6 {Chapter 6}

"They build machines that dirty the air they breathe and the water they drink, and even when they have the means to fix this atrocity they don't. And don't you dare compare this—which was once gorgeous, to our home!" he exploded the taste of anger fresh on his tong, as he walked out leaving me shocked and confused by his outburst.

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"Pay attention, I don't have all day," Johnatan says as he walks into the living room, putting an end to the flashback. "From now on you are Valerie Fairchild, daughter of Clary and Jace Fairchild, your parents died in a car accident 16 years ago, your uncle—me, became your guardian after your parent's death, you are a senior at Lauderhill 6-12," he says handing me a file, but I was so confused I barely understood what he was saying "What?" I asked, still confused "any questions?" he questioned more like a statement "W-" I was about to ask only to be interrupted by him "that's what I thought" he states walking out as always leaving me confused and speechless.

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