1 Bad memories 1

"help help someone help me. hehehe hehehe" what do you except? I'll never ever get afraid of you. you can try all you want but I won't afraid for a mere leader like you and I'll never give my powers to you while I'm still alive.

"okay mr. Wu I'll make sure you to do it. it's look like one shot two birds".

how does it make sense? here I'm only the one you kidnapped.

well mr.wu you think I'll beat only one of the top 1 mafia don to become and settle in that high status. I also called your brother I mean your best friend. let's wait for him until he comes.

mr.wu handover me your property and position before it's too late.

it's never gonna happen Kang xiao, dream it.

"what if I forced you to? hmm let me think".

you can try all you want but my answer is still no kang xiao.

"bring all of them here right now" mr.kang said to guards.

mr.wu extremely shocked like wth.he haven't excepted that .

honey!mrs.xu ! sweeties!!!! how ?just how? did you managed to bring them here.

well ,Mr Wu I have my own ways I bribed all of your men's. those who have been honest and thought about you were no more on this earth .

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