Mafia Lord's Little Rebel Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Mafia Lord's Little Rebel


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{Writing Prompts Contest: 201} "I want you so much...I want to touch you...I want to make you mine and just mine..." Keiran rests a hand on the small of Raven's back until their chests are flushed together. "b-brother-" Raven gasps at the confession but Keiran places a soft kiss at the corner of her lips. "shhh. don't. you. dare. call. me. that." they weren't related by blood and he didn't want to be her fu*king brother. ....... Running away from the Influential family who favored sons And considered daughters as the black sheep of the family, life proved itself harsh for the Little and vulnerable, eleven-year-old Raven until she catches the eye Of the twenty-year-old Keiran DeLuca, the heir to the Deluca Mafia Clan and her Step-brother. He was her life savior. She owed him her life and was ready to give it up for him but can she give him the only one thing he desires? What will happen when the cold and vicious boss of the underworld starts falling for his little step-sister and his closest subject? Will Keiran give in to his forbidden desire or push her away?