Mafia's Little Angel : Married to the Cold-Blooded Devil Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Mafia's Little Angel : Married to the Cold-Blooded Devil


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Warning: This story contains elements of 21 years and over (R-18 in British Board's Classification) such as intense romance, brutal action, discussion of various kinds of gun, betrayal and the use of harsh language that are uncomfortable for some readers. * * * * * Power, Wealth and Women. Growing up in a foster environment of a famous mafia made David Stockholm must be dragged into the world full of desire. Spending his teenage-life surrounded by bullets and blood makes him a scary person. Although he has now grown into a CEO of a multi-national company that is classified as one of the ten richest companies in the world, and has the charm like a Greek God still can not cover his identity as a sadistic and merciless mafia. Even though he had almost everything, there was still a turmoil in his heart. The thing he has never been satisfied by all that he has achieved so far by sweat and blood. What if Angeline Youngblood, a charming and innocent girl who was always worshiped and usually became an object of wild fantasy by every single men, had something--that no other woman had--that could make David feel fulfilled; his deepest desires. But David's old sin which he had left behind a dozen years ago now reappeared, threatening his life and those around him, making David have to give all he had to protect it. "No matter how many bullets have to be embedded in my body. No matter how much blood I have left. As long as I can breathe, this breath will always protect you."


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