3 Choosing Yuan Tianzhu as Mating Partner!!

"System buy them." Said Yuan causally, since the other party already with him in this mess, then he can't be stingy enough to not buying them a better cultivation technique, no?

Ding!!*["using 100 000 SP for buying the "Primordial Dragon Nine Divine Transformations" and the "Five Elements Subuiding Laws". Remaing: 900 000 SP."]

He looked at his SP, then the looked at the two beauties in front of him he feel that it was worth spending 100,000 SP on them. 'System can you give them the information about their cultivation techniques?'

Ding!!*["Sending information about the "Primordial Dragon Nine Divine Transformations" and the "Five Elements Subuiding Laws" to Great Red and Toshaka Rin..10%..40%...60%..70%..80%..90%...100% Completed."]

Great Red and Tohsaka Rin didn't know what he is doing, but they guessed that he is talking to the system, they eyes widened in surprise as amount of foreign information appeared in their mind.

They turned to look at him who was looking at them with a charming smile, their expressions softed a bit, even though he unreasonable forced them from their world to this unknow world where the strong eat the weak. So the techniques that he give them has really a huge importance to them, like a life insurance.

"Pevert, I didn't think that you would be ao generous." Said Tohsaka Rin sarcastically, but the beautiful smile on her face betrayed her words.

"Thanks for the gift, although I don't care if you look, can't you stop looking all the time?" Asked Great Red with a provocative smile as she thanked him for the cultivation technique, she knew that all this time he was taking a peek at her naked body in hiding, she really didn't feel any discomfort, so she said nothing for him to stop, however if were someone else, he probably wouldn't be alive to tell the story.

Yuan Tianzhu's face turned red imediately, he knew he had been caught, so he coughed awkwardly and said, trying to change the subject, "Hey, were you genderless? Or were you a woman from the start?"

Great Red looked at him in surprise, as he knew it that she was genderless and said, "Nope I was genderless from the start, I could take any form I want."

Tohsaka Rin was amazed at this turn of events, she enthusiastically asked, "What? are you really genderless? and why did you choose to be a female? "

Great Red just shrugged her shoulders and said nonchalantly, "No reason, since a pest took a female form, I took one a well. Besides you were a male so I though being a female forever would suit me better."

When she said the last sentence she consciously looked at Yuan Tianzh, seeing his stunned face, she just chuckled and said ironically. "Or would you prefer me to be a man?"

A smile formed in Yuan Tianzhu's face, he looked at the Great beauty in front of him and said frankly, "No, you are extremly beautiful as you are now and I like it."

"W-Why are you not wearing clothes? And why are you letting him see everything? Don't you have a sense of shame? and why him being a male matters for you to be female?" Asked Tohsaka Rin with a red face, she was a little mad, as she feel that she was being left out of the conversation.

Great Red looked at Yuan Tianzhu and Rin as if they were idiots, and said: "Of course I would be a female, I want to try everything that I watched in the dreams of others humans, now that I'am in a another world where I don't get rejected for being too powerfull, so I want to try sex as well, and who can be my partner other than him?"

She was feeling a strong attraction for her to say to become his, she felt that if she stayed with him she would not regret it. She is still a dragon, although Yuan Tianzhu is not stronger than her, she still chose him as her mating partner, she can tell that he has a terrifying power hidden in him. Of course, the terrifying power she felt was the power of the Primordial Origin Being bloodline, it was reasonable for her to confuse it with a hidden power.

Yuan Tianzhu widened his eyes in surprise, he would never Thought that the Apocalypse Dragon would chose him as her mate, even though it was tempting he would never do with someone that he didn't have feeling for other than lust, a virgin ideology.

"But why me?"

Great Red shrugged her shoulders and said, "What are you getting surprised for? At the end I'm still a dragon, of course I will only chose someone who is strong and capable, even though you are weak now, I can tell that you'll be stronger than anyone in the future."

"W-What you are a dragon?" Asked Rin in surprise, as she feel that she will probably die from shock of she doesn't get used to what they talk or do.

"Of course I'm, after all I am the Dragon Of Apocalypse." Said Great Red, as she raised her head in the air, feeling extremly proud.

Yuan Tianzhu looked at her for a while and sighed while scratching his head, "Look here, I am not doing that with someone whom I don't yet have feelings for."

'Yet?' Tohsaka Rin looked at him stunned, then does it mean that he will fall in love with her or does he already have feelings ?, she was feeling jealous but she didn't knew why.

Great Red looked overjoyed when she heard the word 'Yet' on his phrase, and said happily: "Yes, we are not in that stage yet, we can take the things slowly I've a lot of time so don't worry, afterall if the things are really as you said, then I will able to live freely in this world and that is something that is more than I can ask for."

Yuan Tianzhu just nodded at her, as he remembered something and said, "Now that you mention it, I never did give my name. My name is Yuan Tianzhu, just call me Tian or Zhu considering that is easy to say."

"I-It's Toshaka Rin, you can call me Rin." Said Tohsaka Rin ashamed to also remember that she did not introduce herself.

"Hey, why don't you give me a name to call me by, I don't think that Great Red will be something that you would like to call me in public, no?" Great Red said as she looked at him with stars on her eyes, clear excited with what name he will give her.

Yuan Tianzhu nodded his head, as he thought the same as well and Then he started thinking for a name for her, after thinking for a while he said, "How about Long Mengyue, with "Long" meaning "Dragon" and "Meng" meaning "Dream", so Dragon of Dreams."

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Great Red or now Long Mengyue muttered her name few times and then smiled at Yuan Tianzhu making him completely mesmerized and said, "Thank you, I will cherish this name for the rest of my live."

Yuan Tianzhu soon snapped out the only thing that was in his mind was, 'She's really a great beauty, but her beauty is enough problem in this type of world, now adding more Rin, that is just a freaking Young master's attention and trouble generator. But since their are already with me, I'll protect them and those who dare to provoque me..' he didn't even finished to said what he was thinking for someone understand the meaning behind them, as cold light flashes through his red blooded eyes.

"I think we should go looking for a place to grow and become stronger, so we can get out of this forest and look for an establishment with people in." Said Tohsaka Rin excited for cultivating, she is a mage and a mage is always trying things in search of supreme magic.

"Yes, I'm tired of staying here too, everything is so dark and gloomy but it will be better if I'm with you Tian." Said Long Mengyue, as she flirted with Yuan Tianzhu openly.

Yuan Tianzhu and Tohsaka Rin looked surprised, this woman is trully open and straightforward with her feelings, but that's what they really like about her, she now is like a fearless bird that escapes of her her cage, not contained by someone.

Yuan Tianzhu snapped out of his trance, a smile could be seen in his face, he looked at Long Mengyue for a while and said, "Yes... Yes, I know that you want to go out to expérience this new world, but I thinking you should wear some clothes first."

Yuan Tianzhu's words were like a bucket of cold water extinguishing the flames of her excitement, but still she nodded her head, and snapped her finger. Suddenly her naked body got covered by a flawless white rob that looked like Yuan Tianzhu's robes but with red coloured scales designes, which somehow made her look even more beautiful in Yuan Tianzhu's view.

Long Mengyue looked at Yuan Tianzhu and Tohsaka Rin, mainly Yuan Tianzhu as she wanted to know his opnion, "How is? Do I look good?"

Yuan Tianzhu and Tohsaka Rin nodded and said at the same time, "Yes, you look absolutely gorgeous with!"

"How did you do that? What's type of magic you used?" Asked Tohsaka Rin curiously, she really wanted to know, It can be a Ancient Dragon Magic?

Yuan Tianzhu was also curious, How did she made a robe out of nowhere, wasn't her powers suppressed? Or she can use little of her innate dragon of dreams powers.

Long Mengyue casually shrugged her shoulders and said, "It's not really special, it is just that my innate power was not completely suppressed by the system, I can create things like clothes and others, but things more powerfull than this I can't because of my power being suppressed by the system."

Yuan Tianzhu and Tohsaka Rin nodded their heads in compreension, even though her powers are being suppressed It's already heaven-defying to create things out of nowhere.

Yuan Tianzhu sighed ans said calmly, "We will need a place to spend the night and to cultivate, this a world where the strong eat the weak, so we can't reamin always weak."

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin nodded their heads, they wanted to cultivate as fast as possible as they didn't want to drag him down for being weak, they started walking with no sense of direction.


In a cave, three person could be seen siting in a cross-legged position. The young man had a silk white hair and red blodded eyes. The woman had a black hair tied in two side-up-ponytail and aqua blue eyes and the other woman had a red hair and yellow eyes, it's clear that they are Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Toshaka Rin.

"This will be ours first step in cultivation and as well in this world, try to reach the 1st Layer of Magic Refinement Stage. In this realm like the name says, it's a refinement of the body, organs, meridians, bones, blood vessels and skin, breaking the limits of a mortal body preparing you to endure the stress of Spirtual Qi of Heaven and Earth, but don't be to much hasty, the Magic Refinement Stage is where you train your body as foundation for future higher realm if your body foundation is steady then you would not have problems in bottleneck on cultivation." Said Yuan Tianzhu like a immortal master teaching their disciples. As the system already gave him the information about the Stages in this world that are divided into: Magic Refinement, Magic Aprentice, Magic Disciple, Magic Master, Magic Great-Master, Magic Grand-Master and Magic King, taking out the Magic Refinement and Magic King all others realms are divided into 7 sub-stages that are: Early, Middle, Late, Peak, Half-Perfection, Perfection, Great-Perfection.

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin nodded in understanding as they closed their eyes and began to circulate their cultivation techniques. As their cultivation techniques circulated, they began to feel a sensation of warmth in their bodies, circulating rapidly through their meridians and spiritual veins as if there were ants walking on their meridians.

This sensation of heat continued until they flesh, causing an iching sensation, rebuilding their flesh. As the impurities that left their bodies began to dirty their clothes, when they found that the sensation had ceased they felt refreshed as if they were drenched in a cold pool in the summer.

"Hehe, I didn't think sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes would be so refreshing." Said Tohsaka Rin as she tried to remember the feeling of warmth she felt.

Long Mengyue nodded in agreement with what Tohsaka Rin said, she also liked the feeling of cultivating, it was a new experience for her, as a dragon that was always stuck in the boring dimensional crack, she looked at Yuan Tianzhu who was looking at them with a smile on his face and said, "Tian, ​​why are you looking at us? didn't you also cultivate?"

"No I didn't, I was watching you to see if you had problems in cultivating, I was worried that you would suffer of Qi devation as it was you first time cultivating, looks I was worried for nothing." Said Yuan Tianzhu, as he sighed in relief that nothing serious happen to them.

Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin seemed touched by his care, they decided to cultivate much more. They didn't want to be a burden to him, he already told them how this world worked and they know that their appearance is going to cause problems, so they wanted to be strong enough to defend themselves without him.

"It's okay, now try to solidify your cultivation realm to avoid future problems in your foundations." Said Yuan Tianzhu, he seemed surprised that they ignored his impurities and started to cultivate again to solidify they cultivation realm.

Yuan Tianzhu sighed, he sat cross-legged and started circulating his Primordial Universal Scripture, the Primordial Energy around him began to be absorbed at a rapid pace, circulating in his meridians and spiritual veins. Threads of Primordial Energy emerged towards him from all directions, entering his body via the 720 major and minor acupoints through his pores, nushuring his organs, bones, skin, meridians, blood vessels, flesh. Afterwards, the Primordial Energy moved along the meridians, slithering towards his dantian.

When the Primordial Energy started refining his body, bones, meridians, blood vessels, skin, flesh and organs. It caused a extreme pain in his body but nothing that he couldn't andle, the pain started dimishing the more he became accustomed to cultivating, the impurities in his body started to came out, and soiled his beautiful white and black robes, but he chose to ignore that small detail. The Primordial Energy started to fill his dantian quickly, as his dantian became full he heard a 3 explosion sounds inside his body.


Upon hearing the explosion sounds in his body, his became excited, that means that he reached the 3rd Layer of the Magic Refinement Stage, he never imagined that he would break through directly to the 3rd Layer of the Magic Refinement Stage. Then he remembered his race and spiritual veins rank he sighed in defeat, even only with his race can he become the strongest in the world now along with the system he will be invincible simply above all origins.

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 1st Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 2nd Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Ding!!*["Congratulations to host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for leveling up. The current realm is the 3rd Layer of Magic Refinement Stage."]

Immediately, Yuan Tianzhu sensed a surge of power passed through his entire body. When he he opened his eyes, felt like he was a new person and much stronger than before, he felt that he could lift a boulder easily.

Soon, Yuan Tianzhu frowned when he smelled an ugly odor. Looking at his body, Yuan Tianzhu was not surprised that his body was full of dirty, full of black impurities. He knew that these were his residues and impurities that his body would expel once he continue to break through in his cultivation until he achieve the Magic Aprentice Realm.

Suddenly he remembered that he Forgot to tell Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin about the impurities that one would expel when he achieved the 1st Layer of Magic Refinement Stage, he really wanted to slap himself, how can he forget about such important thing? And mainly for women as don't like be dirty. Looking around he noticed that Long Mengyue and Rin are still cultivating, so he sighed in relief, he didn't knew what they would do to him and he didn't wanted to know.

"System is there a skill or technique that can use water and wind to clean myself?" Asked Yuan Tianzhu, feeling too lazy to look for something in the system shop.

Ding!!*["Affirmative...Searching for water and wind cleasing techniques...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.]

Ding!!*["Found suitables water and wind cleasing techniques...showing suitables techniques:

* Water-Wind Cleasing - 500 SP

* Water-Wind Subuiding - 300 SP

* Water Spiral Cleasing - 300 Sp

* Cleaning Smile - 900 SP

* Whirlwind Cleaner - 1500 SP



[Name]: Water-Wind Cleansing

[Rank]: High-Grade Mortal Rank

[Ability for cleaning in general]

[Warning]: without having an affinity with Water and Wind Element, the Mana or Qi cost will be higher.


He finished by buying the Water-Wind Cleansig for 500 SP, he didn't really mind the price as he's currently rich.

'Okay I will test now!' Thought Yuan Tianzhu.

"Water-Wind Cleansing!"


The moment he used it, his body was surrounded by a layer of water, wipping every corner of his body. After the water stopped wipping his body, a hot wind began to spin around him forming a small whirlwind drying him very fast.

After the effect passed ond the ugly odor of his impurities was no longer present, Yuan Tianzhu laughed crazily, "Hahaha, it was better than I though."

His laughter woke the two women that were cultivating, slightly furious they stared at him who was laughing like a crazy man. Seeing the strange looks that he was gaining, he coughed awkwardly and said, "Sorry!, I was too much excited."

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