Alright, so I decided to change his Bloodline to something else,

Madara already has Two, the

Uchiha Bloodline


Senju Bloodline

Someone said that Lucifer Bloodline will mess up his Bloodline so I will Edit the story today, So Give some Good, Powers to Give the MC

Now for his Fourth Bloodline???????

-Full counter


-Power absorption

-Thou Shalt Not Die

-Element Manipulation


-Time Bending/ Freeze

-Sacred Gear( way Different than all sacred Gear)

-Has Nine tail Beast


So I decided to change Lucifer Bloodline, the bloodline???? I will keep, so to make up for you guy choose two powers Madara should Have or Comment next to other and write down the power Madara should have

I will Edit tomorrow, everything so it can Make sense, Chapter four will mostly Be an Explanation about his Power

Dio is not here to Today, It's me Potatoes/tomatoes

Sorry about the story

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