4 {Chapter 4}

"Ready?" questioned Jonathan sounding uninterested. He has always been the strict one out of all, but what would you expect from the Magi of Vox himself. "Yes, ma'am-" clears throat"- I mean Yes sir" I answered correcting my mistake. Johnathan has always intimidated me, being around him has always made me nervous to the point where I stuttered and spoke formally. His eyes were gray and cold, so empty and void of emotions; however, if you look past its coldness, you'll find that they are just gorgeous in there own ways.

"we're gonna miss you kiddo" Lexy sobbed as Victor consoled her "me too Lex" I started trying my hardest to hold back my tears, and not make this harder than it already was.

As we walked toward the vortex, The temperature started to change, I looked up at the sky, lightning shone and thunder was heard and the sky was completely overcast. I began to smell the wet soil, and I could figure out that the birds were starting to fly away in any direction, from one side to another. The sky was grey, leaden and there was a freezing wind; I felt a hand wiping my tears away gently. looking at the owner, it was Jonathan, his eyes no longer cold but full of understanding and sorrow for me, without another word he gives me his hands that I take without a second thought and we walk into the vortex without looking back.

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