1 {Chapter 1}

There stood nine of the most ancient and powerful magis known to Celestial—a parallel world unknown to mundanes, inhabited by magical beings. Due to a prophecy heard of only by the nine magis, they were cast away by the council.

After weeks of being called insane, and delusional, a decision has been made. They were to bring into this world a human girl who would be their savior in times of war, by the use of their blood.

"We stand here today by the name of the goddess to bring into this world our savior by blood" "rise savior rise".

18 years later

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"I give up, there is no point in continuing with this nonsense; It's a waste of time." protested, Jared, magi of fire. "We cannot give up. There is still hope, she just turned eighteen." countered, Lucas, magi of earth. "hope!?" exclaimed the magi of lightning, Lexy, "that's your plan? for us to keep hoping for something that is never going to happen?" he questioned, more like a statement.

As the conversation started to turn more into an argument the magi of shadow, felt the need to interrupt; "you have to admit, Lucas, Valerie is not a magical being." after a long silence he kept going " we should just accept the fact that we failed" he said, sounding like he is more trying to convince himself then Lucas.

"so what do we do now?" peeped a little voice in the corner of the room, belonging to the magi of wood, Daniel.

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