10 {Chapter 10}


"Death; the smell of death filled the air as did voices" faltered Daniel lost in a void. "What were they saying?" wondered the Magi of water, Mauris." they weren't speaking-" he paused taking a deep breath " they were screaming; red. The sky was red and it was raining blood- or acid, couldn't tell which one, the trees-they--" he stuttered sweating and shaking trying to express what he saw. "take a deep breath" Mauris interrupts trying to console the shaking magi.

"Why is he the only one to have the vision?" questioned Lexy after Mauris escorted Daniel back to his chambers to rest. " I don't know but it must be a message from the goddess," replied Jared walking around in circles thinking.

" I know someone who could help us, but-" began Snake in deep thoughts "But nothing, We need to find a way to stop whatever is about to happen, we can't count on Val anymore" Lexy cuts off feeling hopeless "It's not that easy. There is a price to pay in exchange, and I am not sure if we will be able to pay the price".

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