3 Chapter 2

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The omega walks down the hall, passing offices as he went. Some of them had people working diligently on their computers, trying to finish all their tasks for the day, others seemed as if they were just lounging around. This omega, however, did not have an office, preferring to be in his husband's office, sleeping and being on his phone.

He would become bored but would try to find ways to entertain himself. He felt trapped but to  his 'loving' husband Dimitri, he's not. The older would try to persuade him to talk to others, but Nicolás had severe social anxiety and got extremely tense when he tried to talk to others.

He tries to keep his husband's words in mind. That everything is okay, that nobody would harm him, but at times it hard to believe that those words reign truth. Thinking about his family helped Nicolás and his anxiety, but that wasn't always the case. He arrived at his husband's office sitting down on the couch waiting for him. While sitting, he thinks about his two best friends, the thought of them made him smile, happy that they were still around, considering he didn't have many friends.

He was homeless, so it was hard for him to maintain any relationships, but through his hard times, he made two friends during his years with Dimitri. Aladdin and Owen, all have been best friends for up to two years now, and Nicolás couldn't be happier.

Dimitri finally walks into his office, bloodstains noticeable on his hands. Nicolás becoming worried as he saw them.

"What happened?" Nicolás asked worriedly. Dimitri glanced at the omega silently, sighing as he sat at his desk.

"Nothing amour, don't worry your pretty little head about it," Dimitri states calmly. Nicolás pouts, dissatisfied about the answer he received, but doesn't voice his dissatisfaction. He thought  about what he could do to raise his husband's mood. He thought maybe a hug would work.

"Okay then how about a el abrazo (hug)." Nicolás says, smiling, opening his arms, his husband smiles against his hands. He found his mate so adorable being all cute and soft towards him when he's feeling down.

Dimitri gets up walking over to his husband embracing him; he purrs against the smaller man; his hugs are so loving and comforting. It makes Dimitri feel good inside he feels so lucky to have the man as his mate however his ex boyfriend wasn't like this at all. At least what on Dimitri side of the story

They share a long kiss. Dimitri decides to go further, his rough hand slips up into Nicolás small dress squeezing his private Nicolás lets out a small whine. As much as Nicolás wanted this he wasn't in the mood

"Dimmy we can't, not right now what if somebody sees us." Nicolás says with worried eyes Dimitri would always make sure the door is locked before anyone can interrupt. He's the master at locking locks.

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"Then I can lock the door." He says smirking before he could do that Aladdin walks in with a twisted smirk on his face

"I'm sure you two won't be doing anything while I'm here. Did you forget that you have business done there Dimitri?" He asked the couple pulls away Nicolás blushed madly adjusting his dress Dimitri rolls his eyes

"It's so wonderful to see you Mr Aladdin." Dimitri says Aladdin rose a brow walking over to his desk sitting down on it. Looking at them pitiful

"It's nice to see you too but there's somebody waiting for you down in the basement. We can't let him stay down there forever without being tortured first." He says in a serious tone Dimitri nodded the guy owned him millions but he hasn't gotten the money yet he is forbidden to do it anyways and would rather die. However he did do cruel stuff in his past and present he wasn't a good guy after all so Dimitri wants to take him out

Nicolás looked up at his husband with worried eyes he was scared and anxious. He's afraid something bad will happen to his husband. The man is his friend that he never had before then becoming his mate and now official husband. He's the only person he trust in his life

Without him he's nothing just a lost puppy 

"Please be safe amour." Nicolás says Dimitri took his mates hand and kissed it

"Don't worry about my love. I hope he won't be getting his rusty hands on me anytime soon." Dimitri took his eyes off of his husband and nodded towards Aladdin. Aladdin gets off from the desk and takes his friends hand leading him out

"It'll be Nicole, your husband will be in good hands." He says he wraps his arms around his friend Nicolás is hopping is telling the truth

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

"Well, well, well if it isn't the mafias bitch of a twink." Ethan says he's in his mid 40s. He owns Dimitri more than grand, more than a million. Ethan is bad news he would trick people into thinking he's this sweet charming guy.

Nicolàs was uncomfortable but he wouldn't let this man get into his head. He frowns looking away form the man

"Come on lil mama why don't you untie me and we can escape together just you and me ." Nicolás glared at Ethan and the man held a smirk on his face. It was wicked Ethan tried to make it more friendly but evil hid in his smirk more than anything

"I'm fine by myself thanks." Nicolás spats

Ethan chuckles darkly he glares at the omega Ethan had been waiting for this moment just to be alone with the young omega. The twisted thoughts he had planned in his head he always wanted to do with Nicolás

"Come on little mama dump that asshole and be with me he's dangerous, I'm innocent I can pound way better than him." Nicolás eyes flickered to dark red he wouldn't get anyone away if they dared to talk to him like that. He wasn't gonna let this disgusting pervert get his way

Nicolás walks slowly towards him claws began to come through and blood drips down the floor as he walked. Ethan soon regretted fear rises in his blood, he panics and pleaded the vampire to hurt him but Nicolàs chuckles.

Ethan heart beats rapidly he shuts his eyes tightly waiting for his punishment


The omegas sat in the kitchen while their mates handed the dead body of Ethan. Nicolás wasn't in deep trouble with his husband but he didn't regret killing Mr Ethan he didn't care that he did.

He thought the man deserved it he hated being talked like that Ethan past still haunts everyone else till this day. His husband told him that he could had handled it but the omega got in the way.

He was so furious while Aladdin was disappointed. "Hell be fine Nicole he just has pressure on his shoulders he didn't mean that he said earlier." Aladdin says rubbing the omegas back who shook his head

"You're always getting in the way he says do you think that I'm not affected by that!" He hissed shocking Aladdin he stays silent

"He's always like this when he's stress it's killing me inside Aladdin I don't know what else to do. What can I even do? Be a scary cat of a husband hiding form fear instead of defending myself when I need to?!" Nicolás yells tears run down his eyes it hurts him, it pains him so much to see this side of Dimitri he had seen it while they were together and being best friends that they were

The screaming, rage, veins popping out and cussing in Spanish would freak Nicolàs out he didn't know if his husband was bipolar or a major asshole. He's both


Goodbye to mr Ethan 🤲🏾

   He won't be missed, however Dimitri isn't in his best position

It's scarring Nicolás 🥲

Poor man trying to be fight the enemies he may be worried to his mate but he wants to help out but dimmy won't let him 🙃


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