1 Awkward Encounters at the Marketplace

One day in the marketplace of Cha there was a girl named Selene walking around looking for an exotic fruit called Tickle Fruit. The Tickle Fruit was so rare that it could only be found in certain countries. While searching for the exotic fruit at one of the stands, she accidentally bumped into a girl name Xinyi Ya. "Oh, sorry," said Selene. "Oh, it's fine!" Xinyi replied. Once Selene got a chance to look at Xinyi she realized that Xinyi had the Tickle Fruit in her basket! "Oh,how lucky! I wonder if she'll be up for a trade!"Selene thought to herself. Selene being brave enough had asked her for the fruit and Xinyi had surprisingly said yes! Though Xinyi said it would only be fair if they made a deal. Xinyi said, "Selene I'll only give you this fruit if in return you form a faction with me." Selene ,desperately wanting the fruit, replied "Yes! I'll form a faction with you if you give me the fruit!" So the deal was made ,Selene was given the fruit ,and Xinyi was able to find a co leader for her new faction. While walking back towards the exit Selene (once again) bumped into someone. Though this time it was a man who claimed his name was Takashi. Selene was always wary about meeting strange men in the marketplace. Although there was something strange about Takashi that seemed to pull Selene towards him. Interested in finding out more about this Takashi man Selene had started up a conversation with him. "So I'm sorry about me bumping into you earlier." Said Selene "it's fine! Neither my inventory nor myself were injured!" Replied Takashi "yeah,but still I feel as if I should re pay you somehow," Selene said. "Oh no, I insist you don't," Takashi replied. Selene had continued to push to try and get Takashi to allow her to pay him back,but to her attempts he still wouldn't budge."Fine. If you insist that I don't pay you back why don't you help me with my friends faction?" Offered Selene. Takashi being foolish enough to not understand the madness he was getting himself into stupidly agreed to help with the faction. she wrote down her address so they could send letters back and forth and quickly ran off to find Xinyi. Elated with joy while attempting to find Xinyi to tell her the good news. After minutes of searching to no avail she called it quits and decided to head back home to her little place on the street of Rockwell.

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