11 {Chapter 11}

"Thank you so much, Bernard, I don't know how I will ever repay you" Snakes whisper to his old friend thankfully " Don't worry, That's what friend are for" replied Bernard with a smirk.

The Magis were told to put on robes that would cover there faces so they could not be recognized, as much as Lexy hated it she did not have much choice but to cooperate. "Whatever you do, do not tell him your name" warned Bernard tentatively

"Lucious, I need a favor from You" Bernard announced loudly so that the man or should I say monster could approach the bars of the prison to be seen by the visitors.

Lucious was known as a monster to everyone since birth. If only they knew the true meaning of a monster; he promised himself that the day would come and he would make them all perish.

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