4 Dimensional House

Long Mengyue and Rin looked at him for a moment, seeing that It was just a overburst of excitement they sighed in relief. But they seemed to smelled an ugly odor and felt somewhat dirty, a frown could be seen in their faces.

"Kyaa, Why I smell so bad? And why my clothes are dirty?" Cried out loud Long Mengyue and Rin with a frown on their faces, as they talked at same time.

"Calm down, these are the residues and impurities that your bodies expelled when you achieved the 1st Layer of Magic Refinement Stage." Explained Yuan Tianzhu trying to ease them, explaining that it was a normal ocurrance when you start cultivating.

When they heard what he said they calmed down, but they were a little mad at him for not telling such important information before they start cultivating. They are also in fault as they are so excited in cultivating that they didn't even asked the basics of cultivation.

"Let me clean you..." Said Yuan Tianzhu, he really wanted to know how they will look after he clean them, as in the novels the characters who have always reached the first level of cultivation and expelled their impurities would always appear more beautiful or handsome.

"Water-Wind Cleansing!"


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The moment he shouted the name his new technique, Long Mengyue and Rin's body were surrounded by a layer of water, wipping every corner of their body. After the water stopped wipping their body, a hot wind began to spin around them forming a small whirlwind drying him very fast.

Long Mengyue and Rin were shocked, their eyes quickly gained stars, such convenient magic if they had this magic they would never spend so much time cleaning themselfs in future.

"What's this magic? And how can you do it?" Asked Long Mengyue excitedly she took a liking in this convenient magic and wanted to learn.

"I bought in the system shop." Said Yuan Tianzhu nonchalantly, he didn't really care about their surprised faces when he showed the new first magic that he bought in the system shop.

"Them can you teach us?" Asked Rin with her aqua blue puppy eyes that made her look extremly cute.

Yuan Tianzhu couldn't bear to say no to such cute creature, he sighed in defeat and asked the system in his mind. 'Uhm, system can I teach them? And how much cust to send the information about the skill to them?'

Ding!!*["The host can send the information about the skill at 50 SP, Do you wish to send?"]

'Yes!!' Said Yuan Tianzhu in his mind without hesitation.

Ding!!*["Sending information about the "Water-Wind Cleansing" to Long Mengyue and Toshaka Rin..10%..40%...60%..70%..80%..90%...100% Completed."]

Long Mengyue and Rin knew that he is talking to the system so they didn't disturbe him and just stared him, they eyes widened in surprise as amount of foreign information appeared in their mind, their gaze softened when they stared at him.

They looked each other and nodded seemly that they reached an agreement, they walked towards him and looked his red eyes blooded. The two took the sleeves of his robes and pulled him making the latter go down and give him a kiss in his two cheeks.

Now it was his time to be stunned, his face immediately became red like a tomato, he never espected that they would actually give him a kiss in his cheeks for a skill that can bought in the system for 50 SP. But if we are talking about happiness, it was clear that he was super happy but also embarassed, he took a step back and said in a stuttering tone: "Y-Y-You w-what do think you are doing?"

Long Mengyue and Rin chuckled at his adorable reaction, they thought that he looked cute when he's embarassed.

"That that was a small prize for all you done for us." Said Long Mengyue, as she looked at him with a charming smile.

"Y-Yes don't get any pevert ideas, we did this to thank you for all you're done for us till now." Said Rin with a red face as she remembered what she had done, it was her first time kissing a boy so she was embarassed. She was not like Long Mengyue who is more open about her feelings.

Looking at them, a smile blossomed on Yuan Tianzhu's face, he was moved by the gesture, although it was a little embarrassing. He did not deserve it, because he was the one who summoned them to come here in this world where the strong become stronger and the weak become weaker.

"Yes..Yes, don't worry I will not misunderstand because I already know yours intentions." Said Yuan Tianzhu while smilling at them.

They became mesmerized by his smile, they though that he was really handsome when smilling, and they cheeks became sligthly red.

"W-What you mean?" Asked Rin stuttering, slightly nervous did he really found their intention?

Yuan Tianzhu just smiled and didn't say anything, he wanted look for something in the system for them to live and cultivate, they cannot continue living in this cave.

Rin pouted at him for not saying what he meant, she looked at him furiously, but the smile on her face bretrayed her furious look, but as long as she is with them she will be satisfied.

"Let's continue this conversation another time, you can continue cultivating or else you'll be left behind by me, I will see if the system has an item that can help us in this homeless situation." Said Yuan Tianzhu helplessly.

Long Mengyue and Rin nodded their heads, they wanted to cultivate as fast as possible as they didn't want to drag him down for being weak.

'System give me the list of a space and time type treasures that can be for use to us now.' Said Yuan Tianzhu in his mind.

Ding!!*["Affirmative...Searching for space and time type treasures...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.]

Ding!!*["Found suitables space and time type treasures...showing suitables treasures:

* Time Law Comprehension Grass- 100,000 SP

* Storge Ring - 5000 SP

* Dimensional Bag - 5000 SP

* Dimensional House - 50,000 Sp

* Void Escaping Talisman - 1,000,000 SP

* Void Beast Attracting Powder- 500,000 SP

* Space and Time Origin Fruit - 4,000,000 SP

* Void Severing Sword - 100,000,000 SP

* Void Field Map - 500,000,000 SP

* Time Monarch Hourglass - 900,000,000 SP

* Heavenly Dao of Space Fruit- 1,000,000,000 SP

* Heavenly Dao of Time Fruit- 1,000,000,000 SP


Even though there various types of items, the one that catched his eyes was the Dimensional House because of Its description, it was really what he was reading now also because of his insufficient SP.

[Dimensional House]: a 9 Rank Immortal Grade space and time treasure, this a treasure in form of a ring and contains a house inside, the density of Spiritual Qi, Mana, Mental Energy and Primordial Energy is 10x denser than outside it.

"System buy it." Said Yuan causally, since it was where he would live with The two girls, he couldn't be stingy enough to not buying a better place to stay, no?

Ding!!*["Using 5000 SP for buying the "Dimensional House". Remaing: 849,500 SP."]

As the system mechanical and cold voice stopped, a red ring with design of dragons scales appeared in his front. He bit his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the red ring, when the drop of blood touched the ring, it gave a faint light and he put the ring on the finger of his right hand.

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for sucessful bidding with the Dimensional House."]

Hearing what the system said, he knew that the pact was a success he looked at Long Mengyue and Rin who were cultivating and was surprised that they have already reached the 4th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage, expected from high levels of Spiritual Veins.

"This scent I will never be accustomed." Said Tohsaka Rin a disgusted tone, as she smelled the odor of the impurities of their body.

"Yes, it is so disgusting, I hope to get it over with quickly." Said Long Mengyue hopefully.

After they shamelless asked him to clean them, they began cultivating again completely ignoring him. Yuan Tianzhu sighed after seeing that already started cultivating, he thought it was a great moment to test the Dimensional House.

"Dimensional House!!"

The moment Yuan Tianzhu said that, he appeared in a white room, the room was full of modern buildings such as TVs, sofas, tables, rugs and others. He started to look outside the room, as there was door in the room he was and noticed that there are ten rooms and ten cultivation chambers with dense Spiritual Qi, Mana, Mental Energy and Primordial Energy.


Outside of the Dimensional House, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin became they were startled when they felt that Yuan Tianzhu's presence had disappeared, for fear that something would happen to him, they started looking for him in every possible corner.

"Sister Mengyue, did you find him?" Said Tohsaka Rin with in hopeful tone.

"No, I didn't find him Sister Rin, I already looked for every part of it outside this forest, but I didn't find him." Long Mengyue said, worried about her mate if he died then there would be no person who could be his mate because dragons choose their mate one time in their lives if her partner died she will be forever alone and will not have a romantic relationship again.

They became much closer when Yuan Tianzhu disappeared that they even started calling themselfs sisters.


"Okay, I need to go back." Said Yuan Tianzhu as he disappeared from the Dimensional House, worried about the girls, if he disappeared without any warning it is clear that they will be worried about him.

The moment Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin saw him appearing out of nowhere, they sighed in relief and sprinted quickly towards him, giving him a huge hug. Yuan Tianzhu was surprised but remembering that they may have thought that something happened to him, he started feeling guilty for not saying anything before leaving.

"I'm sorry for not telling you, I wanted to test something and didn't think that you both would be so worried about me." Said Yuan Tianzhu in a apologetic tone as patted their heads.

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin didn't say anything, and just continued enjoying his pat and his body warm. They slightly they applied more strength in their embrace, they were afraid that something happened to him, without him on their side they didn't know how they would survive in this world. Subconsciously he became their safe haven, they feel safe with him if he disappeared for good they didn't know how they would live on.

Yuan Tianzhu sighed, they are really worried about him. Seeing that they didn't had the intention of to get away from him, he decided to surprise them and what was the most effective way to do that? Of course entering the Dimensional House.

"Dimensional House!"

As Yuan Tianzhu said the magic words, he and the girls disappeared from the cave appearing in a white room with modern furniture. Long Meng and Tohsaka Rin's eyes widened in surprise, a minute ago they were in a cave hugging him tightly and how they suddenly apperad in a white room? They looked at him for answers.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at them, he could see a hidden excitement in their beautiful eyes, and said nonchalantly: "This is a Dimensional House where we will be living since today, there are ten rooms and ten cultivation chambers where you can cultivate at will with Spiritual Qi, Mana and Mental Energy is 10x more dense than outside."

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were dumbfounded, that means that cultivating in one of these cultivation chambers would be 10 time gastar that cultivating outside. But remembering the living together part in his phrase their faces became bright red like Long Mengyue's hair.

Yuan Tianzhu was shocked, why did they suddenly blushed? As if god answered his question, he remembered what what he said about living together, his face also became red like a tomato just by think that they would be living together.

He calmed himself and said in stuttering tone looking for an excuse it was just toi much embarassing for him, "W-We will be living here you can chose your rooms and cultivation chambers, I'll be excusing myself."

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin became just chuckled at his reaction. They aslo wanted to cultivate and grow stronger to help him in the future and don't drag him down, as they know that he is bond to be a incredible person in the future. So they wanted to be strong enough to be worth of standing by his side.


Yuan Tianzhu sat cross-legged, and started circulating his Primordial Universal Scripture, the Primordial Energy around him began to be absorbed at a rapid pace, circulating in his meridians and spiritual veins. The Primordial Energy started nourishing his body, bones, meridians, blood vessels, skin, flesh, organs and spiritual veins.

Causing a extreme pain in his body but nothing that he can't handle as he is already at 3rd Layer of Magic Refinement Stage. Much Primordial Energy was being absorbed as the effect of the cultivation chamber in the Dimensional House started working.

The residues and impurities in his body started to came out, and soiled his beautiful white and black robes again and again, but he chose to ignore that small detail. The Primordial Energy started to fill his dantian quickly, as his dantian became full he heard various sounds inside his body.


Upon hearing the sounds in his body, his became excited, that means that he reached the 9th Layer of the Magic Refinement Stage, he never imagined that he would break through to the 9th Layer of the Magic Refinement Stage in one go. Remembering his race and spiritual veins rank he sighed in defeat, even only with his race can he become the strongest in the world now along with the system he will be invincible simply above all origins.

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 4th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 5th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 6th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 7th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 8th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 9th Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Immediately, Yuan Tianzhu sensed a surge of power passed through his entire body. When he he opened his eyes, felt like he was a new person and much stronger than before, he felt that he could easily against a Half-Perfection Magic Aprentice Stage.

Soon Yuan Tianzhu frowned when he smelled an ugly odor. Looking at his body, he was not surprised that his body was full of dirty and full of black impurities.

"Water-Wind Cleansing!"


The moment he used it, his body was surrounded by a layer of water, wipping every corner of his body. After the water stopped wipping his body, a hot wind began to spin around him forming a small whirlwind drying him very fast.

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