1 Prologue

What would you do if you saw someone with a defect? Would you mock him? If you don't, you're a normal person, if you do, congratulations, you're a douchebag, if this story don't change your mind, you're sick and needs help.

A common boy, like everyone, he got defects, and like ever normal person, would not give importance to this defects, what doesn't happens with Joshua, that is insulted by their classmates, coming from verbal to physical assaults, turning Joshua's daily day into complete hell, making Joshua create a big revenge desire, all that Joshua wanted, was peace, but slowly was transformed into hate.

Having his day arruined all the time, Joshua considered the possibility of revenge, he give up after a time, but in next day, two days before your birthday, he got the worst day, in one day, he feel all hate he feel in one week, what makes him in an conclusive decision, his revenge will happen in his birthday. The great day has arrived, Joshua didn't go out of his room in any moment, he knows everyone were there, friends, enemies, family, but he didn't care, he wanted his so much wanted revenge. Finally after leaving his room, everyone scream "Happy Birthday!" It's a surprise, with indiference in his face, he pick a uzi, and shoot in everywhere and everyone, killing his parents, friends, hurting peoples that he never know before, but he got disapointed, his enemies wasn't killed, Joe, Vini, Lean, Guz and Larry. Now, all Joshua cares is killing who destroyed his life.