6 Fithing the Black Flame Phantom Wolf

Looking at them, he knew that since they are here, it means that they have defeated the spirit beast.

"How was it?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu, he couldn't help being curious about their strength, he wanted to know everything about them, it will be important in the future for them to know each other, their strength, weakness, likes, habits and dislikes.

"It was very boring! Even though it put a little bit of struggle, but it was a little weaker to give us a challenge." Rin said indifferently as she looked down at the spirit beast she fought against.

"Although the ugly frog didn't fight much, it was a great experience for me to fight in my human form." Said Long Mengyue, as she looked at Yuan Tianzhu with a smile on her face.

"Speaking of human form, can you transform yourself into your original form?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu curiously.

Rin didn't say anything, but her expression already said that she was curious as to whether her sister could transform into her original form.

Long Mengyue looked at him and her sister as if they were idiots, and said: "Of course I cannot, because my powers are being sealed, I cannot transform myself into my original form."

Yuan Tianzhu and Rin nodded their heads in comprehension, it is logical because her powers are being sealed by the system and the system would not allow her to being in strongest form that is her dragon form.

"Do you want to continue hunting some spiritual beasts?" Suddenly asked Yuan Tianzhu, as he was feeling a little bored he wanted to relieve his boredom by fighting some strong spiritual beasts.

"Nah, I'd like to pass I want to return in a dimensional house and continue cultivating." Said Long Mengyue with a bored face, she wanted became strong as fast as possible but she has to pay attention to her foundation, as Yuan Tianzhu said that it was important to have a steady foundation but when she saw that Yuan Tianzhu was already at the peak of Magic Refinement Stage, she became more motivated and didn't want to be left behind, so she also wanted reache the peak of Magic Refinement Stage.

"I want to cultivate in the dimensional house." Rin shocked her head as she said disinterestedly.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at the two and sighed, they are really putting effort in their cultivation, but they can't ignore their fighting skills, after all, they are the second most important thing for a cultivator after increasing the cultivation base. As a expert without enough death and fighting experience it is just a expert that grew up in like a flower in a greenhouse and had no right to call itself experts.

"Well since you don't want to continue hunting few weak spirit beast for experience I'll not force you, here these pills with them you will reach the peak of Magic Refinement Stage easily."

As he said that ten red pills with slightly golden veins in it appeared out of nowhere, he picked them up and handed them to the two girls.

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If the alchemist of all Tianwu Continent saw this pill, they would certainly exclaim "A Top Spirit Rank Pill with Pill Veins!!". These are an extremely rare type of pill and when we are talking about rare, its like a Phoenix Feather and a Quilin Horn. As a Pill Veins are meridian like markings found on the surface of these pills. With Pill Veins a pill efficacy and potency would be preserved in an indefinitely time.

Alchemist are divided into 10 tiers with Tier 1 Being the lowest and Tier 10 the highest with each tier being divided into: Low, Middle, High, Peak. And Pills divided into: Mortal, Human, Magic, Misterious and Spirit, also that each are divided into: Low, Middle, High and Top, all others ranks are divided into: Low, Mid, High Grades. But an alchemist who can refine a pill with Pill Veins were much rarer than a pill with Pill Veins, as they would certainly be a person with high status wherever they go. Alchemists with this type of level were more frequent in Ancient Times where the world was at its peak.

The girls looked at the pills in their hands with evident shock on their faces, looking at him with a soft smile they said at the same time, "Thank you!"

Yuan Tianzhu just nodded in response. He went towards them and took their soft hands and said, "Dimensional House!"

As Yuan Tianzhu said the magic words, he and the girls disappeared from the cave appearing in a usual white room with modern furniture.

When the girls saw that they were already in the dimensional house, they immediately ran towards the cultivation chambers, saying nothing to Yuan Tianzhu, who looked like a statue with a speechlessly expression seeing their reaction.

Seeing that they are already gone, he sighed helplessly. It's not like the pills or the cultivation chambers would ran away from them, so why they run so quickly like they lives are depending on it?

"Dimensional House!"


Yuan Tianzhu immediately appeared again in the forest, looking at his surroundings he sighed and started walking with no sense of direction.

He was looking for a spirit beast to fight, as he had a lot of information in his mind, but he had no experience.

Over these past few days, several spirit beasts have already met their maker at Yuan Tianzhu's hands providing him 5 500 XP and 3 500 SP. Furthermore, after overcoming his nausea in the initial fights, Yuan Tianzhu was now used to killing these spirit beasts.

(Author's notes: I forgot to put the rank of spirit beast, the rank of spirit beast are completely different as they are divided into 10 Rank each them is divided into: Low, Middle and Upper, taking out the Upper Rank the orthers are divided into two stars that are equivalent to middle, late or half-perfection and perfection stages. For exemple a One Star Middle-Rank 1 is equivalent to a Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage human cultivator.)


Suddenely Yuan Tianzhu heard a majestic roar, he suddenely froze, a split second later, he jumped off the tree and shot off like an arrow. However, he stopped while looking at the black abyss like a spirit beast from a certain distance.

The spirit beast entire bodies was pitch-black and its fur looked like as if they were in black flames that completely covered every bit of his body. It clear red eyes looked at him akin to mortal enemies. But Yuan Tianzhu didn't know that spirit beast are very territorial if another beast or cultivator entered in their territory, they would definitely be slaughtered alive without any bones.

The black wolf looked at him in disdain as it sensed his measly 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage, it didn't wait for anything and swiftly pounced at him, raisinh his paw and lauching at him furiously.


Yuan Tianzhu was shocked, he did not expect that spirit beast to attack him the moment it saw him and the look of disdain disgarding his cultivation stage as if it was not worth being cautious. But he immediately came out of his stupor, gracefully dodging the black wolf's attack. He calmed down his nerves, as window status of the spirit beast appeared before him.


[Name]: Black Flame Phantom Wolf

[Type]: Spirit Beast

[Rank]: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Rank 1 (equivalent to Great-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage human cultivator)

[Element]: Shadow, Fire

[Description]: a hybrid formed by the acalasament between a Fire wolf and a Imperial Shadow Wolf, gaining the fire and shadow element, its weakness is the light and water element..


The Black Flame Phantom Wolf looked at him in surprise, it never expected that a weak 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage would swiftly dodge his attack. Even if it was not a serious attack but still a 7 Stars Rank 1 Spirit Beast's attack not any beast you find out there. The Black Flame Phantom Wolf roared furiously a weakling human cultivator actually dodged its attack, it was a blow to its pride as a 7 Stars Rank 1 Spirit Beast.

Its body went black and light as water and started to melt, leaving only a black substance on the ground. When the black substance was completely glued to the ground, it began to move quickly towards his direction.


Its body started to become a little transparent and finally becoming completely transparent as it disappeared and appeared behind him. The same black substance appeared behind him and it started taking shape of a giant black wolf, it didn't wait for him to react and sinisterly attacked with his mouth trying to tear him into two pieces at once.

Yuan Tianzhu had already felt something behind him, so he quickly disappeared like a current of electricity passing through the cables and appearing three meters away from the giant black wolf.

His body started to turn transparent black smoke, once the smoke from his body became completely black, he disappeared from his actual place and quietly appeared behind the spirit beast.

This technique is the martial art that he gained from the Newbie Gift, since as it is a martial art learned by the system he will immediately reach the Entry Stage of Mastery. Speaking of mastery, in this world the mastery of martial arts are divided into: Entry, Intermediate, Superior, Small-Success, Great-Success, Quasi-Perfection, Perfection and Return to Nature Stage.


As his body turned into a black smoke, his speed spontaneously increased, reaching the Black Flame Phantom Wolf, clenching his fist he swiftly launched towards the Black Flame Phantom Wolf.


The Black Flame Phantom Wolf didn't even saw when he made his move as his head exploded and everything started to get dark and cold as its vision blacked out. Did I died? But how did I even died? Did that weakling human killed me? If so when did he made his move? The Black Flame Phantom Wolf started asking himself when he reached the conclusion that he was killed by the human that he considered weak. He feel extremely unwillingly and regretful, regretful that he provoked a demon even with many other weak monsters out there, but how he could know that his prey was extremely strong for him deal with?

If Yuan Tianzhu knew what the Black Flame Phantom Wolf was thinking of his last breath, he would certainly curse his family for nine generations.

It started raining red blood in the part of the forest where Yuan Tianzhu was, but the cold and mechanical voice of the system pulled him out of his stupor.

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing the 7 Stars Rank 1 Spirit Beast 'Black Flame Phantom Wolf' and gaining: 5 500 XP and 3 500 SP."]

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