Mage vs. Modern Society Book

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Mage vs. Modern Society


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The evil mage 'Maou' stood atop the world's most elite magicians, he was the most powerful human in all of history. For he had reached the 6th circle, only elder dragons had ever been known to climb that high. There was nothing he couldn't do. Even the winds and rivers couldn't help but obey his thunderous commands. But humans can be vile and cruel to each other. People he trusted plotted against him and attacked him constantly. The jealousy spewing from them was immense, he couldn't suppress their thirst for power. He fought in a great battle, and inevitably succumbed to his wounds after facing down countless powerful enemies. As Arthur drifts through the darkness of the void he gets reborn on Earth. Arthur Freyer wakes up in the middle of rural Japan, with nothing but the little magic he has left and his belongings from his past life, how will he survive in this foreign land. A land of science, not magic.


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