421 Chapter 421: You'd Better Leave Mr. Huo Sooner

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The second challenger didn't have that much nonsense to say as he clenched his fist and swung it at Yan Jinyi right away. 

Seeing that his fist was still less than half a meter away from her, Yan Jinyi looked up and smashed the feather duster against his calf helplessly. 

"Ouch!" Holding his leg, he leaped around several times before stumbling down the stairs.

The third and the fourth... 

There were twenty challengers in total and the entire hall was filled with their shrieks and groans. All of them were in pain as not a single one was spared from a tough punishment by Yan Jinyi. 

At this point, everyone had begun forming new opinions about Yan Jinyi because they had already witnessed her combat power. 

Huo Zihang kept cheering while sharing a live video of the scene at the club with the Huo family group chat.. 

Zhao Xinchen stepped on a chair and waved his jacket before squatting down suddenly to look at Huo Zihang.

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