5 First Kill and Main Quest?!!

Feeling refreshed after washing himself, he walked out of the cultivation chamber. Entering the living room he met the two heavenly beauties Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, he stared at them for a while and asked, "How was yours time cultivating in the cultivations chambers?"

"It was really fantastic, I think I'm getting addicted to cultivating, removing the impurities part, but I reached the 7th layer of Magic Refinement Stage." Said Tohsaka Rin full of energy, she was really getting addicted on cultivation, it was a new experience for her as a Magus.

"I have reached the 8th Layer of the Magic Refinement Stage, and I also feel that part of my strength has been unlocked." Long Mengyue said with a little fear, if her strength its releasing itself doesn't that mean she will be rejected by the world again? She didn't want to, she was happy to have people to talk, laugh with, be ashamed of. She now has a shy and proud little sister and a somewhat perverted and friendly mate, as she was always alone in the dimensional crack apart from the times that a certain Black Dragon appeared but the latter did not want to talk to her and was always wanting her to get out of the dimensional crack that he claimed to be his home, even though she only met them in two days she was happy just to be with them and never wanted to part with them.

"Don't worry about that, it was just that the system released a portion of yours strenght when I breaked through the 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage and this will always happen every time I advance 5 minors stages in Qi Cultivation." Said Yuan Tianzhu calmly when he saw tha Long Mengyue was a little nervous and afraid, so he thought that she was thinking about her being reject by the Heavenly Dao Laws of the Mortal Realm if her strenght is completely unlocked.

"Yes don't worry about that Sister Yue, now we focus on getting stronger than we are." Said Rin excitedly as she comforted her sister.

"Thank You."

This is all she could say in this moment. Yes in this exactely moment they have to focus on increasing their strenght, even if their are stronger than normal mortals in face of real powerhouse they will be nothing more than mortals struggling for their measly lives.

"Um, why don't we go hunt some spiritual beasts to gain experience in fighting." Yuan Tianzhu suggested surprising Long Mengyue and Rin, they certainly got strong but don't know the limits of their strength, so his suggestion was really good.

"Then let's go!"

As they were getting ready to start walking, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin walked towards him and hugged each of his arms. At first they were embarrassed to make such intimate gestures, but they became more relaxed when they looked at him, who was practically paralyzed with a red face, because he could feel their twins peak hugging his two arms, he became redder that it was only missing steam coming out of his head.

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin just laughed at his reaction in return, as they thought simultaneously, 'Kyaaaa!! how can he be so cute!'

Yuan Tianzhu coughed awkwardly and said, "Dimensional House!"


Three heavenly figures could be seen in a dark cave, as they appeared, they started walking out of the cave immediately in a random direction with hope of meeting a spirit beast to test their fighting power.

Walking through the dark and dark forest for more than ten minutes, they finally managed to find a spirit beast. The latter had a greenish skin, with round and black maracas around its body, it had big yellow eyes with dark horizontal pupils.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at the spirit beast in front of him when a status screen appeared before him.


[Name]: Greenish Poison Fat Toad

[Type]: Spirit Beast

[Rank]: One Star Middle-Rank 1 (equivalent to Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage human cultivator)

[Element]: Poison

[Description]: a greenish gigantic fat toad that lives in the outer part of the Soul Devouring Forest, it has great defense power, a extremly poor attack power and it acts vulnerable to for the prey, lower their vigilance and attack them cruelly and cunningly with an extremely deadly poison.


Yuan Tianzhu looked at the greenish fat toad in surprise, he didn't expect that this spirit beast to hide its cunning and devilish side behind his kind of harmless like spirit beast mask. Althought the status window was small, it contained important information about the spirit beast and he was pleased with it.

"Yue'er and Rin do you want to try defeat him?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu with a little of worry, as it was their first fight it was inevitable that they woul be a little hurt but he chose to trust them and their strenght.

(Author's notes: Althought the veterans amongst you probably know it, for those that happen to not this, putting an <´er > or an <-ge > at the end of someone's name is another way of endearment, while It also indicates a close relationship, usually one between confidants, lovers, couples, or family members)

"Why not, it is also a great oppurtunity to know how strong we are." Said Tohsaka Rin nonchalantly, as she didn't even put the fat toad in her eyes.

"Well then just be careful of his poison and don't understimate your oppenent even if he is weaker than you, you could never knew when they would unleash a powerful surprise attack when you let your guard down." Said Yuan Tianzhu wisely while advising them like a senior cultivator that lived more than two hundred years.


Shouted the two girls, as they aprochead the ugly green fat toad.

Greenish Poison Fat Toad was a savage and cunning creature with a greenish skin hard as steel, a poor strenght attack and extremly cunning, an extremely difficult adversary. Yuan Tianzhu just watched in the sidelines as they aprochead the Greenish Poison Fat Toad.

Seeing them, a murderous intent flashed across the Greenish Poison Fat Toad's eyes. Releasing a low growl, it lept towards Long Mengyue and Rin's direction.

At this sight, Long Mengyue and Rin elegantly retreated without any worries in their eyes, only to see the spirit beast trampling over a tree, which ended up with a corroded mark of a giant paw on.


As Long Mengyue side stepped behind the spirit beast and threw a few blows in succession onto its body. The strength behind her blows sent the spirit beast flying onto its back, however, it did not look like it took any damage, as they strength was equally matched.

"Such a tough skin it's like I'm punching a steel plate…"

At this scene, Long Mengyue froze. She knew that he had underestimated this demoniac beast.


The Spirit Beast Greenish Poison Fat Toad seeing Tohsaka Rin distracted by the fight as he also didn't want to take another punch from Long Mengyue, so he went after who he thought was the weakest of the group. Immediately jumped back on its feet and then leaped into the air as it attempted to stomp on Rin's chest with its thick and corrosive paw.


Long Mengyue seeing the spirit beast attacking Tohsaka Rin because it thought she was the weakest, she immediately sighed and sat down, giving up on going after the spirit beast and watched how the beast unconsciously killed itself.

A strong bad smell that came from the Greenish Poison Fat Toad's paw covered in poison assaulted her senses. Faced with such a ferocious incoming attack, Tohsaka Rin did not dare to take any chances. Instantly, a cloak made from Spiritual Qi covered her to protect herself from the corrosive poison, and four illusory like swords appeared in her hand as she delivered the final strike to counter the creature's attack. This is something that can only be achieved if someone has impeccable control over Spiritual Qi.


Sword and paw collided in mid air. Immediately, a large figure was blown away in opposite directions. As the Greenish Poison Fat Toad crashed onto a tree, fresh blood spilled out from the corner of its mouth as rage boiled in its body.


Tohsaka Rin relaxed as she found that the Greenish Poison Fat Toad she was fighting was actually weaker than herself while being 6 minors stages higer than her, but she was surprised to know that she was on the same level in terms of strength with the spirit beast.

As she relaxed, the Greenish Poison Fat Toad nearby continued to stare at Rin with its big yellow eyes as blood started to came out of its mouth.

However, this was not enough to deter it. With a low growl, it opened its bloody mouth and charged towards Rin.

Sensing the incoming murderous intent, Tohsaka Rin lifted her head calmly. However, in her eyes, the Greenish Poison Fat Toad's movements felt much slower than before as it was injured, allowing her to instantly grasp the attack trajectory of the demoniac beast.

Tohsaka Rin's eyes lit up as she gently stepped to the side and avoided the spirit beast's pounce. Lightly extending her illusory like swords, a weak light flashed as her sword chopped heavily towards the Greenish Poison Fat Toad's head.


A deep and low sound rang out and scalding fresh blood sprayed into the air. Tohsaka Rin's illusory like swords had directly chopped through the Greenish Poison Fat Toad's steel like skin and decapitated it!

The Greenish Poison Fat Toad's body stiffened before it landed on the ground with a thud, fresh blood splattered onto the ground, dyeing it crimson red.


Yuan Tianzhu stopped watching the fight when he felt that there's another spirit beast. The spirit beast had a white fur and red big eyes it give a harmeless like feeling for a spirit beast.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at the spirit beast in front of him when a status screen appeared before him.


[Name]: White Wild Rabbit

[Type]: Spirit Beast

[Rank]: One Star Middle-Rank 1 (equivalent to Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage human cultivator)

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[Element]: Fire

[Description]: a white that lives in the outer part of the Soul Devouring Forest, it the weakest existence in outher forest even though its a Middle-Rank 1 Spirit Beast. It has great defense power, a great speed power and poor attack power and it acts vulnerable to for the prey, lower their vigilance and attack them cruelly and cunningly with an extremely deadly fire.


Seeing the spiritual beast Yuan Tianzhu sighed helplessly, is his luck really that bad? Always meeting cruel and crafty beasts.

As the White Wild Rabbit spotted him, its eyes immediately showed a vigorous red light, droll started to came out of his mouth and started looking at him like he was a delicious dish that just came out of the oven. The White Wild Rabbit didn't even put the 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage of Yuan Tianzhu in his eyes, he as was a One Star Middle-Rank 1 spirit beast that's equivalent to Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage human cultivator. Althought it was the weakest existence in the outer part of the Soul Devouring Forest is still enough to deal with a 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage human cultivator thought the White Wild Rabbit.

The White Wild Rabbit's disdainful look didn't go unnoticed by Yuan Tianzhu, he became slightly irritated as he is a Primordial Origin Being how could he being despised by a One Star Middle-Rank Spirit Beast? and that's the weakest existence in this Soul Devouring Forest. Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable..., he started repeating the same thing in his mind like a MC of a Manga that saw his lover being killed in his front.

The White Wild Rabbit didn't wait for Yuan Tianzhu make his move, and pounced at him quickly like a rat struggling in last breath of life. Immediately approaching in his front and swiftly raising his paw at him with the intention of K.O him only in one hit.

Yuan Tianzhu immediately saw the White Wild Rabbit's attack, but he was seeing the attack in a extremly slow motion like the world stopped for the others but not for him. Watching the slow motion White Wild Rabbit's attack he became bored and wanted to finish this quickly, clenching his fist he swiftly launched towards the White Wild Rabbit.


The White Wild Rabbit didn't even saw when he made his move as his head exploded and everything started to get dark and cold as its vision blacked out. Did I died? But how did I even died? Did that weakling human killed me? If so when did he made his move? The White Wild Rabbit started asking himself when he reached the conclusion that he was killed by the human that he considered weak. He feel extremely unwillingly and regretful, regretful that he provoked a demon even with many other weak monsters out there, but how he could know that his prey was extremely strong for him deal with?

If Yuan Tianzhu knew what the White Wild Rabbit was thinking of his last breath, he would certainly curse his family for nine generations.


It started raining red blood in the part of the forest where Yuan Tianzhu was. When he saw the blooded corpse of the White Wild Rabbit he became with slightly nausea, well it was reasonable ot was his first time taking the life of another living being. Even thought he had the urge to vomit, the cold indifference in his eyes say otherwise, if he was slightly weaker than this spirit beast he would surely be the one lying on the ground without eny signs of life. This is a world where the strong eat the weak and there's no time for showing compassion and empathy to the enemies.

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for his first kill and gaining the 'Misterious Egg'"]

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for killing the One Star Middle-Rank 1 Spirit Beast 'White Wild Rabbit' and gaining: 3 500 XP and 2 500 SP."]

The cold and mechanical voice of the system pulled him out of his stupor, stunning him he never expected to gain something for killing for the first time a spirit beast, but the experience didn't shocked him to much as a system novels lover would know such basic information.


When he said that, a usual transparent holographic screen appeared in front of him.


[Host]:Yuan Tianzhu

[XP]: 3 500

[Race]: Primordial Origin Being

[Cultivation]: 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage (XP: 0/ 3 000)(+)

[Body Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/600)(+)

[Soul Cultivation]: None (XP: 0/500)(+)

[Mana Cultivation] None (XP: 0/ 400)(+)

[Talent]: ♾

[Spiritual Veins]: Great Primordial Origin Veins

[Spiritual Physique]: Primordial Saint Origin Body

[Cultivation Techniques]: Primordial Universal Scripture

[Martial Arts]: World's Fist, Divine Smoke Light Steps

[Occupations]: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Formation Master

[SP]: 852 000


Seeing his status he couldn't help but being satisfied, he became stronger but it was not enough he wanted to become stronger than anyone else, standing at the top of all realms, looking down at immortals, gods, buddhas, demon gods, devils... but to do that he first have to achieve the Magic King Stage and learn the information about the others cultivation stages.

'Just wait I'll definitely stand at the top of the world!'

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for setting a nearly impossible goal and triggering a Main Quest."]

Ding!!*["Showing the 'Main Quest' description...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.

[Difficulty]: Beyond the comprehension.

[Description]: Became stronger than anyone else under the 4 heaven and 4 realms and achieves immortality, divinity, dao and world change.

[Rewards]: Beyond the comprehension.


He became shocked he never thought that just wishing to be stronger than anyone else in the world would trigger a Main Quest. He clenched his fist tightly, since the system already issue the quest, well it not like he could refuse a main quest and why he would reject it a quest that has to do with his strength? He would never do that as the difficulty and the reward were beyond the humans comprehension it clear that would be a extremely good stuff.

"What are you think hard about?"

Yuan Tianzhu heard the heavenly voices pulling him out of his stupor, as he looked at the two heavenly beauties in front of him a smile bloomed in his face. But he became shocked when he saw that what Rin was wearing, she had a black and red robes with red coulered flowers designs in the sleeves and at the end of her robes, althought she didn't change to much but that made her look more beautiful.

"H-How do I look?" Asked Rin stuttering, she feeling extremely embarassed it was her first time doing something like this.

Yuan Tianzhu nodded and said with a smile on his face, "Yes, you look absolutely gorgeous with!"

Rin immediately became flustated as her face started to turn red like Long Mengyue's hair, strangely she was feeling happy with his comment while a beautiful smile bloomed on her face.

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