5 {Chapter 5}

Miami, Florida

It has been two weeks since we left home. Everything was so new to me, but also different. At first, it was difficult for me to breath, so I did not want to stay, but what choice do I have; Jonathan said it was due to something called pollution, due to my curiosity I proceeded to ask him what that meant.

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"what's pollution?" I asked curiously "the presence of something either in the air or the ocean that destroys the earth" he answered not even looking at me "we need to help them! where would they go if their home is destroyed?" I exclaimed the sound of fear clear in my voice "Why should we? it's not like this is our home. And it's their fault so let them deal with the consequences" he objected "Jonathan, we know more than anyone what it is like for your home to be in the brink of destruction, and how is it their fault? I am sure they did not choose to destroy their home." I tried to reason.

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