1 Killed by Mistake and Reincarnation

In a dark place, a soul can be seen roaming the void, the soul seemed confused, why is he here? And where he is? asking himself, he couldn't find any answer even after forcing his brain to the maximum. The soul name was Georges Richard, a random orphan and cultivation novels lover, doing something that a novels lover would do. He still remembered that yesterday he was fiddling with his computer, looking for something good to entertain himself and he accidentally dropped his glass of juice on the computer.


The computer made a buzzing sound, as he felt the current of elitricity going through his entire body, he thought he was going to die but he didn't want to, he had several things he still wanted to do in this world like getting a girlfriend and living happily. He saw his whole life passing through his eyes, after two to ten minutes he realized that death was not coming, astonished he opened his eyes slowly afraid it was a dream. Standing up he noticed that his body was full of minor but not so severe burns.

He had thought it would kill him, but seems that it was not enough, once he got up he took a proper ointment for burns in his dresser drawer, applying the ointment he felt a slight pain but he ignored and continued applying the ointment.


Hearing the rumble of his stomach, he hurried to apply the ointment, once he had finished applying the ointment. He walked towards the kitchen, when he arrived he started to smell of gas that was getting stronger when approaching.

Opening the kitchen door, an explosion greeted him, he didn't even have a chance to ask himself why and how the kitchen had exploded, everything started to get dark and cold as his vision blacked out.

But he didn't even know that he had left the gas cylinder turned on, as the gas possibly came into contact with something flammable. But who still uses a gas stove today? Even if you use it, how can you be so stupid as to forget to turn off the stove? Well, back to the MC.

Georges remembering what happened in his house, he was ashamed just by thinking about it, he now just wanted to find a hole and hide in it. Suddenly a light appeared out of nowhere and illuminated the void, it was as if the void was afraid to come into contact with the light, when the light disappeared a old man with white hair and a majestic white beard could be seen, he had a guilty face. The old man looked at the soul and said in a apologetic tone, "I'm so sorry, I killed you by mistake!"

Georges was astonished by this turn of events, but that astonishment became fury at having been mistakenly killed by the old man, and spoke furiously. "How did you accidentally kill me?! And why am I here in this void if I'm already dead?!"

The old man stood still for a moment, as the soul asked so many questions at once only he could not answer them, the old man calmed down and said in a gentel tone, "It was not your time to die, you should die in the the next day by heart attack at 6h, but because I was arranging the cycle of reincarnation, I ended up speeding up the day of your death by an day."

Georges was stunned, as the cause of his death was because this old man was arranging the cycle of reincarnation and ended up him dying a day before his actual death. As he only had a few hours to live, it didn't matter if he lived. The soul went into depression upon learning the truth about his death.

The old man looked at him and sighed, "Even though I killed you by mistake, I will grant you a chance to live again in another world that I've created recently."

Georges hearing this, began to appear vigorous again, full of energy he asked a bunch of questions excitedly, "What reincarnation? like these in the novels? will I have a system?"

The old man just chuckled at his enthusiasm, and he spoke in a relaxed tone, "I will reincarnate you in world that I recently created, its a magic and cultivation world where you can cultivate to gain immortality and attain the supreme magic."

Georges was astonished again as he never heard about a magic and cultivation world in the novels he had read and asked curiously, "Why is a Magic and cultivation world?"

The old man looked amused, stroked his giant and majestic beard and said calmly, "Because I was bored."

"Since it's a magic and cultivation world there are elves, dwarfs, demons and dragons?" Asked Georges excitedly, as he stared at the old man hoping a good anwser.

The old man looked at the Georges as if it were an idiot, it is not obvious that a world of magic and cultivation will have elves, dwarves and other races from a world of magical swords?

The soul ignored the old man's strange look and looked at the old man with fierce eyes, as if he he would not stop until he heard an pleasant response.

The old man just sighed and said in a helpless tone, "Yes, there are elves, dwarves, dragons, demons and other races, but the elves are the weakest race, as they have offended a powerhouse and this powerhouse has cursed them, the curse is that they descendants will never be able to go through a certain realm of cultivation and will never be able to move forward."

"What?" Georges was surprised, as the elves are a pretty strong race in the magic-sword worlds was actually the weakest in the world that this old man created.

"That is just in the past, now I will grant your wishes so that you can live your new life."

Said the old man calmly.

"What you want ??" On second thought, Georges thought it was fair, as the old man hastened his death so it was his reward.

"Well, can you state your wishes?!."

Said the old man impatiently.

Georges was not offended by the old man's haste, so he started thinking about his wishes, as it was reincarnation of course he will choose a system that will help him in the new world.

"My first wish is to have a system." Said Georges excitedly, as its astral form shone brilliantly, as if it were a way of expressing its enthusiasm.

"Uhmm, easy wish, can be granted."

Said the old man in a relaxed tone.

Georges looked at he old man granting his first wish with facility and didn't even bait an eye. "My second wish is that my system can summon fictional characters in the novels, animes, manga and others."

"Hehehe, interesting wish, but the summons that have a correspondent level of power, will have their powers selead, and the form to break the seal the system will inform you when you arrive in the other world." The old man was amused by his wish, its a creative wish as when he reaches the other worls he will not have strong like powers to face something more powerful than him.

The old man looked surprised at the soul even though he looked stupid he was smart enough to defend himself in that world.

"My third wish is to be a primordial being." Georges said shamelessly, as he have a small definition of Primordial Being, also will help him in his cultivation.

The old looked incredibly surprised, but his surprise turned into fury, this shameless soul had the courage to ask him to be a Primordial Being, did he even know what he's asking? he calmed himself and sighed even though he wanted to refuse his wish, he knew it if he refuses after killing him where he will put his old face? so he just wanted to grant his wish and send him out of here. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Georges responded without hesitation and didn't want to change his wish.

The old man sighed helpless. "Wish granted."

"My fourth wish is..." Georges didn't even finished to talk as the old man didn't let him finish. A bright light surrounded him as he disappeared from the void.

'Tsk, such shameless and greedy soul, I've already given you a powerfull system that summon fictional characters and granted your ridiculous wish of being a Primordial Being, now you wanted a another wish! Humans are really despicable and greedy.' Thought the old man furious with that greedy soul and his ridiculous wishes.


Magic Saint World, Tianwu Continent, Secular World, Soul Devouring Forest.

The Magic Saint World is a realm where the strong were respected. The Soul Devouring Forest was one of most dangerous places that one could venture inside. After all, as One of the Five Forbidden Lands, the Soul Devouring Forest was a place if you die, not even your soul will be spared. There is a rumor that in Soul Devouring Forest there is a spirit beast at the Legendary Magic Great-Master Realm, due this the number of people who dared to venture inside it were very few in number.

Inside of the forest, a ball of light could be seen on the ground, no one could tell what the ball of light is. Suddenly the ball of light moved, moving from left to right as if he was inspecting where he was. This ball of light is clearly our MC Georges Richard.

"Where the fuck I'am?" Glancing around his surroundings, he couldn't help but curse out loud as his eyes wandered throughout the gloomy like forest full of gigantic trees.

"This, why I can't feel my body?" Understanding came to his mind, as he didn't feel his body, frightened he started to look at himself, he was surprised to see himself again in his astral form. He began to suspect that the old man had set him up.

But just as Georges thought that the old man had set him up, he heard a mechanical and cold voice in his head pulling him out of his stupor.

Ding!!*["System initialization...."]

Ding!!*["System successfully bound to host's soul."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host for successfully bound the host's soul with the system, this system was created by God to assist the host in journey towards the peak.]

Ding!!*["The system was 7 functions named:

[Status]: The host can see his information and also see information about his enemies as long as the target's cultivation is no greater than that of the host.

[Shop]: With it the host can buy Medicine Pills, Equipment, Techniques, Pets, and "Special Goods". In the Store you can only buy with Points, the host can gain points by killing certain enemies, demonic beast.

[Inventory]: The host can store whatever he wants excepts for living things.

[Recycling]: With it the host can exchange Equipment, Techniques, etc. for Points and Money.

[Lottery]: The host can obtain tries by breaking through 4 cultivation major stages, the lottery draws are divided in 4 levels: Ordinary ticket, special ticket, super ticket and legendary ticket. In it, there is rewards like bloodlines, rares cultivation methods, martial arts, Exp, weapons and artifacts.

[Summon Lottery]: The host can acquire tries by breaking through 5 cultivation major stages, the lottery draws are divided in 5 levels: Ordinary ticket, special ticket, super ticket, legendary ticket and mythical ticket.

[War pet]: In it the host can store Pets."]

Georges had a dumbfounded expression, wait can he even express himself? Well that doesn't matter, now he can ask the system about his peculiar situation.

"System, why am I still in this form?" Georges asked a little furious, with his wish he should have a body, how came he still in his astral form?

["Host you are really stupid, as a Primordial Being how can you have a definitely form?, if you want to have a body why just not imagine?"] The system said in coldly and with a with a hint of surprise that his first and last host chose to be a Primordial Being but he didn't even know such a simple thing.

Georges looked surprised, he didn't really think about that as he didn't had much time to. "So I just have to imagine my body?" Asked Georges, surprised that he can just have a body if he imagines.

["Yes, host"]

The system's replie was short, but he could feel that it was a little upset. He sighed and continued to imagine his new body, when he finished a bright white light surrounded his entire astral form. He really felt good, it was like he was bathing in a heavenly pool.

When the light diminished, a handsome young man that looked about 15 or 16 years old could be seen, he wore a black and white robes with black coloured dragon's scales drawn at the end of their sleeves, he had a long white silk hair tied in a pony tail with a few strands of hair on both sides of his face, his red blooded eyes shined brightly in the gloomy forest, he had sword-shapped eyebrows that complemented his extremly handsome face.

Georges looked at his new body, and thought that since he has a new life and a new body, he also needed a new name, he stood for a while thinking and said: "System can you register my new name as Yuan Tianzhu?"

Ding!!*["Registering "Yuan Tianzhu" as the host's new name, 10%..30%..50%..80%..100%"]

Ding!!*["Name has been successfully registered!"]

Georges or now Yuan Tianzhu choosed this name because It's has a domineering meaning, with "Yuan" meaning "Primordial" and "Tianzhu" meaning "Heavenly Master" or "Lord of Heaven".


As he said that a transparent holografic screen appeared in his front like in RPG games but a little modificated.

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[Host]:Yuan Tianzhu

[XP]: 0

[Race]: Primordial Origin Being

[Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/300 )(+)

[Body Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/600)(+)

[Soul Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/500)(+)

[Mana Cultivation] None (XP: 0/ 400)(+)

[Talent]: ♾

[Spiritual Veins]: Great Primordial Origin Veins

[Spiritual Physique]: Primordial Saint Origin Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: None

[Martial Arts]: None

[Ocupations]: None

[SP]: 0


Ding!!*["Host currently has one item stored in his inventory: Newbie Gift."]

Nodding Yuan Tianzhu was overall very satisfied with the system that god created. He was now ready to start cultivating, but first he wanted to open to see what was inside the Newbie Pack, hoped to receive some powerfull cultivation methods or martial arts that could help him get started in his cultivation path.

"Open the Newbie Gift!"

Instantly, the page in his vision transformed into a golden box. The box opened as a several beams of light streamd out before fading abat.

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining 1.000.000 System Points."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Magic Body Tempering Dan (10x)."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Cultivation Method, Primordial Universal Scripture."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Martial Art, World Fist."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Heaven Devouring Sword."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining the Martial Art, Divine Smoke Light Steps."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Ordinary Lottery Ticket."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Special Lottery Ticket."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Super Lottery Ticket."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Legendary Summon Ticket."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for obtaining an Mythical Summon Ticket."]

Seeing that he received a cultivation technique, a sword, 2 martial art, 3 lottery tickects and 2 summon tickets, Yuan Tianzhu decided only the lottery tickets right away.

"Use all the lottery tickets"

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for gaining an Alchemist Ocupation."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for gaining an Blacksmith Ocupation."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for gaining an Formation Ocupation."]

"System gives me the details of everything I won."


[Magic Body Tempering Dan]: a Top Spirit Rank pill with Pill Veins, each of the pill will provide the user with a great deal of energy, which is then used with the proper foundational techniques to strengthen it, and develop strands of qi and blood.

[Primordial Universal Scripture]: a Dao Rank Cultivation Technique created by God only for a Primordial Origin Being, using Primordial Energy to cultivate Qi, Mana and Mental Energy. This tecnique has 3 parts corresponding to Qi, Mana and Mental Energy, cultivating this method the host will always be stronger than everyone in the same realm.

[World's Fist]: a rankless technique, increase the host's realm by 3 Sub-Stages for 10 minutes. The time will increase as the host grow stronger.

[Heaven Devouring Sword]: a Dao Rank Sword capable of destroying the heavens. This sword ignores the ranks of cultivation of enemies as long the host has enough energy.

[Divine Smoke Light Steps]: an High Spirit Grade Martial Art, uses Qi to turn your body into smoke, making you invulnerable to physical attacks.

[Alchemist]: a Low Tier 1 Alchemist Aprentice (XP: 0/500). A special ocupation, can permit the host refine pills. The success rate is based on the level of alchemy and the amount experience that the host has in this field. The higher the level, the greater the success rate and the higher the refined pill level. In the currently level allows the host to refine a Low Mortal Rank Pill

[Blasksmith]: a Low Tier 1 Blacksmith Aprentice (XP: 0/500). A special ocupation, can permit the host forge. The success rate is based on the level of forging and the amount experience that the host has in this field. The higher the level, the greater the success rate and the higher the forged weapon level. In the currently level allows the host to forge a Low Mortal Rank Spirit Weapon.

[Formation]: a Low Tier 1 Formation Aprentice (XP: 0/500). A special ocupation, permit the host arrange formations. The success rate is based on the level and the amount experience that the host has in this field. The higher the level, the greater the success rate and the higher the formation level. In the currently level allows players to arranging a Low-Grade Mortal Rank Formation.


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