2 Chapter 1 | Once Were Poor Now Rich


    "Will we ever find a place to stay mommy I hate being out in the streets." Little 5 year old Nicolás whines to his mother who turned her head sighing her head it pained her that her kids will beg to go home but they didn't have a place to stay they lost all of their money and been kicked out of their apartment they've been out on the streets for several months now.

They had been walking around to restaurants and nearby stands for food. Luckily the stands gave them free food. The people who walks pass the homeless family didn't bother giving them food or money

"Yes angel we will find a place to stay...very soon." She mutters her son smiles happily hugging his momma he hopes her promise comes true.

18 years later Nicolàs is now living a happy rich life with his loving husband Dimitri who is a multibillionaire he works as a businessman owning almost every school, building, and houses in the city of Angel City. His father owns the whole entire city soon he will let his son own it as they're both celebrities in the City Of Angel. Not only is Dimitri a business man he's apart of the Mafia that Is whole family is in his uncle is the leader of the Gold Plunderers

They've been active for a long long time of course Nicolàs parents weren't too happy about the news they forbidden their son to stop seeing pDimitri. However the two turned out to be mates; they couldn't feel happier and in love with one another. . .

Nicolàs laid his hand on his check, not paying attention to what his father-in-law was saying. He was talking about enemies invading their privacy wanting to know their information to emulate them. He wasn't having his best time washing one enemy who kept on cat- calling him and disrespecting him by worst sexuallziing him. He's now locked in the basement until the meeting is over nicolás fears going down to that hell knowing he will be horribly treated wrong

Nicolàs wore a dress with sneakers the only comfortable thing he wanted to wear he felt very uncomfortable afterwards and disgusted with himself. Blaming himself that it's his fault for wearing that if he had ever worn it he wouldn't be harassed or having his butt being touched. His inner voice was negative throwing more shade at him he couldn't take it anymore so he changed his clothing

Dimitri noticed his wife's downhearted expression on his face he sighs sadly leaning over to his wife to whisper in his ear "Are you ok baby?" He asked Nicolàs, faking a smile and nodding hoping his husband could make it out that it's real. Dimitri frowned disbelief.

Dimitri's father Fernando says spoke in Spanish since others can't understand English that well and Spanish so they have a translator by their side to see what he's saying.

Dimitri gets up taking his wife's hand walking down the long glass halls the windows were also glass to it cost over a million the building was built by Dimitri's family members at least a thousand of them worked on the large building with over 99 stories. Nicolàs was terrified of heights. The thought of looking down at the window to see the streets being far far down freaked him out he almost fainted.

Dimitri warned him not to do it again his phobia of heights is really bad for his anxiety he tries to keep his cool. "Baby what's the matter you haven't been in a good mood since this morning." He says to his wife Dimitri takes him to the bathroom closing the door behind him planting a doubtful look on his face

Nicolàs bit his lip anxiously he feared that his alpha would lash his anger out on him telling him that it's his fault when it's not. But deep down he knows that his alpha is so thoughtful, sweet, caring, and humble he can trust his alpha with all his heart Nicolàs was just sacred

"H-he kept on harassing me telling me that it's my fault that I'm wearing this dress...so he touched me." Nicolàs had sensed his mate's exasperation he turns his head to his right to see his husband's eyes flashing devil red eyes. Dimitri was no demon but his wolf and even himslef will turn into demon mode if somebody messes with their wife. His anger wasn't pretty at all

Dimitri girls onto his wife's wrist Nicolàs whimpered wiggling himself out of his husbands grip "Amour p-please let go you're hurting me!" He hissed out in small pain Dimitri stopped himself slowly removing his large hands for his wife's wirst. His eyes soften putting his finger under his wife's chin

"I'm so sorry baby I didn't mean to hurt you I'll make that bastard pay for touching you." He whispers Nicolàs hums in response as he gazed into his mates demon-like eyes. All he could see was anger Nicolàs hated seeing his mate upset; he's afraid that his wolf might lash out one day and kill anyone.

"It's all fine I already handle him anyways." Nicolás says smirking Dimitri grinned

"Oh really? Then what did my wife do then? He says crossing his arms the alpha would remind his omega about defense that it's important of your surroundings

"I punched him." Nicolás says Dimitri rose his brow

"Protect and defend yourself as you should I'm proud of your love but he's ass will die." Nicolás chuckles hitting his lovers chest

"I want to change out of this tight dress it's uncomfortable." The Omega says Dimitri smriks widely he was the one what made him wear it because he knew that his wife will look sexy in it and he had a boner to which didn't help at all

"Don't give me that look alpha you." Says the omega how alpha still smirked and watched his omega turn his back to him. Dimitri slapped his bum Nicolás squeals and curse under his breath


Nicolàs ends up washing his face in the restroom of the crouse still embarrassed about what had happened earlier. Sometimes the omega never really opens up to his problems to his mate if something bad happens to him he feels ashamed and embarrassed.

He wished he can have full confidence but he can't seem to find it. The little vampire signed and straightened himself up while fixing his makeup a little and put some back on since the water messed it up.

More eyeliner and chapstick he wasn't in the mood to wear lipstick. Although he doesn't believe that his husband is in the mafia just the biggest CEO in the world who does good in the world.

Along with killing people who hurt his close ones. He puts his stuff away as he did so large arms wrapped around his waist.

"Have you been taking your pills lately." The omega kept a hold onto his pills for a while now to control his heat. They were called Heat pills.

"Yes amour but I have to stop taking them somehow so my heart can let itself out so I won't be in pain." He says

Dimitri sighs "That's why I brought these pills. We can't bring a child into this world right now we're both busy and there're dangerous people out here who can easily hurt you both." The alpha warns it made Nicolás more sad he never thought of a pup before but it would make him feel down if he can't have one some day

"I know Dimitri I know." Nicolás says his husband turns his head and kisses him the omega melts

"Don't worry when we have the time we can have a pup." He says smiling holding his mates cheeks he then kiss them and walks away

Hopefully we can

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