19 Feelings


That is what remained on the Red Demon Mountain Range, the audience was very shaken and stunned by this turn of events. Looking at the unconscious youngester on the floor everyone was perplexed, Did he get knocked unconscious with just one slap?

They knew the answer well but the surprise of someone not giving a face to one of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword disciples and making him unconscious with a slap in front of an outer Elder of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect, This is clearly not giving face the Royal Purple Sword Sect, the overlord of the Heaven Sword Region? Isn't that seeking death? Course is!

Whoever is stupid enough to offend the overlord of the Heaven Sword Region, that is clearly being tired of living, offending an overlord of a region you will have no place within the regions, none of the forces of the regions will accept you as a disciple, servant, elder, guest, etc. You will be literally excluded from the regions.

Elder August, who was looking at how a statue seemed to gain his wits again, looking at the unconscious disciple, he felt pity and shame. His shame turned into fury, In this Secular World are there people who dare to humiliate their Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect? Unforgivable! Simply unforgivable if he leaves here he will pay a high price for making the sect lose face in this rural area.

The Source of it all having happened, he changed his gaze to Yuan Tianzhu who was not even paying attention to them talking to Long Mengyue and Tohsaka. His eyes immediately went red, he was looking at Yuan Tianzhu as if he were the murderer who killed his whole family.

In a stern voice filled with hate and spite, he said, "Imprudent junior! How dare you hurt one of my Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect's disciples ?!"

The elder's furious voice echoed within the Red Demon Mountain Range containing extraordinary power, many Magic Refinement Stage cultivators have already been knocked unconscious just by hearing his voice.

The audience seeing the angry elder, they quickly moved away, they did not want to get involved in this trouble and offend the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect by mistake for standing by Yuan Tianzhu.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at Elder August coldly, his eyes were like a millennial ice cube, more with his red eyes that can normally be mistaken for that of a devil just made him look more frightening.

Elder August's body shook slightly when Yuan Tianzhu's eyes looked at him, but then he laughed at himself, how could he be afraid of a junior who is wet behind his ears?

"So what if he goes unconscious? How dare he try to lust after my women?! You better be grateful! I didn't kill that wimpy one. Even if you're a disciple of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword or son of heaven, even so I would kill you!" Said Yuan Tianzhu arrogantly not even putting the Elder August and the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect in his eyes in his sentence.

The audience they were watching from a distance was stunned, even their legs went numb when they heard what Yuan Tianzhu said, but a feeling told them that he would be able to do so. But what surprised them most was that this junior is so arrogant that he doesn't even put the Royal Purple End Sword Sect in his eyes. They sighed wistfully, it is good to have confidence but confidence in running is arrogance, and arrogance kills.

Sigh... But a young man who has become too arrogant for his own good and will end up paying a high price for his arrogance.

Elder August was so furious to the point that his lungs would explode with fury, he never met a junior as arrogant as this even the heaven's prides of his sect never made it to that point. He forcibly calmed his fury as if it was never there, even though he was furious he has to maintain his status as a senior, and a senior cannot be furious at the arrogance of an ignorant junior.

"Junior, what's your name?" Elder August asked after he calmed down.

Unlike Elder August, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were happy and embarrassed with a blush on their cheeks. Happy because Yuan Tianzhu said they were his women and embarrassed because he said it in public to a lot of people, so they just wanted to find a hole to hide. It turns out that embarrassment won out over happiness, any other tsundere or dragon without experience in romance would be the same as them.

"Even if you are not worth knowing my name, but since you asked politely, I will tell you this, remember clearly, my name is Yuan Tianzhu!" Yuan Tianzhu said arrogantly with a sense of pride.

Elder August's face had several black marks on it, he is an Elder in the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect and this is the first time that he has been looked down. He was feeling so furious that he wanted to rip that little devil's toxic mouth, but he stopped himself when he heard his name. 'Domineering' was the first word that came to mind, even his name was arrogant, what is wrong with this junior? Now he knew where all this arrogance and pride came from, it is not his fault it would be the fault of whoever gave him the damn name!

"Good! Good! Very good !, just wait!." After saying "Good" three times, Elder August waved his hand and turned his body backwards, leaving to enter the elder ruin, he didn't want to argue with that arrogant young man anymore, he doesn't know how much but his lungs will withstand the rage until they explode.

The disciples of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect, seeing that Elder August did not continue the matter, they took his Elder Martial Brother that was unconscious and quickly followed the elder to the ancient ruin.

The public was amazed, did it end like this? Without spilling blood? Without the arrogant junior being scolded? Was that when did a Elder of the Royal Purple End Sword Sect became softies that they could take the disrespectful of a junior?

But what they didn't know is that Elder August did nothing to Yuan Tianzhu because he no longer wanted to punish his lungs with an unleashed fury, he would not be able to stay with Yuan Tianzhu without tearing him to pieces to calm his fury.

Hearing Elder August saying 'Good' three times Yuan Tianzhu knew what that meant, young masters in the novels always use 'Good' two or three times to express their fury and indignation, or even the disrespect they have suffered and that there will be revenge. Even though he knew this he ignored this warning, he would eventually become stronger than everyone else in this Secular World and that elder will be a stepping stone for my growth just like this old ruin.

Seeing Elder August and his disciples entering the ancient ruins, the other groups did not remain with their hands crossed and also entered the ancient ruins. Elder August had already dealt with the formation that was in the ancient ruins, if not because the source of energy of the formation was scarce because thousands of years have passed since the ruin was created, otherwise nobody would enter the ruins to explore in search of valuable treasures.

Looking at everyone entering the ancient ruins, Yuan Tianzhu was preparing to enter as well when they felt his robe being pulled, looking at the fountain he saw Long Mengyue pulling on his robe feeling something wrong, he asked worriedly, "What is that does bother you Long Mengyue"

Long Mengyue with her head down and said in a tiny, almost inaudible voice, "It's true ..." "Really what?"

Yuan Tianzhu couldn't help but ask why she was speaking so softly that he didn't hear anything.

"I-Is i-it t-true that we are your w-women?!"

Long Mengyue screamed aloud with a completely red one, she gathered all her courage to ask a single question if the people in her world knew this she would certainly lose face like the Dragon of the Apocalypse. But it is not like she cares if Yuan Tianzhu says the answer she is waiting for.

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Yuan Tianzhu was astonished, remembering what he had a few minutes ago his face went through several transformations as surprised, poker face and finally blushing like a maiden in love.

"This ... I said that without thinking straight, I was so furious when that weakling came to court you ..." Said Yuan Tianzhu stuttering.

"That is not what we want to know, what we want to know is whether we are your women or not." Said Tohsaka Rin stammering with a red face.

"T-This..." Yuan Tianzhu was silent for a while. Yes, what are they to him, Friends? Crush? Love interest? The more he thought about it, the more he became aware of his feelings. Looking at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's red face full of expectations, He sighed and said, "I-I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is l-love or not, but I know you are very important to me and if I must answer your question i think so, I-I c-consider y-you as m-my w-women."

Of course he didn't knew what love is, he was just a virgin orphan with no existing social life and loving experience to boast, he had no way of knowing what he's feeling is love as he don't have experience in love.

Smiles blossomed in at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's face, if you asked if they were happy the answer would be that they are extremely happy, of course they would be seeing Yuan Tianzhu recognizing them as his women just needed to make him realize that his feelings are love. They walked towards him humming happily indicating that they are in a good mood, taking each of their two arms they started walking igno it was Yuan Tianzhu who was feeling a soft sensation in his arms, not that he didn't like it.

There are people looking around for a while, after searching without success the people started to separate to look for some treasures inside the ancient ruins. When the people who had entered before them saw their current positions, they snapped their tongues of envy, wishing they were Yuan Tianzhu.

When Yuan Tianzhu and the girls entered, they realized that the hall was too big and wide, too much to fit more than a thousand people inside, plus a statue of an old man sitting in the lotus position that gave it a majestic and overwhelming feeling that would make you want to worship him and dust, there is nothing else that looks extraordinary. The hall also looked very spacious.


Suddenly the ruin started to shudder, the wreckage of the ruin started to fall because of the shudder. People started to panic, because the ruin started to shake out of nowhere without any warning.

"That's it, why is the old ruin shaking ?!"

"Is this ruin a fraud ?!"

"Fraud! What fraud?!, if it were a fraud the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect wouldn't be here with us to explore a fraudulent old ruin."

Extremity Sword Sect came to explore a fraudulent ancient ruin. If it was not a ancient ruin, why would they explore it? Looking for treasures? They already have enough in the sect, so what would they look for? We don't know and we won't know unless they speak their purpose, which is something that will never happen.

The statue of the old man sitting in a lotus position suddenely began giving an intense light like sunlight, blinding everyone who looked at the statue. Yuan Tianzhu tried to look at the statue to find out what was going on, but only ended up with his eyes being blinded like other fools who tried to do the same.


The ground began to crack, the cracks began to spread all over the ancient ruin's floor quickly, without warning the ground broke into large and small pieces. Quickly and without wasting time Yuan Tianzhu took Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin and put them in his embrace protecting them from what is about to happen.

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin didn't complain about him abruptly hugging them, they could feel his body warm, hear his heart beat, smell his scent and surprisingly he smelled really good, hugging him was like hugging up a bunch of flowers.

As they fell, the light began to fade and darkness began to settle around them. Yuan Tianzhu felt his becoming heavy, they were threatening to close, his began to close slowly until they closed completely. Yuan Tianzhu just felt everything going completely dark, he forced himself to look at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, whose eyes were already closed, he gave a sigh of relief.


In a dark cave, three people could be seen on the floor, they had otherworldly looks, the man's eyes twitched slightly, after a while his eyes opened wide. Yuan Tianzhu looked around, he was in a cold, gloomy basement with a cold fog that gave chills.

When his eyes caught sight of the well defined bodies as if they had been drawn by the god of Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, he immediately rushed towards them, seeing them breathing he breathed a sigh of relief.

He still remembered how the old man statue started to give bright lights like sunlight and that the ground had cracked, he had lost consciousness when they fell so he doesn't remember anything but after that. Analyzing the basement where he is, Yuan Tianzhu ended up finding nothing strange besides the new cold and the door made of black skeletons that looked extremely dark and suspicious.

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