10 Becoming a Middle Tier 1 Alchemist Apprentice!!

In the Immortal Spirit Sect, there stood a majestic golden palace with mysterious runes in it. A middle-aged man with a scar on his left eye could be seen, the middle-aged man had an arrogant and majestic presence that would make anyone want to worship. Suddenly, the middle-aged man opened his eyes sharply as he looked at the Soul Devouring Forest, where Yuan Tianzhu had his Heavenly Tribulation. "Hehe, interesting!"


At the same time, in a beautiful garden, it was possible to see a variety of rare flowers that gave a feeling of coldness. A beautiful woman with white skin, wearing beautiful white robes like a cloud could be seen. She indifferently looked at where Yuan Tianzhu had his Celestial Tribulation.


Deep inside the middle part of Ten Thousand Leaf Forest stood a large mountain, the green vegetation gave a feeling of calmness and security. An old man could be seen which has been sleeping for who knows how long. But at this time, it lazily opens its eyes and cranked its old head then look towards the Soul Devouring Forest. After a while a glimmer of interest shone in its eyes, then it went back to sleep.


A dark palace stood tall and grand for everyone to see, this is one of the places where most of the strong cultivators would always stay as the spiritual Qi in the area is very dense. Inside the main palace, in a secret room deep within the palace, sat a middle aged man which looked like full of vitality. But at this time he suddenly opens his eyes and a smile appear on his face.

The whole Tianwu Continent were shocked with past events, everyone in every corner of the Tianwu Continent was talking about the white lightning rain that happened in the Soul Devouring forest. And clearly the culprit knew nothing of what was going on as he was busy with his break through.


Yuan Tianzhu was feeling very well, full of strength and vigor. The feeling of a break is always a bliss akin to rising from the ashes, he also had the feeling that now he can control his primordial energy much better than before, he now had the confidence that he could face normal Early Magic Master Stage cultivator since at the same stage he is practically invincible.

Suddenly he smelled an unpleasant odor, sniffing around and realized he that it was his own smell. He was cultivating for four days, God knew how much he smelled. "Water-Wind Cleansing!"


The moment he used it, his body was surrounded by a layer of water, wipping every corner of his body. After the water stopped wipping his body, a hot wind began to spin around him forming a small whirlwind drying him very fast.

Feeling himself clean and dry, Yuan Tianzhu walked out of the cultivation chamber, entering the living room he was faced with the empty room with furniture. He sighed, and suddenely stopped and stood in the room, he started remembering his secondary occupations: alchemy, forge and formation. Althought a forge and formation were highly respected occupations in the world of the strong, but what he is interested in is alchemy, with it he wouldn't have resources problem and would be capable of refining pills for Long Mengyue and Rin, not that he needs it as much as he all he need its XP.

"System use 500 XP in my alchemy occupation and give me the list of cauldrons that I can buy!" Said Yuan Tianzhu excitedly, as he will be able to refine his own pills or even refine a pill with pill veins.

Ding!!*["500 XP has been used. Remaining: 2 502 000 XP."]

Ding!!*["The alchemist occupation was upgraded to Middle Tier 1 Alchemist Aprentice!"]

Ding!!*["Searching suitables pill cauldrons for the host 'Yuan Tianzhu'...10%...50%...60%...80%...100%.]

Ding!!*["Found suitables pill cauldrons ...showing suitables pill cauldrons for the host 'Yuan Tianzhu':

* Misterious Bronze Cauldron - 5000 SP

* Blazing Phython Cauldron - 10 000 SP

* Black Abyss Cauldron - 50 000 SP

* Celestial Emperor Cauldron - 100 000 SP

* Seven Stars Brilliante Furnace - 200 000 SP

* Divine Cauldron - 58 000 SP

* Huangdi Star Cauldron - 150 000 SP

* Heaven Refining Cauldron - 300 000 SP

* Nine Divine Dragons Furnace - 52 000 SP

* World Tree Furnace - 1 000 000 SP

* Seven Draculas Bloody Furnace - 900 000 SP

* Seven Colored Flame Furnace - 900 000 SP

There were several types of cauldrons, but the one that caught his eye was the Nine Divine Dragons Furnace because of its description and that can support his Primordial Energy.

[Nine Divine Dragons Furnace]: a Perfect Dao Rank Pill Cauldron, forged by a unknow blacksmith with the blood of nine divine dragons, gaining their ability the Nine Divine Dragons Furnace was created.

[1st Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine Stellar Black Dragon, gives the alchemist the effect of refining in a black world where the alchemist would have no connection with the outside world.

[2nd Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine White Ice Dragon, it balances the temperature of the flames when refining.

[3rd Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine Flame Brilliant Dragon, it emits a strange fire Spiritual Qi, wich has a great advantage on pills.

[4th Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine Dark Flaming Dragon, it gives the alchemist a better control over the temperature inside the cauldron, moreover it can strengthen the flames of the alchemist.

[5th ​​Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine dragon of time, gives a natural formation in the cauldron wich allows to speed up the passage the time inside of it.

[6th Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Star Dragon of Divine Origin, it can absorb the strength of the stars and strengthen the flames that are stronger than the Divine Flame Brilliant Dragon.

[7th Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine Green-Wood Dragon, increases the potency and effectiveness of healings pills by 50%.

[8th Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Divine Sizeless Dragon of Void, the cauldron size can be controlled, it can be used to fight but it is heavy, use for defense is the most suitable way, it can also be used as deposit equipment.

[9th Dragon]: gaining the ability of the Heavenly Divine Gathering Dragon, can gather the world's Spiritual Qi, in alchemy, it's able to absorb the Spiritual Qi of the world to strengthen the quality of the spirit herbs.

"Sistem buy the Nine Divine Dragons Furnace!" Said Yuan Tianzhu enthusiastic, he was already imagining himself refining high-grade pills like a grandmaster alchemist.

Ding!!*["52 000 SP has been used. Remaining: 500 SP."]

Looking at the amount of SP that remains, Yuan Tianzhu sighed bitterly. But his points can be easily recovered when he kills few spirit beasts in the Soul Devouring Forest.

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A holographic screen appeared out of nowhere, he could see several square boxes on the holographic screen. There were square boxes that were already occupied, he clicked on the box that had a picture of a black cauldron.


A black cauldron like nine different dragons carved into it, which gave it a majestic and superior feeling. Also the sculptures of dragons gave a mysterious feeling and a small terrifying pressure.

Looking at the cauldron in front of him, Yuan Tianzhu could not contain his excitement, he immediately formed a black flame in his right hand and wanted to start refining immediately. But realization came into his head, which is that he has no pill formula.

Did I want to refine a pill without knowing any pill formulas?

Yuan Tianzhu was overwhelmed by his lack of reflection, how could he wanted to refine a pill without knowing a pill formula? Looking at his points he knew that he could not buy a formula for a pill as even the cheapest is a thousand SP.

"System is there a way for me to buy a pill formula or an inheritance from a powerful alchemist without having SP?" Yuan Tianzhu couldn't help but ask with a small spark of hope.

Since the system is a system created by God as his wish, it is clear that it would have what he would need in his journey. This also includes secondary professions like alchemists, formation master, blacksmiths and others.

[If the host wish, the system can give a load to the host with an interest rate of 10%.The host can settle the loan whenever he could but the system would increase the interest rate by 5% every ten months]​

"You can do it? never mind, I'll take the load. System buy the inheritance of the strongest alchemist in the world!" He Said happily and prepared himself to endure the sharp pain that would appear in his mind every time he buys a new skill.​

Ding!!*["Load taked!! Imparting the World Emperor Alchemist 'Ge Hong' inheritance!"]


A heart wrenching scream sounded throughout the entire Dimensional House.

"So much pain, ahhh!" Yuan Tianzhu held his head in his hands and moaned loudly in pain, which was too much even for him.

One after another, new knowledge and information were forcefully imprinted out in his mind.​ He moaned in pain, the pain was even greater than he could take and he lost consciousness.

After who knows how many time has passed, Yuan Tianzhu finally regained his consciousness, he suddenly felt pain coming from his head again. But this time, the pain slowly subsided.

"Finally, the pain is over. It seems that I have to be prepared to endure this kind of pain every time I want to buy an inheritance." Yuan Tianzhu was shaking with fear just by thinking about the pain he went through. Even with his willpower, he still lost consciousness due to the pain that came in the process of merging with the memories of the World Alchemist Emperor Ge Hong.

Sometime later, he organised himself and went through those memories he had just gained.​

"So much knowledge." Yuan Tianzhu was astonished as he went through these memories in his mind. There was not only information about how to refine the pills but also has the knowledge of all types of medicines, medicinal herbs, fruits and flowers.​

If this was the end, then it was still okay, but it also has all the experiences of World Alchemist Emperor Ge Hong.

That World Alchemist Emperor Ge Hong must have been a really great figure in the past. There was a lot of knowledge and information, as well as experiences of the World Alchemist Emperor Ge Hong in those memories. What was most surprising was that so much knowledge and information he obtained was only a third of those memories. The rest of the two-thirds of those memories were still locked in his mind.

He tried a few times to see through the memories that were locked in his mind, but only felt pain in response. After trying a few times, he understood that he still wasn't strong enough. He just wasn't qualified to merge with those memories now. If he wanted to merge with those memories, then he needed to have a certain amount of strength.

But what kind of strength was needed, even he didn't know about it. In the memories he was able to see, he learned about the cultivation stages that come above the Magic King Stage.

In the past, the system only told him about the Magic Refinement, Magic Aprentice, Magic Disciple, Magic Master, Magic Great-Master, Magic Grand-Master and Magic King Stage. Now he knew that even above the Magic King Stage was the Magic Monarch, Magic Dominator, Magic Emperor and Magic Ancestor Stage that are also divided into 6 sub-stages:​ Initial, Intermediate, Advanced, Late, Peak, Perfection.

He gained the knowledge, information as well as the experiences of the World Emperor Alchemist Ge Hong to refine a pill that even an expert on the Magic Ancestor Stage can consume.​

But it was only one third of those memories and knowledges. Then what kind of the experts were even above the Magic Ancestor Stage?​

What kind of strength they have?​

Yuan Tianzhu stoped his imagination, he did not want to think about this anymore. But there was one thing he understood very well from those memories that he was still a frog looking at the sky from the bottom of the well.​

But of course as a Primordial Origin Being with a system and of memories of the World Emperor Alchemist Ge Hong, he will eventually be the strongest in the world and in that he has 100% sure.

Only him is worthy of looking down at all being in this Magic Saint World and the Heavens!

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