1 Goodness From The Killer (Part 1)

The dim moonlight shone on Angeline's deep-sleeping face in the bedroom of a luxurious house lying on the top floor of a magnificent apartment building. A king-size soft spring bed covered with a delicate white blanket made the girl sleep very well. Maybe too well.

Everything felt too comfortable until the light of the morning sun came in and woke up the girl who was only wearing an over-sized gray T-shirt that covered her upper body until a small part of her thigh, slowly awoke.

Angeline who was still half awake tried to guess what was happening. She kept asking random questions inside her mind which the answers she could get by just open her eyes. Angeline spread her both arms, trying to feel whatever she could reach around her. Everything felt soft, so comfortable as if forcing Angeline back into her deep sleep.

Until her soft hands touch something that is quite hard. This hard-thing felt like a human skin that covering flesh wrapped in muscle and veins. Angeline kept trying to find out what she was groping by occasionally squeezing it.

Hesitantly, the girl opened her eyes slowly. What she can look is a back, the back that looks broad and muscular with a red burned scar that very contrasts from it's skin which is tan. Angeline spontaneously opened her eyes really wide. Seeing the oversized shirt she was wearing and the lusting-back in front of her alternately. The cold air from the air conditioner seemed to caress the part that coincided at her groin that was not covered by anything, only covered by the loose clothes on her body.

"Aaaaaa!" Angeline shouted, making the teasing-back owner wake up and turn around.

David, a man who had just woken up in surprise, silenced Angeline's mouth which made a sound hundreds of times louder than his alarm.

"Hmm ... hmm ... hmm ..." Angeline tried to scream but her voice was muffled because her mouth was silenced by David's fairly thick palms. A bluish hue had begun to be drawn on her beautiful face, it seemed that in a few seconds Angeline would faint from being out of breath.

David stared straight into Angeline's eyes. "If you promise not to be noisy, I'll let it go."

Angeline nodded quickly, making David release her mouth slowly. Angeline who had just had the chance to breathe immediately inhaled the air and exhaled as fast as she can. The girl began to calm down, while David turned his back towards Angeline again and tried to continue his disturbed sleep.

After gathering her courage, Angeline rose from the soft bed, opened the door slowly--tried not to make a sound even the slightest--and stepped out before trying to close the door as quietly as possible. After succeeding, Angeline turned around and was silenced by the luxury of the large room presented before her eyes.

A room about the same size as the cinema room really made Angeline speechless. From the couch that looks very expensive, luxury kitchen sets, a pair of shelves for imported drinks, to an indoor swimming pool which is located directly under the thick-transparent window that shows the visuals of skyscrapers and the bustling urban atmosphere in the morning.

The girl even had it hard to swallowing her own saliva.

Bammm ... "Ouch!" Angeline sighed after something really hard hit the back of her head. The girl bowed while rubbing her throbbing head.

"What happened to you?" asked David, who looked at Angeline in surprise.

Angeline turned and looked at David furiously, "Why are you hitting me with a door? You know, It feel so--" Angeline complained when she saw the visual of the man who was now standing in front of her. The adonis face with a sharp jawline, broad chest, muscular hands, eight muscular squares painted on the abdomen, and the most important thing is the two V lines clearly drawn right above the black shorts.

David walked past Angeline. "Nobody told you to stand in front of a door like that." David said expressionlessly as he took out cold water from the large refrigerator which had three doors lined up the front.

After picking up two glass cups that hung upside down on the top of the kitchen, David poured cold water into them. The rise and fall of Adam's apple that protruded on David's neck as he gulped down the cold water made Angeline feel a strange tremor in her chest. David turned, "Are you not thirsty?" he asked as he poured cold water into the other glass.

Angeline approached, was directly opposite David and picked up the glass, gulping it down greedily enough to choke herself.

The girl walked slowly around the magnificent room while noticing anything that could be captured by her eyes. Everything looks so amazing. Even so, there is one that is more amazing than all the luxury items in the room, the thing is David's bare-chested body.

Angeline sat on the softest sofa she had never sat in her life, watching David's exposed back so exciting. The muscular muscles contracted slightly as David stirred the spatula on the pan. For a few minutes Angeline's eyes could not be separated from David, until a plate of beef steak with some green vegetables around was presented on the dining table.

"Eat." said David, who was immediately obeyed by Angeline. The girl sat right in front of her steak, while David walked back to the refrigerator and took a bottle of a drink that seemed to contain alcohol, pouring enough of it into a glass by adding orange juice to the drink. "I'm not used to breakfast."

"When you're done, get ready." said David, who suddenly made Angeline stop enjoying his luxurious breakfast for a moment.

"Get ready for??"

"I'll take you to somewhere."

Angeline frowned, "Where will you take me?"

David did not answer and left Angeline who was still sitting at the dining table with thousands of questions in his head. Is that fast that David will send him away. He did not even know the name of the man who had saved him. Who is he, what work he does to be able to live in such a luxurious place, why on his body there can be burns and traces of stitches.

David did not answer and left Angeline who was still sitting at the dining table with thousands of questions in her head. Is that fast that David will send her away? She did not even know the name of the man who had saved her; her savior. Who is he, what work he does to be able to live in such a luxurious place, why on his body there can be burns and traces of stitches.

And the most important thing is why that guy can be this nice to her.

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