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Magi: Reincarnation


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"Struggling just to survive my pathetic life, slaving arround, it's as if I'm born to be a trash" If this daily life of mine doesn't have any ends, then I'd rather accept death itself.. 'Damn! Reality really SUCKS!' ———____——— This is about the boy who cursed the Reality and thought to be his whole existence is meaningless... BUT— what if all of his hard work he thought to be worthless, will be the key to have his wish come true... His dreams to be reincarnated in the world of "Magi" as a "Dungeon Capturer" And bestowed with an OP abilities.... Follow his adventure as he conquer the world of Magic.... With his name regarded as a Legend... ————————————–——————————————————————— SPOILER ALERT: Basically our MC got reincarnated in the world of anime called "MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic" *MC's reincarnated appearance: Kiyotaka Ayanokoji from Classroom of elite *This Novel might contain some spoilers to the orig story of "Magi" read it for your own risk. *English is not really my origin language, so don't expect too much *I do not own any of the Magi: nor the Cover * Read this Novel with expecting an "Slow Update" cuz I only write novel during my Free time... NOTE: Compared to the original 'Magi' I'll change the whole story on my own, some of the plot maybe missing on this novel cuz some part of the Anime/Manga is something that I loathed...which I wanted to change overall, I still love Magi though. * 1,000 words per chapter


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