in blue not far from here shook his head. He was not concerned about Yuan Tianzhu. His eyes were full of pity, but it was for Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon.

"Brat, how dare you kill my men! Do you know who I am? Even if you have ten lives, it won't be enough to survive this day!"

Xu Yin Ren said in a very authoritative way.

"Get out!"

Yuan Tianzhu didn't even look at Xu Yin Ren. He just spit two words out of his mouth, just as he did the two men before.

Xu Yin Ren's big, fat face clearly froze for a second. In this Cloud City, no one has ever dared to say the words 'get lost' in front of him, but this young man who appeared out of nowhere dared to tell him to get lost. This was highly disrespectful.

"Young brat, what did you just say?"

Reinard Leon shouted out loud, "Do you know who you're talking to?! This is the young master of Xu's mansion in Cloud City! If you're smart, hand this girl over to us and apologize. Then we'll spare your life!"

"If you don't want to get lost, you can go to hell."

Yuan Tianzhu didn't even turn his head, just reached out and slapped Reinard Leon in the face.

Crack crack crack...

Yuan Tianzhu's slap made Reinard Leon's head spin like a tornado and didn't stop until after spinning a few times. His neck continued to make popping sounds as he spun. As soon as the head started to spin, Reinard Leon's body stopped moving. When his head stopped spinning, his face was looking in the wrong direction. He died a horrible death.

Waa ~

Everyone in the restaurant immediately started making different noises and expressions. The way they looked at Yuan Tianzhu was filled with fear. This was too cruel. When this innocent and handsome young man attacked, he became a cruel being.

This was Reinard Family's fourth young master, and he was now dead from a slap. What a cruel death, that was incredibly frightening to think about.

"Where did this young man really come from? He's very unforgiving!"

"Xu Yin Ren said his name, but this young man still attacked without showing mercy ... Who is this man?"

"It looks like this day is not going to end well ..."

Many people sighed silently. Now, even an idiot could say that the arrogant Xu Yin Ren has finally met an obstacle, he met a crazy tough guy. This young man would kill without even thinking about it. It was scary for these people to think.

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Yuan Tianzhu killed young master Liu with just a single slap, and it really made Xu Yin Ren feel afraid. Sweat began to run off the fat man's forehead. His body started to shake, but he still hasn't backed up. In his mind, he still thought of himself as the strong young master that no one dared to offend.

'My father is the head of the Xu family! In this Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant, no one dares to touch me! Only I can play whoever I want! If I, Xu Yin Ren, want a girl or two, I will definitely get them!'

Xu Yin Ren mentally encouraged himself. His eyes remained fixed on Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, and suddenly he was excited.

Looking at this scene, the young man in blue not far away could not help laughing. He then murmured to himself, "Idiot..."

This young master Xu Yin Ren really was an idiot. He didn't know if Yuan Tianzhu was not afraid of him and, if he was a little smart, he would leave that place now to recruit more men to help him. Unfortunately, this young master was used to being arrogant. His mind was completely occupied with the thought: 'In Cloud City, I am a king!' But he had totally forgotten that this status was given to him by himself.

"Young brat, how dare you offend me ?! I won't let you out of the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant today!"

The fat on Xu Yin Ren's face was shaking as he threatened Yuan Tianzhu. His lustful eyes did not forget to occasionally stare at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's body, making them frown.

"Chubby, look away. Otherwise, you will suffer horrible consequences."

Long Mengyue, who still ate and drank, reminded him. Such a cruel and bloody scene did not affect Long Mengyue's appetite.

"Where did you damn come from! How dare you talk to me like that?!" Xu Yin Ren lifted his spirits again and turned his vision to Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin.


Yuan Tianzhu sighed. He knew he couldn't be merciful to someone like that. Once you offend such a person, he will become like a cast that you would not be able to get rid of, no matter how hard you tried. This type of man will not give up until he reaches his goal, too much cliché. Therefore, Yuan Tianzhu did not even think before he attacked.

Yuan Tianzhu's fingers moved and grabbed two chopsticks from the table before he pointed them at Xu Yin Ren's eyes.



Two soft impaling sounds were heard. Yuan Tianzhu's chopsticks had penetrated deeply into Xu Yin Ren's eyes, the sound of the bursting eyeballs could also be heard. Half of the chopsticks had gone to Xu Yin Ren's head, and blood continued to flow from the wound made by the chopsticks. This was an incredibly scary scene.


Fat Xu Yin Ren started to scream in tearing pain, scaring everyone who was watching. As the young master of the Xu Family mansion, he lived a luxurious life and never suffered injuries like this. The pain of having his eyes penetrated by two chopsticks was not an

easy thing to bear.

"Ahhh !!! Kill me!"

While Xu Yin Ren was rolling on the Roor in pain, he took a golden talisman from his pocket and destroyed it. Yuan Tianzhu raised his eyebrows when he saw this. He knew that this was a talisman of the Divine Senses. Any Magic Disciple Stage cultivator could easily do that. Within the talisman was the Divine Sense of a cultivator of the Magical Disciple's Stage, and this was obviously given by the Head of Family Xu to his son. As soon as the talisman was broken, the head of the Xu family would be able to feel it immediately.

"Yue'er, Rin'er stop eating. Let's go."

Yuan Tianzhu said as he rose from his seat. At that moment, the manager brought a group of men from the back of the restaurant and blocked Yuan Tianzhu's path. Xu Yin Ren had suffered a serious injury. If they allowed the culprit to escape while the head of the Xu family was in town, they would all be killed.

"They are done, now the matter has become really serious! This young man does not hesitate to attack; he is a ruthless man! Now that he has blinded Xu Yin Ren, the Xu Family will not give up on this matter easily!"

"That's right, the head of the Xu family is the cultivator of the Magic Disciple Stage! I wonder how he will solve this..."

"Still need to guess? I'm sure the head of the Xu family will take revenge on Xu Yin Ren himself! Where did this young man come from? He's ruthless and scary!"


Everyone was secretly gossiping. The infamous young master Xu Yin Ren was blinded by someone at the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant. This was great news for Cloud City and would definitely cause a storm. Everyone now looked at Yuan Tianzhu with fear in his eyes. This young man was a cruel, merciless and scary being.

"Get out, I'm going to kill anyone who gets in my way!"

Yuan Tianzhu looked at the manager and his group of men with a cold look. They all immediately felt a shiver down their spine. Although they were all cultivators at the Magic Apprentice Stage, they could not resist Yuan Tianzhu's gaze. Only a single look from Yuan Tianzhu made their souls tremble; it was like he was going to fall apart.

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