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In a faraway cultivation world called Nirvana there is a highly popular stanza among its cultivators. The Stanza read:

Shadow is the tribulation of masses.

Stability, a sin unpardonable.

Grand Master, a rare specimen.

Two is pushing your luck, Three is a crowd of massacre.

'Shadow is the tribulation of masses.'

This sentence, being at the top of the stanza was responsible for the three sentences below it.

'Stability, a sin unpardonable.'

This sentence warned cultivators to never 'settle down' in one place. Especially in places with mortals!

'Grand Master, a rare specimen.'

This sentence informed cultivators the vast scarcity of Grand Masters such as alchemists, master blacksmiths, array masters, beast tamers and talisman masters. This sentence also emphasized the importance of Grand Masters to cultivators just by being a part of the stanza.

'Two is pushing your luck, Three is a crowd of massacre.'

This sentence was a deadly warning. It warned cultivators to stay away from each other unless they want to be massacred.

Cultivators were a bunch of lonely people on Nirvana!

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