7 Break Through, Forming a Origin-Dao Magic Foundation and Heavenly Tribulation?

Yuan Tianzhu sighed without help, another was effortlessly killed, he even wondered if he used martial arts in his fight, would be there even anyone who could rival him? just like Lin Fan said before being invincible is lonely.

He looked at the corpse of the spirit beast, walking towards it, he touched its corpse with his hands, as he toke the corpse of the spirit beast he heard a cold, mechanical voice in his mind.

Ding!!*["Would the host like to sell the body of a 7 Stars Rank 1 Spirit Beast 'Black Flame Phantom Wolf' to the system for 3,000 SP?"]

Hearing what the system said, Yuan Tianzhu was not so surprised as he already that the system had this function it just that he had forgotten about it, well its reasonable as how much happened it was inevitable that he would be distracted and he wouldn't have to much time to see the system's functions deeply.

"Yes!" He said without slightly hesitation on his part.

Ding!!*["Congratulations the host 'Yuan Tianzhu' for selling the 7 Stars Rank 1 Spirit Beast 'Black Flame Phantom Wolf' corpse for 3,000 SP."]

Black Flame Phantom Wolf's corpse began slowly disappearing fron his sight. Seeing that he was stunned for a while and sighed, afterall since he already fighted with few spirit beast and has sufficient experience for breaking thorugh the Magic Aprentice Stage, he has no other reason for staying here in this gloomy and depressed like forest.

"Dimensional Room!"

After saying the magic words he immediately disappeared from the Soul Devouring Forest, and appearing in a usual white living room with modern furniture.

Seeing that neither Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were not in the living room, he sighed and walked toward the cultivation chamber that he had used before going fight against the spirit beasts in the Soul Devouring Forest for gaining experience. Sitting cross-legged, he calmed down hi nerve and said, "System use 3 000 XP in my cultivation!"

Ding!!*["3 000 XP has been used. Remaining: 11 500."]

In an instant, Yuan Tianzhu could feel the vigorous Primordial Energy gushing forth. The Primordial Energy circulated quickly in the eight major meridians. His body, bones, skin began slowly harden and become tough as steel.

Yuan Tianzhu suddenly felt an intense burning sensation. Amidst that burning sensation, Yuan Tianzhu could feel that a mysterious power was being born in his bone marrow!

From the depths of his bone marrow, a bizarre energy slowly flowed as an incredulous force gradually spread out from his bone marrow and started coursing through his body, eventually encompassing every part of his body.

The Primordial Energy finally breaked out of his bones and flowed into his channels within his body, and started refining the Primordial Energy into his Channels, which are also known as "Meridians".

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The instant the Primordial Energy Seed broke through the confines of his bones, it flowed into his body's internal channels.

His newly Primordial Energy Seed suddenly trembled slightly. A faint mist that was previously surrounding the Primordial Energy Seed turnes into a glowing halo as it spiralled around the Primordial Energy Seed. It was starting to flow along his channels and move towards his lower abdomen.

However, just as the Primordial Energy Seed reached the end of his inner body's channel, an invisible resistance will appeared. It was like an invisible wall that immediately stopped the Primordial Energy Seed in its tracks. The Primordial Energy Seed charged towards his dantian nonstop, causing a agonizing pain in his lower abdomen. The Primordial Energy Seed was striving to break through the invisible without stopping like a mad beast.


Cracks began appearing in the invisble wall in his dantian, the Primordial Energy Seed immediately rushed foward it with any worry as the barrier would soon crack. The cracks in the invisible wall like barrier started becaming visible as the invisble wall in his dantian prevented the Primordial Energy seed from entering. A few minutes later an explosion could be heard in his body.


The barrier in his dantian had exploded and the Primordial Energy took advantage of this opportunity, as it rushed towards his dantian. His dantian became full in the blink of an eye, the pain in lower abdomen started becoming more intense as he coulnd't help but spit a mouthful of blood in the ground, he feel his mouth sweet and sour at same time. Sweat beads started falling off his head, his conscience started becoming blurry, he immediately bit his tongue to forcely stay awake and focused. Now that he has reached a deep and very dangerous stage he didn't dare to be negligent.

In this world people cultivate 3 different energies, Spiritual Qi, Mental Energy and Mana. Qi cultivators absorb the Spiritual Qi from heavens and Earth, which it humans can extend their lifespan and gain supernatural powers through practicing a set of martial and mystical arts involving meditation and the cultivation of Qi, accumulating Spiritual Qi in their dantian and breaking its shackles, and achieving another realm. Their ultimate goal of cultivation is to become an immortal and attain godhood.

Soul Cultivators absorb mental energy to increase their understanding and most importantly the defense and attack of the soul because the soul is the most fragile part of a Human, Saint, Immortal, God... Even being an Immortal or God if you have a weak soul and your attacked in it you'll definitely die. And Magus absorb the Mana for increasing their capacities and mana reserve, accumulating accumulating Mana in their mana pool or dantian, and breaking its shackles and achieving another realm. Their ultimate goal of cultivation is to attain the Supreme Magic.

The first Stage of cultivation that's the Magic Refinement Stage. In this stage like the name says, it's a refinement of the body, organs, meridians, bones, blood vessels and skin, breaking the limits of a mortal body preparing you to endure the stress of Spirtual Qi of Heaven and Earth, but don't be to much hasty, the Magic Refinement Stage is where you train your body as foundation for future higher realm if your body foundation is steady then you would not have problems in bottleneck on cultivation.

But the Magic Aprentice Stage is a stage where you build your foundation and you can do Spiritual Qi peojection, meaning practically using Spiritual Qi outwardly, this is a dangerous stage of cultivation where a slightly neglect can affect your future in cultivation. Only by breaking through from the Qi Condensation stage to Foundation Establishment can one truly be a fish who leapt over the dragon gate. It is only then that your life actually changes, and you truly shed that which is mortal. That is the true path of Immortality, when your longevity is increased by at least a hundred years.

There are five types of Magic Foundation.

Magic Foundation via the Mortal-Dao (Mortal Foundation) requires a Magic Foundation Forming Pill. The probability of success is low, but if you succeed, you acquire a hundred years of longevity.

Magic Foundation via the Human-Dao (Human Foundation) requires having a Spirit Rank Talent, increasing the rate of success by 20% if you succed you acquire two hundred years of longevity.

Magic Foundation via the Earth-Dao (Earthly Foundation) involves absorbing Earth energy and transforming it into shocking power. The probability of success is even lower, but the result is an addition of three hundred years of longevity.

Magic Foundation via the Heaven-Dao (Heavenly Foundation). That's very rare, and can only come via random chance. However, if you can succeed with that type of Magic Foundation, then you get an extra five hundred years of longevity.

Magic Foundation via the Origin-Dao, it involves extreme luck and fate, it can be said that this is a foundation that opposes the heavens themselves, when someone forms this type of foundation he or she would face the Thunder Tribulation to see if it he is worthy of having such a heaven-defying magic foundation.

Yuan Tianzhu's Dantian was full of Primordial Energy marbles from his Primordial Energy Seed scattered everywhere. If one could see his inside, they will marvel on how beautiful those small dots of light is. ​

All the marbles varries in nine different colors such as Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Green for Air, Brown for Earth, Silver for Lightning, Yellow for Light, Black for Darkness, White for Space and Grey for Time and other that are not recognized.

The system already give him the information on how should he create his own foundation. From the first proccess until the end. ​

It was yesterday morning when he asked the system on what foundation he should build, he didn't knew specify if it was strong nor weak rather he just ask what kind of foundation that would suit him the most. ​

The system just told him to fill his dantian with Primordial Energy until in cannot fit any anymore. After that, he should compress it until it cannot be compress anymore. He should let the condense energy ball emmit it's light and wait for it to go back. If the golden light got back, it will slowly dim until it become devoid of any light. In that conjecture, he should create a barrier completely trapping his whole dantian inside and reinforce every part of his body with Primordial Energy. ​

Yuan Tianzhu didn't ask anything after that and just continued on replaying all those process.

He knows himself that his system will not hurt him in anyway.​


Now that the compress ball already exploded, he immediately circulated his Primordial Universal Scripture and gather enough Primordial Energy for the last step. ​

He converted those Primordial Energy into the five elements, fire, water, wood, metal and earth element, and let it rotate clockwise, forming a Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth Element Vortexes with a Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Brown Holes in the middle. The Vortexes automatically attracts all the give elements dust in his dantian. ​

Magically, it didn't suck inside those five elements marbles instead let it rotate around it forming a red, blue, silver, green and brown spiral vortexes.​

Yuan Tianzhu already decided to call it Primordial Universe Magic Foundation. Although system told him that it is called Universe Foundation, he rejected that since he created this universe with the use of Primordial Energy so it is only right that he called it Primordial Universe Magic Foundation. ​

The system already told him that his foundation didn't just end up with 5 single Elements Spiral Vortexes. He should create every single vortex everytime he attempts to advanve in every stage. ​

Actually he can already create all of them right now, it's just that the system told him that it will take a toll on his dantian and will affect his own cultivation. ​It's because although his whole body was already constructed, he still need to constantly supply his vortex with a massive amount of drops of Primordial Energy everyday. In short, it almost suck inside 70% of his Primordial Energy inside his dantian.​

As for the reason that it needs a continuos consumption, it's because if it is not supplied with the needed amount of Primordial Energy, the vortex would stop spinning and the surrounding five elements marbles would completely run amok his body and will forcefully exit his meridians that will cause him to suffer backlash.

Of course, those other scattered marbles was an exception, because they are like defuse bombs waiting to be activated. Since the five elements marbles was already activated, they cannot be defuse anymore.

Although having this kind of foundation is dangerous, it also comes with unimaginable benefits. Since he already formed the Fire vortex, the surrounding Five elements would be much more easily perceived. He can also easily utilize and understand Cultivation Skills that has an affinity for the five elements. ​

When he thinks about the benefits of having these vortex, he decided to form the Time Vortex thinking that it would be cool.

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