4 Chapter 3



Nicolàs whirls his head, sighting Dimitri arriving in the room he takes his black gloves off throwing them in the trash he rubs his face. He was baffled that Nicolás was dissatisfied with himself for upsetting him; he wanted to kill Ethan so badly.

He will try his best to explain to Dimitri why he did it so he'll understand. Nicolás glances at his friend signaling for help Addlian grinned at him "you got this" he mouthed "he'll understand I promise good luck" Nicolás sighs facing his husband.

"Are you mad at me dimmy?" Nicolás challenge. striving his husband to counter him but he shook his head the omegas sighs in relief

"I could handle him myself, it's my job." He says Nicolás rolled his eyes at his manner; he wanted his husband to be more trusting to do his dirty work periodically that can lead to hazardous acts

Nicolás knew he was capable of everything but Dimitri doesn't think so "How many times do I have to keep hearing that shit! Why can't I do your work? I don't wanna be that viewpoint buddy on the jump. I feel so less important." Nicolás cries out Dimitri gives him a stern look he hated this side of Nicolás but also felt guilty he knew his wife was right but didn't want to admit it

He wants to protect his wife from danger Nicolás can handle himself without his husband to be with him. He wants "I'm sorry that you feel that way baby I can't have you in hazard again, remember the last time ." He says taking off his jacket showing off those tight bulging muscles through his shirt Nicolás almost drooled

Nicolás rolls his eyes

"Don't roll your eyes at mister." The omega didn't say nothing

"Yes, I achieved but I dealt with it on my own when your ass stepped in the way, you don't care what I pull off to impress you when I attempt to take maintenance of these bad guys. But you have to realize I can take care of myself." Nicolás lets out he provides his husband an unhappy smile Dimitri had to think this through

He didn't like seeing his wife unhappy he just wants to keep him safe after a moment of silence he made his final decision. "You're right I'm sorry that I made you feel this way you're a grown man yourself too and not a baby ill let you come with on suites." His eyes pleaded for hope for a yes

Nicolas provided a small smile on his face "Thank you, Dimitri." The omega hugs his alpha tightly he was so delighted that he got that out of the direction. They pulled away sharing a passionate kiss

Soon his phone ranged

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"Excuse me a sec darling," he says answering the phone his eyes darkened giving attention to this voice that he hasn't heeded for year's

"What do you want Cupid!"

"Oh Dimmy I was just calling to tell you that I'm on my way to meet you."

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