7 {Chapter 7}

2 years later

Nothing. Not one word; not even a letter, It has been two years since we left home and we have no info on what's going on at home.

During my time on earth, I have learned many things; One of them being frustration—the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something. I can promise you, it is not a great thing to feel. On the bright side, Johnathan and I got closer. Our relationship went from non-existent to unbreakable-ish. We probably didn't have much choice but to trust each other since we're in this together; He might as well start thinking of me as his ride or die bitch, 'cause I ain't going nowhere.

FYI I have also learned what the internet is, and I have to say "Good job, Humans!!!!"

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