2 Legendary and Mythical Summon Ticket

After seeing what he obtained, Yuan Tianzhu couldn't help but be excited, after all that it is necessary for him to live in this world where mortal lives are insignificant, only the strong can enjoy the world without worries and the weak can only complain about their weakeness.

He laughed little and said in a excited tone, "System I wait learn everything that I obtained from the Newbie Gift!"

Ding!!*["Does the host want to learn the techniques obtained?"]

"Yes!!" Said Yuan Tianzhu without hesitation.

As he replied the system question, he could heard a bunch of sounds in his mind, a transparent blue holographic screen with notifications appeared in front of him.

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for learning the Cultivation Technique "Primordial Universal Scripture"."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for learning the Martial Art "World's Fist"."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for learning the Martial Art "Divine Smoke Light Steps"."]

Yuan Tianzhu felt a sudden headache, the pain was so extreme that he had to hold his head tightly with his hands and clench his teeth to avoid screaming. Thankfully, the pain didn't last that long once it finally stopped, he started to breathe heavily.

"Huff, huff that was intense, I have to get used to it!" Said Yuan Tianzhu exhausted, trying to catch his breath.


When he said that, a usual transparent holographic screen appeared in front of him.


[Host]:Yuan Tianzhu

[XP]: 0

[Race]: Primordial Origin Being

[Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/300 )(+)

[Body Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/600)(+)

[Soul Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/500)(+)

[Mana Cultivation] None (XP: 0/ 400)(+)

[Talent]: ♾

[Spiritual Veins]: Great Primordial Origin Veins

[Physique]: Primordial Saint Origin Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: Primordial Universal Scripture

[Martial Arts]: World's Fist, Divine Smoke Light Steps

[Occupations]: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Formation Master

[SP]: 1 000 000


Looking at the status screen, Yuan Tianzhu mainly wanted to know about his Race, the Spiritual Veins and the Physique, he already knew that he would not be a human, because he was the one who wished, but he wanted to know how this race would affect his cultivation.

he clicked on race, spiritual veins and physique to get detailed information since in the system there always such function.


[Primordial Origin Being]: Primordial Orign Being are the origin of the universe, it can be said that are born after the universe or even before the universe. They are extremely talented in everything they do.

[Great Primordial Origin Veins]: A Universe Rank Spiritual Veins, allows the host to circulate the Primordial Energy in his meridians without suffering from Qi deviation. A perfect Spiritual Veins for cultivation.

[Primordial Saint Origin Body]: a special body perfectly para Primordial Origin Beings, allows the use the Primordial Energy and and support the strain of that the Primordial Energy causes. Increases cultivation speed 10x.


Looking at the descriptions he was dumbfounded and excited at the same time, it looks like cultivating will be easy for him.

"What is these Dao Rank and Spirit rank? is this a classification? And what is a Spiritual Veins?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu curiously.

["In this world cultivation techniques, martial arts, weapon, spiritual veins, treasures, medicinal herbs are classified in rank ranging from lowest to highest. From lowest to highest rank they are divided into: Mortal, Human, Magic, Misterious, Spirit and each them is divided into 8 sub-ranks: Low, Middle, High, Superior, Ultimate, King, Emperor and Supreme. Spiritual Veins are organs within the body that allow the person to absorb spiritual energy, and cultivate. The higher the quality of the vein, the easier and faster the cultivation is. Further than these ranks the host cannot know because of insufficient strength."] The system said in its usual mechanical and cold voice.

Yuan Tianzhu was surprised by the system reply, that means that these are not just all the ranks in the world it can be possible that there are even more powerfull these ranks. Then what's the Rank of his techniques and Spiritual Veins? Well only the time will be able to answer that question.

He just sighed, and stopped to think of these things now as he doesn't even have any strength. Recalling that he has not yet used the Legendary and Mythical Summon Ticket he became excited and wanted to use them right away.

He managed to calm his urges and said calmly excited: "System use the Legendary and Mythical Summon Ticket !!"

Ding!!*["Is the host sure to use both summon tickets?"]

"Yes!!" Shouted Yuan Tianzhu excitedly and with anticipation on what he'll summon.

Ding!!*["Using Legendary and Mythical Ticket!"]

As he heard the system cold voice, suddenly a white fog surrounded the part of the forest where he was. After a while, the fog disappeared a shadow of two women could be seen. The first woman looked about 16 to 17 years old, she had a scarlet hair which reached at the end of her back, she had golden eyes with vertically slitted pupils, this coupled with her being completely naked in front of him which revealed her big breast which in no way can be considered average, made Yuan Tianzhu completly stunned as his face turned red like a tomato, it was reasonable as he had never seen a naked woman for a virgin it was a normal reaction.

The other woman had a long, slightly wavy black hair, tied into a two side-up-ponytail with two black colored ribbons, giving her a sought of elegance and proud vibe, her aqua blue eyes seemed serene as the ocean, she wore a red colored turtleneck, a black colored skirt, and a knee-high black stokings that covered her beautiful like jade legs.

"Ow! what the hell? Where the hell am I?" The voice of two women could be heard, as the two expressed confusion.

The two looked at themselves, they looked at each other for a while, when the red haired girl broke the silence asking: "Who are you human? And where I'm?"

The black haired girl look at her and noticed that she was naked, she became bright red and said in a shaky voice, "W-Who are you? And w-why are you naked?"

The red haired girl ignored her, 'Uhm, looks she also don't know where are, then he must know where we are.' Thought the red haired girl as she spoted Yuan Tianzhu who was also looking at them especially her as she was naked and that was a pure temptation to virgin like Yuan Tianzhu.

The black haired girl looked at where the red haired girl was looking, her eyes widened in surprise when she spoted the extremly handsome Yuan Tianzhu, her mouth opened, but before she could said anything Yuan Tianzhu spoke.

"Before you say anything about how you got here, or just why you are brought here, know this!.."

The two girls stared at him silently, even as he paused for a moment to take a breath.

"You two have the most beautiful pair of legs I ever seen."

It didn't even passes a moment, when the latter felt a hot sensation in the left side of his face.

"I-I'm sorry alright, I subconsciously said what was in my mind." Cried loud Yuan Tianzhu with a red face from shame, even he didn't believe in what he said to people that he just meet, he wanted to understand why he said that but the pain in his cheek prevented him to think properly.

The black haired girl just give him a smile that definitely wasn't a "smile", the sounds of knucles cracking could be heard as she smiled. While the red haired girl just ignored his early comment as she watched them with a amused expression.

Yuan Tianzhu comment despiste its suddeness and being inappropriate caused the black haired girl standing in his front to blush, and automatically swinging her hand towards his face.

"What kind of pevert sudden comments about women's bodies the moment they meet?"

"It's not entirely my faut, it's in human nature to admire beautiful things. The beauty of a flower is ephemeral, while the beauty of a landscape is eternal. Much like the flower and landscape, you also evoke beauty as well... well you certainly evoke something within-"

He didn't even finished to talk, as he doged another slap. From the speed and generated from it, he could tell that its was reinforced with a misterious energy.

"I'll just kill you!" Said the black haired girl with a red face.

Even though he wasn't a Magus or a Cultivator, he knew that she was way stronger than him, if he received a full slap from her he could possibly die in a instant.

He held up his hands, holding them in front of him and said: "H-Hold on there for just a second... I've summoned you here to this world, so the relationship between us would go further than just strangers. If you actually Kill me here, then I don't know what will happen to you once I die."

The black haired girl menacing figure halted mid-step, her eyes narrowed as the redness on her cheeks slowly faded. While the red haired girl widened her eyes in surprise.

"...What you mean, you summoned me here?" The two asked the same question at same time, as they are curious in how? And why? They were summoned here.

Yuan Tianzhu sighed in relief when he saw that she calmed down and said, "I've a system that can summon people from another world to this world and you are the victims of my first summon."

Although he doesn't want to talk about the system, he had, as their are in a situation that require to help each other to survive in this world.

"How is that possible?" Asked the two girls curiously.

Then he started to explain his life and how he found himself like when he died and the same god granted him 3 wishes. Their eyes widened in surprise for knowing that they were really summoned by him in another world that they lived. Even though It was difficult to believe, they had to do, as they are already here is a proof that they are in another world.

"I still can't believe it, this is so unbelievable." Said the black haired girl as she sighed helpless, even if she didn't want to believe she had to she as she is the living proof that what he said was true.

"That alone explains why the world or people are not so rejecting me because I am so strong, it is because I am in another world that I can take my level of power." Said the red haired girl as she reached a conclusion to why she didn't fell rejected.

Yuan Tianzhu was surprised, he already has his supect who she was but he didn't have a concrete proof, but now he had.

"While I don't intend of especifically summon you, you have been pulled from yours original world and summoned here to this world."

"Then, can I go back to my original world?" Asked the black haired girl, as her aqua blue eyes stared at him with a hint of hope.

"I'm sorry, for time being... no, I don't believe I can." Said Yuan Tianzhu with a apologetic face.

"I really don't want to go back, since in my world my actions were restricted, as long as you don't restrict my actions, I can be with you." Said the red haired with a charming smile on her face, that even gods can be enchanted.

Yuan Tianzhu was shocked by her sudden smile, his face became red from embarrassment, he couldn't help thinking that her smile was extremely beautiful as an angel.

"I...Understand the situation." Said the black haired girl, pulling Yuan Tianzhu out of his stupor.

She sighed, her shoulders slumped slightly, obviously indicating that she had accepted the situation, for now at least.

"This... is difficult for you, to be ripped from your normal life and forced into strange new world.."

"But even though this world can be seen calm, but is not as this is a cultivation and magic world where cultivators cultivate to gain immortality and magus train to their magic to attain the supreme magic." Said Yuan Tianzhu nonchalantly, even though this world is dangerous, you just have to be strong and the strong are naturally revered and feared.

They looked surprised at his words, they never thought that one day they would be summoned into a cultivation and magic world, and enthusiasm could be seen in theirs eyes.

"Then, can we also cultivate?" Asked the red haired girl, while the black haired girl didn't say anything and just keep looking at him, it was obvious that she also wanted to know.

"Wait I don't know, but let me check." Said Yuan Tianzhu, as asked the system in his mind.'System can they also cultivate?'

["Yes they can cultivate host, when I summoned them here their bodies were reconstructed according to the system of this world, they also have top-grade spiritual veins capable of absorbing the energy of Heaven and Earth, Qi. And also the host can view their status screen to know their basic information."]

Hearing that Yuan Tianzhu was surprised, he hadn't thought about it before, now he can see how reliable the system is. 'System show me their status.'

Ding!!*[Affirmative, showing status ...]

A holografic screen appeared above the two girls, as they basic information was visible to him.


[Name]: Tohsaka Rin

[Age]: 16

[Race]: Human

[Cultivation]: None

[Body Cultivation]: None

[Soul Cultivation]: None

[Mana Cultivation]: ( Suppressed - Low Magus Monarch Stage) - Sensing Level Magus Aprentice

[Talent]: 9th-Grade Immortal Rank

[Spiritual Veins]: Five Chaotic Elements Veins

[Spiritual Physique]: Five Elements Law Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: None

[Martial Arts]: None

[Skills]: Gandr, Jewel Magecraft, Air Grenade, Ice Grenade, Stun Grenade, Crushing Fist, Masterful Four Beast, Cutting Seven Colours, Jeweled Sword of Zltretch



[Name]: Great Red

[Age]: 17

[Race]: Dragon

[Cultivation]: None

[Body Cultivation]: (Suppressed- Ultimate Paragon Stage) - Sensing

Magus Aprentice Stage

[Soul Cultivation]: None

[Mana Cultivation]: (Suppressed- Ultimate Paragon Stage) - Sensing

Magus Aprentice Stage

[Talent]: Supreme-Grade Dao Rank

[Spiritual Veins]: True Ancestral Dragon Veins

[Spiritual Physique]: True Dragon God Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: None

[Martial Arts]: None

[Skills]: Immense Strength, Immense Durability, Body Creation, Flight, Dragon Form

[Titles]: Apocalypse Dragon, True Red Dragon God Emperor, True Dragon, Dragon of Dragons


Tianzhu was surprised to see their names, he already knew that the black haired girl was Tohsaka Rin was, but he never thought that the red haired girl was the Great Red, looks like his luck is gigantic. But what surprised him the most was these unknow rank of cultivation, spiritual veins and talent he didn't know any of them, even if he wanted to ask the system he chose to shut up because he doesn't have enough strength to know.

'System why their strenght is being suppressed?' Asked Yuan Tianzhu in his mind curiously.

[Rin's strenght is being suppressed by the system because the summons can't be more stronger than the host by 3 majors cultivation stages, and Great Red's strenght is also being suppressed because the summons can't be more stronger than the host by 3 majors cultivation stages and also because her strength has already passed the limit of the Mortal Realm and can influence the Heavenly Dao Laws, just so as not to cause much disturbance on the Mortal Realm the system chose to suppress her strength."]

Yuan Tianzhu was chocked, he never thought that the strength of the Great Red even in a another world will be so powerful that even can influence the Heavenly Dao Laws in the Mortal Realm. Wait what's a Mortal Realm? Well even if he ask the system will not answer.

"System what's a Heavenly Dao Law?" Even though he knew the answer he couldn't help but ask to satisfy his curiosity.

["The host, can interpret them as the laws that make the Mortal Realm and the Rank Strenght Balanced.] The system said in its usual cold voice.

Yuan Tianzhu was surprised that The system answered, he didn't think that the system would answer his question, he shrugged his shoulders and Asked. 'System how can I release their suppressed cultivation?'

["The host can release their cultivation, when the host advances five minors stages in

cultivation it will naturally unblock 3 minors stages of their cultivation."] The system said in a calm tone as he explained the information towards his host.

Hearing what the system said, Yuan Tianzhu sighed in relief, even though he didn't know their current Mana or Body Cultivation Realm, he still know that their are strong if not how can the Great Red influence the Heavenly Dao Laws.

"What are you thinking for?"

Two heavenly voices pulled him out of his stupor, as he looked ahead, he came across two heavenly beauties that are looking at him strangely. He coughed awkawardly and said: "I just talk to the system and he said that you can cultivate yourself as he modified your bodies according to this world system, by the ranks of yours Spiritual Veins Rank you can call yourselfs genius."

When they heard him talk about the system, their faces expressed surprise, but it didn't last long, as he already told them about his somewhat unbelievable adventures. But what surprised them a lot was that the system modified their bodies according to this world system, that is, they can cultivate and are geniuses.

"Since it's confirmed that you can cultivate, you'll need a cultivation technique to cultivate, a high rank will be better as your foundation will be perfectely steady." Said Yuan Tianzhu, as he looked around the system store.

They just nodded their heads, althought not really understanding what he's saying or doing, they chose to ask later.

Looking at the options in the system store, he didn't know what type of cultivation technique is more suitable for them, so he decided to ask the system. "System can you help me chose a suitable cultivation technique for them?".

Ding!!*["Affirmative...Searching suitables cultivation techniques...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.]

Ding!!*["Found suitables cultivation techniques...showing suitables cultivation techniques:

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[Primordial Dragon Nine Divine Transformations]: a Dao Rank cultivation technique, cultivating this technique will purify the lineage of a dragon and reach the level of a Primordial Dragon. It is divided into 9 parts, the first 3 levels are the foundation, the next 3 levels are the body transformation and soul transformation and the last 3 levels is Primordial Dragon. - 50 000 SP

[Five Elements Subuiding Laws]: a Dao Rank cultivation technique, it can only be cultivated by someone possessing the Five Elements Law Body, cultivating this technique one can control the five elements perfectly and cultivating to perfection one can mix the five elements creating the Chaos Qi. - 50 000 SP


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