Mafia King's Doll Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Mafia King's Doll


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"He walked into my heart like he always belonged there. The love with him is different. It is comforting, honest and pure. He took down my walls and lit my soul on fire." ~~~ "Will you be my boyfriend?" Ashley asked Zane making his eyes wide. "I'm your Driver, Ms. Nicole." He answered. Zane Marcellus, Underworld Mafia King. The most feared Mafia Leader in underworld. He is a Devil himself and is known for his ways of torture. He is a Heartless Monster, powerful, rich, arrogant, cold hearted, ruthless and mouthwatering-ly handsome. But, he fell in love at first sight with the woman that he came across and to make her fall in love with him, he joined near her as her Car Driver. Ashley Nicole, Founder and CEO of Mirror interior designing studio. A Rude arrogant Bussinesswoman who didn't cared even about her family for the sake of her dreams. Her dreams mattered to her more than anything in her life. The only one that she had ever loved after her dreams, companies is her boyfriend Ivan who cheated on her. The only thing that she hates in this world a lot that is betrayal. To show that he doesn't deserve her and she is over him. Ashley asked her handsome driver to be her boyfriend for a day on her ex-boyfriend wedding day. What happens when they had to continue their little drama for a more days? Love starts to bloom, The truth comes out, Secrets unveiled. Will Ashley still be together with Zane knowing his truth for the sake of their love? Or will she runs away from him?